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Most prolific Top 2 quarterbacks for each NFL franchise

Green Bay Packers fans have been spoiled. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean they are spoiled like spoiled brats (although I’m sure Bears fans would have their own opinion). What I mean is that the Packers faithful have been spoiled by having two Hall-of-Fame-caliber quarterbacks at the helm for the better part of three decades.

Consider this amazing stat: In the last 30 years (1992-2021)… a span of 481 regular season games… the starting QB for the Pack has been either Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers in 95.4% of those games! During those 30 years, Favre started 253 games for the Packers, while Rodgers has started 206. The other 22 regular season games were started by six other QBs. Those six (and the number of games they started for the Packers): Brett Hundley (9), Matt Flynn (6), Don Majkowski (3), Scott Tolzien (2), Jordan Love (1) and Seneca Wallace (1).

It will probably come as no surprise that when you look at the Top 2 QBs for each franchise based on career TD passes, that the Packers duo of Favre and Rodgers tops the list with a combined 891 TD passes (Rodgers 449, Favre 442).

Here’s a list of the most career TD passes by the Top 2 QBs for each franchise.

891-Packers (Favre, Rodgers)
723-Patriots (Brady, Grogan)
686-Colts (P. Manning, Unitas)
651-Chargers (Rivers, Fouts)
630-Steelers (Roethlisberger, Bradshaw)
612-Dolphins (Marino, Griese)
611-Saints (Brees, Brooks)
565-Biants (E. Manning, Simms)
521-Falcons (Ryan, Bartkowski)
487-Seahawks (Wilson, Krieg)
465-49ers (Montana, Young)
440-Broncos (Elway, P. Manning)
418-Bills (Kelly, Ferguson)
413-Cowboys (Romo, Aikman)
401-Bengals (Dalton, Anderson)
400-Lions (Stafford, Layne)
398-Vikings (Tarkenton, Kramer)
391-Eagles (McNabb, Jaworski)
388-Chiefs (Dawson, Mahomes)
366-Washington (Baugh, Jurgensen)
361-Titans (Moon, Blanda)
345-Cardinals (Hart. Lomax)
343-Raiders (Carr, Stabler)
328-Browns (Graham, Sipe)
306-Panthers (Newton, Delhomme)
296-Ravens (Flacco, Jackson)
296-Rams (Gabriel, Everett)
294-Jets (Namath, O’Brien)
291-Bears (Cutler, Luckman)
247-Jaguars (Brunell, Bortles)
228-Texans (Schaub, Watson)
204-Buccaneers (Winston, Brady)

You may have noticed that two QBs are in the Top 2 for two different franchises. Brady is number one with the Patriots and is already number two on Tampa Bay’s career TD pass list, while Peyton Manning tops the Colts list and is second on the Broncos list.