Today’s Sports Stat: September 20, 2018

New Brewers starter Gio Gonzalez got the victory in yesterday’s (September 19) win over Cincinnati, 7-0. He pitched six innings of two-hit ball and had five strikeouts. What made the win even sweeter for Gonzalez was that it came on his 33rd birthday.

Gonzalez became the 13th pitcher in franchise history to win a game on his birthday. It was also the second time it has happened in his career; he won a game on his birthday with the Washington Nationals.

This was also the second time this season that a Milwaukee pitcher was the winning pitcher in a game on his birthday; back on April 17, Dan Jennings was the winning pitcher.

Here’s a look at the 15 times a pitcher has won a game on their birthday for the Brewers franchise (two pitchers did it twice; two pitchers did it in 1969 when the team was the Seattle Pilots).

John Gelnar, 6-25-69 (with Seattle)
Fred Talbot, 6-28-69 (with Seattle)

Lew Krausse, 4-25-70
Marty Pattin, 4-6-71

Jim Colburn, 5-22-73
Jerry Augustine, 7-24-76
Pete Ladd, 7-17-82
Bob McClure, 4-29-86
Steve Sparks, 7-2-95
Scott Karl, 8-9-95
Steve Woodard, 5-15-98
Scott Karl, 8-9-98
Steve Woodard, 5-15-99
Dan Jennings, 4-17-18
Gio Gonzalez, 9-19-18

Of the pitchers listed above, two pitched complete games… Krausse and Woodard (on May 15, 1999).

There have been 78 pitchers who have won two or more games on their birthdays in MLB history. Topping the list is Bobo Newson who had five victories on his birthday. He is followed by Tim Wakefield and Jerry Reuss, each with four birthday wins. There are 17 pitchers who won games on three of their birthdays.

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