Willy Adames has his sights set on Brewers HR record for shortstops

Willy Adames on Sunday hit his 19th home run of the season, most for the team. It also placed him in a tie for tenth on the all-time Brewers record for home runs by a shortstop. His 19th HR of the season ties him with Dale Sveum who hit 19 home runs as the Brewers shortstop in 1987.

Here’s a look at the Top 10 for most HRs in a season by a Brewers shortstop:

  1. Robin Yount, 1982… 29
  2. Bill Hall, 2006… 27
  3. JJ Hardy, 2007… 26
  4. JJ Hardy, 2008… 24
    Jose Hernandez, 2002… 24
    Jose Hernandez, 2001… 24
    Jose Valentin, 1996… 24
  5. Robin Yount, 1988… 22
  6. Willy Adames, 2021… 20
  7. Dale Sveum, 1987… 19
    Willy Adames, 2022… 19

With his next HR as the Brewers shortstop, Adames will become the fourth Brewers shortstop to hit 20 or more home runs in two seasons. He will join Yount, Hardy and Hernandez.

Adames is 11 home runs short of the Brewers record for most HRs by a shortstop and he will have 69 games remaining in the 2022 season to break Yount’s record.

In case you were wondering, the MLB record for most HRs hit by a shortstop is held by Alex Rodriguez. He hit 57 home runs as the Texas Rangers shortstop in 2002. That broke his record of 52 that he hit as the Rangers shortstop in 2001.

Yount’s 29 HRs as Brewers shortstop in 1982 ranks tied for 40th on the all-time HR list by shortstops.


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