About Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’

Stats on Tapp evolved after Jerry began submitting sports statistics articles to various sports publications including Inside Sports, Baseball Digest and The Sporting News. After a successful run of many published items in Inside Sports as part of their “Numbers” column, Jerry decided to see if the sports statistics theme would work as a weekly feature in his local newspaper, The Racine Journal Times.

What started as that weekly spot (with the catchy title of “Stats on Tapp”) in the Racine Journal Times eventually led to a nationally-syndicated column published by Universal Press Syndicate. When “Stats” was not renewed by Universal Press after that first year, Jerry was contacted by a sports editor at the Washington Post and asked to submit regular sports statistics items for their publication.

In June of 2011, with encouragement from good friend Jim Magruder, Jerry launched Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ as a blog.

Jerry said the focus of the blog is very simple: “I love to take common, everyday  numbers and stats and try to dig a little deeper with them. Everyone can write about the greatest home run hitters of all-time. But how about the month those HR hitters were born, or the HR kings with the worst battting averages. For me, the research into these stats is the fun of what I do. When I discover something that I had no clue would be there, that is the enjoyment I get out of this.”

Jerry’s goal is to turn this passion for sports statistics into a full-time career.


3 responses

  1. Hi Jerry, thanks for taking time to visit my blog and for the interesting comments — I bet you have a lot of great stories from your many experiences!
    Talking baseball, I’m curious your thoughts on the statistical concept of regression toward the mean (aka the Madden-cover jinx)? Enter the bell-shaped curve and things get really interesting! I’ll save all that for a future article (with your help, of course).

    Keep up the great work and thanks again for the comments!
    Chris Stankovich

  2. Warren Groskreutz | Reply

    Enjoyed your article in the Brewer’s “Game Day” entitled, “A Cycle Built for Two”. The chart on page 70 would have been more complete if it also listed the number of years each franchise has existed. That would give an interesting perspective to the data.

    1. Thanks, Warren. Glad you liked it. Franchise years would have been a nice add. Thanks.

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