Packerstats 2018: Game 1, 24-23 win over Chicago Bears

PACKERSTATS-Game #1-2018 season

Written and Compiled by Jerry Tapp

Here are some of the numbers that helped define the Packers 24-23 win over the Chicago Bears on September 9.

  • The Packers have now won nine of their last 11 games against the Bears at Lambeau Field.
  • This was the fifth regular season game in the long series with the Bears that the game was decided by one point. The Packers have won each of those five one-point games. The last one-point game in the series was back in 1997, a 24-23 win by the Packers.
  • Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky had a 77.2 Passer Rating in the game. The highest passer rating of a Bears QB in a game at Lambeau Field is 124.4 by Jim Harbaugh in a contest in 1990 won by the Bears 31-13.
  • The Bears scored first in the game, but it was the sixth straight time that the Bears scored first in a game against the Packers and lost that contest.
  • The Packers were scoreless in the first half. The team is now 5-19 in games versus the Bears when they do not score in the first two quarters. Since 2000, Green Bay is 6-13 in regular season games when they are held scoreless in the first half.
  • Green Bay QBs were sacked four times in the game. Green Bay is 56-133-3 (.299 winning percentage) in the Super Bowl era (since 1966) when they allow four or more sacks in a game
  • The Pack was behind 17-0 at halftime. It was only the third time in 17 games since 2000 that the Packers have won a game where they were behind by 17 or more points at halftime. They are 5-48-1 (.102 winning percentage) in regular season games in the Super Bowl era where they are behind by 17 or more points at half.
  • This was the first time in Packers history that they won a regular season game where they were behind by 17 or more points going into the fourth quarter. They had been 0-104 in those games prior to the win over the Bears.
  • The Packers tallied 21 points in the fourth quarter, the 16th time since 1966 that they did so. They are now 14-2 in games where they score 21 or more points in the fourth quarter of a regular season game.
  • Randall Cobb had nine catches for 142 yards (and the game-winning TD). The 142 yards receiving were a career-high.
  • It was the fifth time in Cobb’s career that he had nine or more catches and more than 100 yards receiving in a game.
  • The 142 yards for Cobb was the third-highest receiving yards by a Packers player in the opening game of the season in team history. The highest total is 165 yards receiving by Billy Howton in Game One of the 1957 season. James Lofton had 154 yards receiving for the Pack in the first game of the 1983 campaign.
  • Aaron Rodgers had three TD passes in a game for the 59th time in his career. He ranks sixth all-time in this category behind Peyton Manning (93), Drew Brees (80), Tom Brady (78), Brett Favre (72) and Dan Marino (62). Rodgers is now four three-TD games behind Favre, who had 63 such games with the Packers.
  • Rodgers had three TD passes and no interceptions, the 42nd time in his career that he has done that. He ranks fourth all-time in this stat behind Brady (55), Manning (51) and Brees (43).
  • Rodgers had a Passer Rating of 130.7, the fifth time in his career that he had a Passer Rating above 130 against the Bears. The Packers are now 26-1 in regular season games when Rodgers has a Passer Rating above 130.

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  1. Great game. Great blog. Appreciate the recap.

    1. Thanks, Jim. I could hear you screaming all the way to our house!

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