Brewers 2022: Win-loss record based on runs scored

Here’s a quick look at the win-loss record of the Brewers this season based on the number of runs they scored each game:

0 runs: 0-11

1 run: 3-12

2 runs: 5-17

3 runs: 6-11

4 runs: 11-8

5 runs: 22-7

6 runs: 12-3

7+ runs: 27-7

When the Brewers scored four runs or less, they were 25-59 (.298). When they scored five or more runs in a game, they were 61-17 (.782). Difference: .482.

When the Brewers scored three runs or less, they were 14-51 (.215). When they scored four or more runs in a game, they 72-25 (.742). Difference: .527.


5 responses

  1. Lots of home runs this year, but my guess is this:
    1- not many runners on base when the homers were hit, and

    2- Lots of people left on base this year. I’d like you to compare this to other Brewer years as well as the best teams in baseball.

    The reason for this is simple:

    Poor batting average for the team on the whole. We miss A LOT having 2 batters hitting .290- .300.

    When will the Brewers invest in a hitting machine like Paul Goldschmidt.

    Can they afford him.?

    Christian Yellich is a let down, just like Jeff Suppan was.

    They need to move on OR FIGURE OUT WHAT IS WRONG with his hitting style.

    Hard to believe that they couldn’t look back at 100s of tapes when Yellich WAS a hitting machine and MVP and compare his batting physics to now. Come on technology! Figure it out.



    What is the performance of each Brewer this year in hitting compared to none on base to when there are base runners.?

    My guess is that their batting averages were NOT good with runners on bases compared to better teams like the Cardinals, Braves, Dodgers etc.

    They need to fire their batting coaches.

    Some food for thought.


  2. PS. We could use a guy like Bo Bichette on the Blue Jays. He’ll be a free agent soon and he is only 24-25 I believe. He is a pure hitter.

  3. Maybe the Brewers could get a “family” discount on Bichette since his dad played two season with the Brewers,

  4. Okay, Bob, here you go:

    The 2022 Brewers left 1102 runners on base. That ranked 33rd of the 54 Brewers seasons. Number one spot is 1276 LOB in 1999. My guess is that it isn’t as bad as we all like to think because the batting average was so low this season… fewer base runners, fewer runner left on base.

    The 1102 LOB ranked 13th of the 30 MLB teams this year. Of the 12 playoff teams, six ranked in the Top 7 of most LOB this season. Oakland, one of the 12 playoff teams, ranked 30th in most LOB. The more runners you get on base, the more likely that there will be runners left on base.

    Of the 10 Brewers players in 2022 that had 300 or more plate appearances, five (Yelich, Adames, McCutchen, Wong and Taylor) had a higher batting average with runners on base than when there were no runners on base. Taylor had the best increase… He hit .262 with runners on base, .211 with bases empty.

    The five players that had a worse batting average with runners on base than bases empty (Tellez, Renfroe, Urias, Peterson and Caratini). Urias had the largest difference… he hit .217 with runners on base, .254 with no one on base.

  5. I was not able to find exactly what you are looking for. I did, however, find the following info on the Brewers 2022 page on The Brewers in 2022 hit .391 with no outs and the bases loaded (23 at-bats, 29 runs scored), .268 with one out and the bases loaded (41 at-bats, 38 runs scored) and .216 with two outs and the bases loaded (74 at-bats, 44 runs). If you have access to, you can go to each individual player’s page and under splits and bases occupied, find out each player’s stats with no outs, one outs and two outs and the bases loaded for the 2022 season.

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