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Today’s Sports Stat: July 30, 2018

Davante Adams goes into the 2018 NFL season as the #1 receiver on the Green Bay Packers depth charts. Over the past two seasons, Adams has caught 22 TD passes, 12 in 2016 and 10 last season.

The interesting thing about Adams’ stat line over the past two campaigns is that while he had 10 or more TD receptions in the last two seasons, he did not reach the 1,000-yard milestone in either of those seasons. Adams had 997 yards receiving in 2016 and 885 in 2017.

Adams was one of two receivers in the NFL last season to have 10 or more TD receptions with less than 1,000 yards receiving. The other? New Packers tight end Jimmy Graham; he had 10 TD catches and only 520 receiving yards for the Seattle Seahawks.

Adams became only the sixth receiver in NFL history to have 10 or more TD receptions and less than 1,000 yards receiving in consecutive seasons. He joined Bob Hayes (1967, 1968), Nat Moore (1977, 1978), Daryl Turner (1984, 1985), Stephone Paige (1985, 1986) and Julius Thomas (2013, 2014).

Adams also became the 76th player in the Super Bowl era to have at least one season with 10 or more TD receptions with less than 1,000 yards receiving. It has happened 96 times since 1966 with 17 players doing it multiple times since that year.

Here are the 17 players with two or more NFL seasons with 10 or more TD receptions and less than 1,000 receiving yards since 1966.

3: Antonio Gates, Bob Hayes, Paul Warfield

2: Davante Adams, Bob Chandler, Gary Collins, Vernon Davis, Al Denson, Tony Gonzalez, Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, Nat Moore, Stephone Paige, Lynn Swann, Julius Thomas, Daryl Thomas, Wesley Walls

Adams is the fifth Packers receiver since 1966 with a 10-TD season without reaching the 1,000-yard receiving milestone… Paul Coffman did it in 1983 (11 TD catches, 814 yards), Keith Jackson did it in 1996 (10 TD catches, 505 yards), Greg Jennings did it in 2007 (12 TD catches, 920 yards) and James Jones did it in 2012 (14 TD catches, 784 yards).


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Today’s Sports Stat: July 26, 2018

Both Jeremy Jeffress and Josh Hader have had great seasons up to this point and were both All-Stars this season.

Through games of July 25, Jeffress has a 1.31 ERA in 48 innings pitched over 47 games. Hader has an ERA of 1.43 in 33 games and 50.1 innings pitched.

Neither will qualify for the ERA title in the league since that honor is based on 162 innings pitched for the season. But both have a chance to put their names on the list of Brewers pitchers who have compiled some of the lowest ERAs in a season.

If we base the lowest ERAs for the Brewers in a season on pitching 50 or more innings, Hader already has the second-lowest ERA in team history (of course, the season is not over). Here are the Brewers pitchers with the lowest ERA in a season with a minimum of 50 innings pitched. (Hader is not listed because the 2018 season is not over.)

Lowest ERA in a season (min 50 innings pitched)

1.04-Rollie Fingers, 1981 (78 innings pitched)
1.65-C.C. Sabathia, 2008 (130.2 innings pitched)
1.65-Paul Mirabella, 1988 (60 innings pitched)
1.66-Jerry Bell, 1972 (70.2 innings pitched)
1.74-Derrick Turnbow, 2005 (67.1 innings pitched)

If we change the criteria to games pitched instead of innings pitched, both Jeffress and Hader have a chance to climb near the top of this category. Here are the Brewers pitchers with the lowest ERA in a season with a minimum of 50 games pitched. (Jeffress and Hader are again not listed on because the season is not over.)

Lowest ERA in a season (min 50 games pitched)

1.74-Derrick Turnbow, 2005 (69 games pitched)
1.78-Corey Knebel, 2017 (76 games pitched)
1.89-Chad Fox, 2001 (65 games pitched)
1.90-Tom Murphy, 1974 (70 games pitched)
1.91-Ken Sanders, 1971 (83 games pitched)

For the record, the Brewers single-season record for lowest ERA in a season (minimum off 162 innings pitched) is held by Mike Caldwell… he had a 2.36 ERA for the Brewers in 1978. The second-best ERA is Teddy Higuera’s 2.45 ERA in 1988.


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Today’s Sports Stat: July 23, 2018

The Green Bay Packers have had Mike McCarthy as their head coach for 12 seasons. During that time the team has compiled a 121-70-1 record.

Did you know that in the McCarthy era the Packers have their best record in Game #6 and Game #13 contests (both 10-2) and their worst record in Game #8 contests (4-8)? In fact, there are games where the Packers are not above .500 in the past 12 years… Game #5, Game #8, Game #11 and Game #14

Here’s a look at the Packers record in each of the 16 games of the season since McCarthy took over as head coach.

Game #1: 8-4
Game #2: 8-4
Game #3: 7-5
Game #4: 9-3
Game #5: 6-6
Game #6: 10-2
Game #7: 8-4
Game #8: 4-8
Game #9: 8-4
Game #10: 8-4
Game #11: 5-6-1
Game #12: 8-4
Game #13: 10-2
Game #14: 6-6
Game #15: 7-5
Game #16: 9-3

Looking at this year’s schedule, the Packers play a pair of home games for Games #6 and #13; they play the 49ers at home in game #6 and Arizona at Lambeau Field in Game #13.

In the four games where they are not above .500, the Pack in 2018 play the Lions in Detroit in Game #5, the Rams in Los Angeles in Game #8, the Seahawks in Seattle in Game #11, and are at home against the Atlanta Falcons in Game #14.


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Today’s Sports Stat: July 21, 2018

A carousel at shortstop; 30-100 Brewers

Are there any more players who will take a shot at shortstop for the Brewers this season? So far in 2018, the Brewers have had six different players who have taken a turn playing short: Orlando Arcia, Brad Miller, Nate Orf, Hernan Perez, Tyler Saladino and Eric Sogard.

The six different players at shortstop are tied for the third most by the team in a season (six players also played short in 1986, 1978 and 1971). The most shortstops used by the Brewers franchise in a season was eight. That happened in 1969 when the team was in Seattle as the Seattle Pilots. The second most shortstops used was in 2012 when seven players played short for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Here are the names of the shortstops used by the franchise in those 1969 and 2012 seasons.

1969 (eight shortstops used): Ron Clark, John Donaldson, Gus Gil, John Kennedy, Gordy Lund, Ray Oyler and Fred Stanley.

2012: (seven shortstops used): Jeff Bianchi, Brooks Conrad, Alex Gonzalez, Cesar Izturis, Edwin Maysonet, Cody Ranson, Jean Segura

In case you were wondering, there has never been a season for the Brewers where they used only one shortstop the whole season. There have been, however, six different seasons where they used only two shortstops in a campaign… 1970 (Ted Kubiak and Roberto Pena), 1976 (Tim Johnson and Robin Yount), 1981 (Robin Yount and Ed Romero), 1991 (Bill Spiers and Dale Sveum), 1998 (Mark Loretta and Jose Valentin) and 2005 (Bill Hall and J.J. Hardy).

30-100 Brewers
Last season Travis Shaw became the first Brewers player since 2012 (Ryan Braun) to have 30 or more home runs and 100 or more RBIs in a season. Shaw had 31 HRs and 101 RBIs in 2017.

Through games of July 20, Shaw has 18 homers and has driven in 55. He is on pace to end the season with 29 HRs and 90 RBI.

If he can reach 30-100 again this season, Shaw would become the first Brewers player since Braun (2011 and 2012) to have back-to-back 30-100 seasons for the Brew Crew.

There have been five Brewers players who had back-to-back 30-100 seasons: Gorman Thomas (1979 and 1980), Cecil Cooper (1982 and 1983), Jeromy Burnitz (1998 and 1999), Prince Fielder (2007, 2008 and 2009) and Braun, who did it twice (2008 and 2009; 2011 and 2012).

Braun and Fielder are tied for the most 30-100 seasons with the club; each had four in a Brewers uniform. Burnitz and Thomas each had three 30-100 seasons in Milwaukee, while Cooper, Ben Oglivie and Richie Sexson are the only other Brewers to have multiple 30-100 seasons with the Brew Crew, each with two.

Alex Rodriguez leads the majors with the most 30-100 seasons with 14. He is followed by Jimmie Foxx, Albert Pujols, Manny Ramirez and babe Ruth, each who had 12 such seasons.


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Today’s Sports Stat: July 19, 2018

Let’s test your knowledge of the Milwaukee Bucks. How many of these 10 trivia questions can you answer/guess correctly? (Answers appear at the end of the column.)

  1. Can you name the only three players to have played 600 or more career games with the Bucks?
  2. Who is the only player to accumulate 2,000 assists and 1,000 steals in a Bucks’ uniform?
  3. Who had more career offensive rebounds with the Bucks… Sidney Moncrief or Terry Cummings?
  4. Only one player had 3,000 rebounds and 800 blocked shots as a Milwaukee Buck. Who was this player?
  5. Who are the only two players to attempt 10,000 or more shots with the Bucks?
  6. Which player has the most turnovers as a member of the Bucks?
  7. Can you name the four players who have made 500 or more three-pointers while playing for the Bucks?
  8. Based on players who attempted 500 or more three-pointers while in a Bucks uniform, which player has the highest career three-point percentage for the franchise?
  9. Which Milwaukee Bucks player has attempted the most free throws in a career?
  10. Based on players who attempted 500 or more free throws while in a Bucks uniform, which player has the highest career free throw percentage for the franchise?



  1. Junior Bridgeman (711), Sidney Moncrief (695) and Bob Dandridge (618)
  2. Quinn Buckner, 2,391 assists and 1,042 steals.
  3. Moncrief had 1,393, Cummings had 1,307.
  4. Alton Lister, 3,062 rebounds, 804 blocked shots.
  5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar attempted 10,787 shots; Glenn Robinson attempted 10,190 shots with the Bucks.
  6. Glenn Robinson with 1,786 turnovers.
  7. Ray Allen (1,051), Michael Redd (1,003), Khris Middleton 563) and Brandon Jennings (554)
  8. Mike Dunleavy attempted 507 three-pointers in his career with the Bucks and made 41.6% of them.
  9. Sidney Moncrief, 4,214
  10. Jack Sikma attempted 1,412 free throws in his career with the Bucks, making 88.4% of them.


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