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Today’s Sportstat: June 24, 2019

Is ChristianYelich getting ready to shatter an 80-year-old MLB home run record?

Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich is the reigning National League MVP and he is certainly making a case that he should be considered the leading candidate for this year’s honor.

Yelich is leading the majors with 29 home runs, but 21 of those 29 have come in home games at Miller Park. What makes that total all the more amazing is that the Brewers team record for most home runs at home in a season is 28. The Major League Baseball record for most home runs at home in a season is 39.

Yelich’s 21 HRs at Miller Park this season has been accomplished in 32 games. That means that Yelich has the potential of playing in 42 more games at Miller Park this season. With 21 home runs in 32 games at Miller Park and 42 more games on the schedule at Miller Park, Yelich, if he plays in all 42 of those home games, is on a pace to hit 49 home runs at Miller Park this season. And think about this… that’s just the projected number of Yelich’s home runs at Miller Park! For most players, a season with 48 or 49 total home runs would be a phenomenal season and here we are talking about Yelich potentially hitting just under 50 home runs at home!

Richie Sexson holds the Brewers team record for most home runs by a player at home with 28 in 2001. Yelich’s 21 home runs at Miller Park through games of June 23 already places him 12th on the team’s all-time list for most home HRs in a season. (He hit 22 home runs at Miller Park last season, good enough for a tie for ninth place on the team’s home HR list.) All he needs is nine more home runs at Miller Park this season (in the final 42 games at home) to set the club record.

Following are the Brewers players who hit 20 or more home runs at home games in a season.

Richie Sexson, 28 in 2001
Prince Fielder, 27 in 2007
Ryan Braun, 24 in 2012
Prince Fielder, 24 in 2011
Chris Carter, 24 in 2016
Richie Sexson, 23 in 2003
Ryan Braun, 23 in 2008
Prince Fielder, 23 in 2009
Corey Hart, 22 in 2012
Christian Yelich, 22 in 2018
Gorman Thomas, 22 in 1979
Christian Yelich, 21in 2019 (through games of June 23)
Eric Thames, 20 in 2017
Larry Hisle, 20 in 1978

Here are the six times in MLB history that a player has hit 35 or more home runs in their home park in a season…

Hank Greenberg, 39 in 1938

Mark McGwire, 38 in 1998

Barry Bonds, 37 in 2001

Mark McGwire, 37 in 1999

Sammy Sosa, 35 in 1998

Jimmie Foxx, 35 in 1938


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