Today’s Sports Stat: March 19, 2018

How does your bracket look? The NCAA men’s tourney is set with the “Sweet 16.”

Included in the 16 teams remaining in the tourney are four teams who were seeded from #8 to #16. The four: #9 seeds Kansas State and Florida State, and #11 seeds Loyola-Illinois and Syracuse.

Will anyone of these four make it to the Final Four? Based on past history, there have been 11 teams seeded from #8-#16 that have made it to the Final Four since 1979 when the tournament went to the current seeded system.

Here’s a look at the teams seeded #8 through #16 that have made it to the Final Four since 1979.

1979: #9 seed Pennsylvania

1980: #8 seed UCLA

1985: #8 seed Villanova

2000: #8 seed North Carolina and #8 seed Wisconsin

2006: #11 seed George Mason

2011: # 8 seed Butler and #11 VCU

2013: #9 seed Wichita State

2014: #8 seed Kentucky

2016: #10 seed Syracuse


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