Today’s Sports Stat: November 10, 2018

The Green Bay Packers face the Miami Dolphins in a game that many would say is a “must-win” for the Packers. With a 3-4-1 record at the midway point of the season, it’s hard to imagine the Pack getting a playoff berth this season without a win against the Dolphins. A 3-5-1 record would be a major mountain to climb to try to get one of the six playoff spots in the NFC.

In the Super Bowl era (since 1966), 22 teams had a 3-4-1 record after eight games (the Packers are the 23rd team). Of those 22, only three went on to reach the playoffs that season (13.6%). The three teams:

1972 San Francisco 49ers (finished the season 8-5-1)
1981 New York Jets (finished the season 10-5-1)
2014 Carolina Panthers (finished the season 7-8-1)

A win against the Dolphins would significantly increase the Packers chances of making the playoffs. There were nine teams that were 4-4-1 after nine games (since 1966). Of those nine, three made the playoffs (that’s 33.3%). The three: the 1969 Houston Oilers (they ended the season 6-6-2), and two of the teams mentioned above… the ’72 49ers and the ’81 Jets.

On the other hand, there have been 20 teams that were 3-5-1 after nine games since 1966. Of those 20, only one, the 2014 Panthers, made it to the playoffs; that’s only 5%.

Yes, a win versus Miami would certainly be a step towards increasing their chances of reaching the 2018 playoffs.

  • Green Bay receiver Davante Adams leads the team with 58 catches for 730 yards. That puts him on a pace to end the season with 116 catches and 1,460 yards. Only two receivers in Green Bay history have caught 100 or more passes and gained more than 1,400 yards receiving in the same season: Robert Brooks in 1995 (102 catches for 1,497 yards) and Sterling Sharpe in 1992 (108 receptions for 1,461 yards). The only other receiver to catch 100 or more passes in a season for the Pack was Sharpe with 112 in 1993, a team record. In addition to Sharpe and Brooks compiling 1,400 or more yards receiving in a season, there were three other times when a receiver had over 1,400 yards receiving for Green Bay: Sharpe in 1989 (1,423 yards), Antonio Freeman (1,424 yards in 1998) and Jordy Nelson in 2014 (1,519 yards in 2014… the team record).

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