Daily Archives: April 1st, 2023

Former Milwaukee Brewers’ pitcher changes last name to get on team’s all-time win list

Former Brewers ‘ pitcher Tim Dillard has changed his name to Tim Zillard.

The reason: Dillard saw there were no Brewers’ pitchers with the last name starting with Z that had won a game in team history. With one win as a Brewer to his credit, Dillard/Zillard now becomes the winningest pitcher in Brewers history with the last name starting with a Z.

Said Dillard/Zillard: “Legally… I’d only have to change 1 letter.”

Dillard/Zillard took to Twitter and showed what the updated list of “Brewers’ winningest pitchers… by the alphabet” would look like with his name added:

Hope you enjoyed this April’s Fools joke.

Go Brewers!