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Quarterbacks with the most NFL games started with no interceptions

Did you know that… Aaron Rodgers has started 206 regular season games at QB for the Packers and in 135 of those games, he did not throw an interception? That’s 65.5% of the games he’s started that he did not throw an interception.

Rodgers holds the Packers team record for most games started at QB without an interception with 135. Only three other Green Bay quarterbacks have started 20 or more games at QB without an interception: Brett Favre (89), Bart Starr (78) and Lynn Dickey (23).

The NFL record for most games started at QB with 0 interceptions is held by Tom Brady; he has started 174 games at QB without an interception. With 316 starts in his career, that a 55.1% rate for games where he has not thrown an interception. Rodgers ranks second on the list with his 135 games. There are eight NFL QBs in history who have started 100 or more regular season games with no interceptions. The list:

174-Tom Brady
135-Aaron Rodgers
129-Drew Brees
111-Peyton Manning
109-Matt Ryan
107-Ben Roethlisberger
105-Philip Rivers
104-Brett Favre

Here are four more stats involving interceptions (and Aaron Rodgers) that you may find interesting:

  • There are 46 quarterbacks who have 200 or more career TD passes. Of those 46, only three have less than 100 interceptions: Kirk Cousins (223 TD passes and 91 interceptions), Russell Wilson (292 TD passes and 87 interceptions) and Aaron Rodgers (449 TD passes and 93 interceptions).
  • Of the QBs with 200 or more career TD passes, only five have had six or more of their interceptions returned for TD. Rodgers leads this group with only three of his passes leading to a Pick 6 for the opposition. Steve Young had only four interceptions returned for TD, Randall Cunningham had five, and Russell Wilson and Joe Montana each had only six interceptions returned for TD.
  • Rodgers and Brady are in a pretty good battle for the most regular season games with three or more TD passes and no interceptions. Brady tops the list with 66 with Rodgers close behind with 62. They are followed by Brees (56), Peyton Manning (51), Favre (36) and Roethlisberger (35).
  • Brady also sits on top of the list for quarterbacks who have attempted 40 or more passes in a game with no interceptions. He has 42 games with those numbers on his resume. Brees had 34, Matt Ryan has 28, Roethlisberger has 23, and Aaron Rodgers has 21 games in his career where he has thrown 40 or more passes in a contest without an interception.


Willy Adames has his sights set on Brewers HR record for shortstops

Willy Adames on Sunday hit his 19th home run of the season, most for the team. It also placed him in a tie for tenth on the all-time Brewers record for home runs by a shortstop. His 19th HR of the season ties him with Dale Sveum who hit 19 home runs as the Brewers shortstop in 1987.

Here’s a look at the Top 10 for most HRs in a season by a Brewers shortstop:

  1. Robin Yount, 1982… 29
  2. Bill Hall, 2006… 27
  3. JJ Hardy, 2007… 26
  4. JJ Hardy, 2008… 24
    Jose Hernandez, 2002… 24
    Jose Hernandez, 2001… 24
    Jose Valentin, 1996… 24
  5. Robin Yount, 1988… 22
  6. Willy Adames, 2021… 20
  7. Dale Sveum, 1987… 19
    Willy Adames, 2022… 19

With his next HR as the Brewers shortstop, Adames will become the fourth Brewers shortstop to hit 20 or more home runs in two seasons. He will join Yount, Hardy and Hernandez.

Adames is 11 home runs short of the Brewers record for most HRs by a shortstop and he will have 69 games remaining in the 2022 season to break Yount’s record.

In case you were wondering, the MLB record for most HRs hit by a shortstop is held by Alex Rodriguez. He hit 57 home runs as the Texas Rangers shortstop in 2002. That broke his record of 52 that he hit as the Rangers shortstop in 2001.

Yount’s 29 HRs as Brewers shortstop in 1982 ranks tied for 40th on the all-time HR list by shortstops.

10 Stats You Need to Know: Milwaukee Brewers pitchers on the All-Star team

Barring any last-minute injuries and roster replacements, it looks like the Milwaukee Brewers will have two representatives to the National League All-Star team: pitchers Josh Hader and Corbin Burnes. Here are 10 stats you need to know about Brew Crew pitchers who have been selected (and played in) the All-Star Game.

1. This is Hader’s fourth selection. This is the second time Burnes has been selected. Hader ties Ben Sheets for the most All-Star Game selections for a Brewers pitcher. The only other Brewers pitcher selected to three of more All-Star Games is Dan Plesac. Burnes becomes the fourth Milwaukee pitcher selected to the ASG twice (joining Rollie Fingers, Francisco Rodriguez and Brandon Woodruff).

2. Plesac is the only Brewers pitcher to be selected to three straight All-Star Games. If you consider that there was no All-Star Game in 2020, you could say that Josh Hader has been selected to four straight ASG (2018, 2019, 2021, 2022)

3. No Brewers pitcher has ever been the winning pitcher in an ASG. A Brewers hurler has twice lost the game: Rollie Fingers in 1981 and Corbin Burnes last year. There have been no saves for a Brewers pitcher in the ASG.

4. Brewers pitchers have allowed nine earned runs in 25 total innings pitched in the ASG, a 3.24 ERA.

5. Two pitchers, Ben Sheets in 2008 and Freddy Peralta in 2021 have struck out three batters in a single game All-Star Game appearance, most for any Brewers pitcher in an ASG.

6. Two Brewers pitchers have pitched three innings in a single ASG appearance: Lary Sorensen did it in 1978; Teddy Higuera did it in 1986.

7. The first Brewers pitcher to appear in an All-Star Game was Lary Sorensen in ’78.

8. There have been 24 different Brewers pitchers who have been selected to an All-Star team. Of those 24, 16 pitched in the game.

9. Four different Milwaukee pitchers have allowed a home run in an ASG appearance: Rollie Fingers (1981), Francisco Cordero (2007), Josh Hader (2018) and Corbin Burnes (2021)

10. Burnes and Hader became the seventh set of Brewers pitchers selected to the ASG in the same year. Here’s the list:
2004: Ben Sheets/Dan Kolb
2006: Derrick Turnbow/Chris Capuano
2007: Ben Sheets/Francisco Cordero
2018: Jeremy Jeffress/Josh Hader
2019: Josh Hader/Brandon Woodruff
2021: Brandon Woodruff/Josh Hader/Freddy Peralta/Corbin Burnes
2022: Josh Hader/Corbin Burnes

Christian Yelich reaches 150 career stolen base milestone

Here’s a quick trivia question to ponder: The Milwaukee Brewers have had four players who hit 100 or more career home runs and have more than 100 career stolen bases with the team. Can you name the four? Answer at the end of this blog.

On July 5, Christian Yelich stole career base #150 against the Chicago Cubs. In doing so, Yelich became the 107th player in Major League history to join the 150/150 Club… 150 or more career stolen bases and 150 or more career home runs (he has 168 career home runs).

It’s interesting to note that Yelich is also the 16th player in this club who has played for the Milwaukee Brewers at one time in their career. Here’s a list of the 16 players from the MLB 150/150 Club who spent time in a Brewers uniform:

Hank Aaron
Dante Bichette
Ryan Braun
Mike Cameron
Ray Durham
Julio Franco
Curtis Granderson
Marquis Grissom
Andrew McCutchen
Paul Molitor
Dave Parker
Gary Sheffield
Devon White
Jim Wynn
Christian Yelich
Robin Yount

Yelich could become the next Milwaukee player to reach 100 home runs and 100 stolen bases in a Brewers uniform. As a member of the Brew Crew. Yelich has 109 home runs and 78 stolen bases, thus leaving him 22 steals short of this group. The four Brewers who reached the 100HR/100SB Club in a Brewers uniform are:

Robin Yount: 251 HRs/271 SBs

Rickie Weeks: 148 HRs/126 SBs

Paul Molitor: 160 HRs/412 SBs

Ryan Braun: 352 HRs/216 SBs