Packers have played in second-most playoff games this century

If you are a Packers fan, do you know how lucky you are… especially when it comes to watching playoff games that involve the Green-and-Gold?

Since 2000, the Packers have played in 29 playoff games, second-most in the league to the New England Patriots (they have played in 42 post-season contests). The Pack’s 29 playoff games are more than Detroit, Cleveland, Miami, Jacksonville and Washington combined (these five teams have played in 23 playoff games since 2000).

Here’s a look at how many playoff games each NFL team has played in since the 2000 regular season:

42: New England

29: Green Bay

27: Baltimore, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle

19: Kansas City, New Orleans

17: L.A. Rams, San Francisco

16: N.Y. Giants

15: Carolina, Denver

14: Atlanta, Tennessee

13: Minnesota, Tampa Bay

12: L.A. Chargers, N.Y. Jets

11: Cincinnati, Dallas

10: Arizona, Houston

9: Chicago, Las Vegas Raiders

7: Buffalo

6: Jacksonville, Washington

5: Miami

3: Cleveland, Detroit

The 29 playoff games are part of the good news for the Packers in the post-season discussion. What is not such good news is that although they rank second in most playoff games since 2000, the team is one of 18 teams since 2000 that have a losing record in playoff games. The Packers rank 15th in playoff games winning percentage since 2000 with a 14-15 record (.483 winning percentage). Only three NFL teams have a playoff winning percentage of .600 or better since 2000: New England (.714), the New York Giants (.625) and Tampa Bay (.615).

As you might expect, the Patriots have the most playoff wins since 2000 with 30. Ranking second is Baltimore with 16 playoff wins this century. They are followed by Pittsburgh with 15, and Packers, Eagles and Seahawks with 14 playoff victories each since 2000. The only NFL team to have not won a playoff game since 2000 are the Detroit Lions. Cleveland, Miami and Washington have each only won one post-season games since 2000.


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