Toda’s Sports Stat: February 14, 2018

How about a little Valentine’s Day stat?

Who is the greatest baseball player ever born on Valentine’s Day, February 14?

Is it Kelly Stinnett, a catcher who played 14 seasons in the majors for eight different teams from 1994-2007?

How about another catcher, Earl Smith, who played from 1919 to 1930?

Or, is it Tyler Clippard, a relief pitcher who is currently a free agent? He has played 11 seasons in the majors; he played for three different Major League teams in 2017.

Here’s a quick look at the players born on February 14th who have the most career home runs, hits, pitching wins and saves (Must have started MLB career after 1900 to qualify for the lists below).

Home Runs
65-Kelly Stinnett (1994-2007)
63-Derek Norris (2012-17)
46-Earl Smith (1919-30)

686-Earl Smith (1919-30)
623-Larry Melbourne (1974-84)
476-Kelly Stinnett (1994-2007)

69-Red Barrett (1937-49)
64-Dave Dravecky (1982-89)
48-Tyler Clippard (2007-17)

84-Takashi Saito (2006-12)
61-Tyler Clippard (2007-17)
36-Damaso Marte (1999-2010)

So… who is your choice for baseball’s greatest player born on Valentine’s Day?


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