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Game Seven blowouts end season for last year’s NBA Finals teams

Last season the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns faced off in the NBA Finals. This year, both of their seasons ended on the same day in the conference semis… and both lost in Game Sevens. To make matters worse, both the Bucks and Suns lost in blowouts (the Bucks lost to the Celtics 109-81, a 28-point defeat, and the Suns lost 123-90 to Dallas, a 33-point loss). The Game Seven blowouts suffered by the Bucks and Suns were among the worst Game Seven losses in NBA playoff history.

Since 1955, the start of the shot-clock era in the NBA, the worst Game Seven blowout was a 40-point win (116-76) by the Dallas Mavs over the Houston Rockets during the 2005 playoffs. Here’s a look at the 10 worst Game Seven blowouts in NBA history (since 1955):

2005: Dallas over Houston, 116-76, 40-point blowout

1970: LA Lakers over Phoenix, 129-94, 35-point blowout

2008: Boston over Atlanta, 99-65, 34-point blowout

2016: Miami over Charlotte, 106-73, 33-point blowout

2022: Dallas over Phoenix, 123-90, 33-point blowout (Phoenix home team)

2006: Phoenix over LA Lakers, 121-90, 31-point blowout

1992: Chicago over NY Knicks, 110-81, 29-point blowout

2022: Boston over Milwaukee, 109-81, 28-point blowout

2005: Indiana over Boston, 97-70, 27-point blowout (Boston home team)

2016: Toronto over Miami, 116-89, 27-point blowout

It’s interesting to note that of the 16 Game Seven blowouts of 20 points or more, 14 of those games were won by the home team. Dallas’ 33-point win over Phoenix in Phoenix is now the largest blowout won by an away team in Game Seven of a playoff series since 1955.

For the Bucks, their 28-point loss to Boston is their largest Game Seven defeat in team history. Prior to the Game Seven loss to Boston, the worst Game Seven loss for the Bucks was a 21=point loss to Atlanta 95-74 in the 2010 playoffs.

One final note: The Bucks have lost five Game Sevens by 15 points or more in their history. Three of those losses came at the hands of the Boston Celtics.