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Today’s Sports Stat: September 10, 2018

How many wins would the Brewers need in the 2018 season to secure a Wild Card spot in this year’s playoffs (that’s assuming they don’t overtake the Cubs for the National League Central title)?

Since the 2012 season Major League Baseball has had in place a playoff format whereby two teams from each league get a Wild Card berth in the MLB post-season in addition to the three division winners. That means there have been 24 teams that have been Wild Card participants since that ’12 season.

In the American League, the 12 Wild Card teams since 2012 have won an average of 89.5 games; in the National League, the 12 Wild Card teams since 2012 have won an average of 90.9 games.

Of the 24 Wild Card teams (12 in each league since 2012), 11 won 90 or more games to reach the post-season; 18 of the 24 won 88 or more games.

Most wins by a Wild Card team since 2012 was 98 by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2015. The fewest wins by a Wild Card team since 2012 was 85 by the Minnesota Twins last season.

The Brewers are currently 82-62 (through games of September 9). They are two games behind the Cubs in the N.L. Central race, but they hold the number one Wild Card spot in the league, 2.5 games ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals, who have a one-game lead over the Dodgers for the second Wild Card spot in the N.L.

If we use 90 wins as a benchmark for making the playoffs, the Brewers would need to go at least 8-10 in their final 18 games to finish with 90 wins for the season.

Since 2012, only two teams with 90 or more wins failed to reach the post-season: In 2012, Tampa Bay won 90 games but did not make the playoffs… the next season the Texas Rangers won 91 but did not reach the post-season.

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Today’s Sports Stat: September 1, 2018

Could Christian Yelich become the fifth 30-100-.300 player in Brewers history?

Through games of August 31, Yelich, who this past week had a six-hit game that included hitting for the cycle, is having an MVP-type season. He has 26 home runs, 76 RBI and a batting average of .317. With 26 games left in the season, he’ll need four homers (doable), 24 RBI (could be a challenge) and keep his average above the .300 mark to reach these milestone numbers.

If Yelich reaches these 30-100-.300 stats, it would be the eighth time in team history; Ryan Braun has done it three times for the Brewers, Cecil Cooper did it twice for the Brew Crew.

Here’s a look at the seven times in Brewers history that a player reached the 30 home run, 100-RBI, .300 batting average in a season for the team.

1980: Ben Oglivie, 41-118, .304
1982: Cecil Cooper, 32-121, .313
1983: Cecil Cooper, 30-126, .307
1996: John Jaha, 34-118, .300
2009: Ryan Braun, 32-114, .320
2011: Ryan Braun, 33-111, .332
2013: Ryan Braun, 41-112, .319

In addition to these seven seasons above, the Brewers had four other near-misses when it comes to a 30-100-.300 season. In 1982, Robin Yount had 29 home runs, 114 RBI and a .331 BA; in 2007, a pair of Brewer players missed this milestone… Braun had 34 HRs, 97 RBI and a batting average of .324 while Prince Fielder ended that ’07 campaign with 46 homers, 141 RBI and a .299 average; Fielder again missed having a 30-100-.300 season in 2011 when he hit 38 home runs with 120 RBI and a .299 average.

The Major League leader for 30-100-.300 season is Babe Ruth with 12. He is followed by Albert Pujols, Manny Ramirez and Lou Gehrig, each with 10 such seasons.

The Brewers this season have another pair of players who could reach the 30-HR, 100-RBI milestone: Jesus Aguilar has 31 HRs and 93 RBI while Travis Shaw ended August with 27 homers and 76 runs driven in. Aguilar has an outside chance at a 30-100-.300 season, but he would need to go on a tear in the final month to bring his average up to .300 from his current mark of .276. Shaw’s average was at .247 going into the final month.

One final stat: How about we drop the numbers a little and check how many Brewers have ended a season with 25 or more home runs, 80 of more RBIs, and a batting average of .280 or better. Seventeen different players for the Brewers have reached these numbers with Braun having the most with eight such seasons. Here are those 17 players and the number of 25-80-.280- seasons with the Brew Crew.

8 seasons: Ryan Braun

3 seasons: Cecil Cooper, Geoff Jenkins, Prince Fielder

2 seasons: Ben Oglivie

1 season: Aramis Ramirez, Carlos Lee, Corey Hart, Davey May, George Scott, Greg Vaughn, Jeromy Burnitz, John Jaha, Larry Hisle, Robin Yount, Sixto Lezcano, Tommy Harper


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Today’s Sports Stat: August 25, 2018

Through games of August 22, the Milwaukee Brewers are in third place in the National League Central, three games behind the first place Cubs. Right now, however, they hold the second Wild Card spot (division foes the St. Louis Cardinals have the first Wild Card). That second Wild Card spot is pretty tenuous at best; there are six teams all within eight games of the Brewers vying for that Wild Card spot.

With all that being said, the month of September is going to be big for any team within shouting distance of a playoff spot. If history has anything to say about the conclusion of the 2018 pennant race in the N.L., the Brewers are going to have to hold off those six teams that listed below them in the Wild Card race.

Based on the past five seasons (2013-2017), the Cubs and Cardinals have two of the best September records over the past five campaigns. The Cardinals have the third best September record from 2013-17 with an 83-60 record (.580 winning percentage). The Cubs rank fifth in this stat with an 81-61 September record (.570 winning percentage) over the past five seasons. The Brewers? They rank 16th in this stat with a 69-73 mark, a .486 winning percentage.

Here are the September winning percentages of the 30 MLB teams over the past five seasons.

Cleveland .667… Washington .604

St. Louis .580… Boston .576… Chicago Cubs .570

L.A. Dodgers .545… L.A. Angels .542… N.Y. Yankees .531… N.Y. Mets .521… Pittsburgh .514… Toronto .514… Kansas City .514… Baltimore .510… Texas .510… San Francisco .504

Milwaukee .486… Seattle .482… Oakland .482… Tampa Bay .479… Houston .468… Arizona .458… Miami .458… Atlanta .454

Detroit .447… Colorado .447… San Diego .444… Chicago White Sox .432… Philadelphia .429… Minnesota .417… Cincinnati .411


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Today’s Sports Stat: August 13, 2018

The home run ball has been important for the Brewers this season. How important? Through games of August 11, the Brew Crew was 56-24 in games when they hit at least one home run; that’s a .700 winning percentage in those games. Just think, if they could hit an HR in every game of a 162-game season that would mean 113 wins!

The Brewers lead the National League with the most multi-HR games (games with two or more home runs) with 47. They are 36-11 in those contests, a .766 winning percentage. The Yankees lead the majors with 56 multi-HR games.

Here are the teams with the most multi-HR games through August 11.

NY Yankees, 56
Boston, 53
LA Angels, 50
Cleveland, 49
Milwaukee, 47
Toronto, 46
LA Dodgers, 45
Houston, 45
Colorado, 43
Baltimore, 43

Following is a breakdown of the Brewers record in games this season (through August 11) when they hit zero, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 or more home runs in a game.

0 home runs: 11-29 .275
1 home run: 20-13 .606
2 home runs: 21-7 .750
3 home runs: 11-4 .733
4 home runs: 3-0 1.000
5 or more home runs: 1-0 1.000

19 hits in a game
The Brewers had 19 hits in a Sunday, August 12, 8-7 loss to the Atlanta Braves. It was the first time this season that a MLB team lost a non-extra inning game where they had 19 or more hits.

It was the second time in Brewers history that this rare loss has occurred; back on August 24, 2002, the Brew Crew had 20 hits in a 17-10, nine-inning loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

There have been 40 times since 1969 that teams have lost games where they had 19 or more hits in a non-extra inning contest. If we go back to 1908, there have been 93 times this has happened. The most hits by a team that lost a nine-inning game (non-extra inning contest) was 26 by the Philadelphia Phillies on August 25, 1922 in a 26-23 loss to the Chicago Cubs… yes, a nine-inning game that ended 26-23.

For the record, the Brewers have never won a game where their opponents had 19 or more hits.


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Today’s Sports Stat: August 9, 2018

Could Christian Yelich become the first league batting champion in Milwaukee Brewers history?

Yelich is batting .319, placing him second in the National League behind Atlanta Braves outfielder Nick Markakis, who in leading the N.L. with a .323 average.

Since 1969 when the Brewers became a MLB franchise (as the Seattle Pilots), the team has had 16 players finish in the top five of league batting average. The last Brewer player to finish in the top five was in 2012 when Ryan Braun batted .319 to finish third in the N.L. batting race.

Here’s a look at the Milwaukee Brewers who finished in the top five in league batting average since 1969.

2012: Ryan Braun, .319 (3rd)
2011: Ryan Braun, .332, (2nd)
1999: Jeff Cirillo, .326 (5th)
1992: Paul Molitor, .320 (4th)
1991: Willie Randolph, .327 (3rd) and Paul Molitor, .325 (5th)
1989: Robin Yount, .318 (4th)
1988: Paul Molitor, .312 (5th)
1987: Paul Molitor, .353 (2nd)
1982: Robin Yount, .331(2nd) and Cecil Cooper, .313 (5th)
1981: Cecil Cooper, .320 (4th)
1980: Cecil Cooper, .352 (2nd)
1978: Ben Oglivie, .303 (5th)
1973: George Scott, .306 (2nd) and Dave May, .303 (5th)

Lorenzo Cain is sitting tied for 10th place in the N.L. batting race with a .298 average. The last time the Brewers had a pair of players in the top 10 was in 1991 when Randolph finished third and Molitor was fifth. Two or more Brewers finished in the top 10 in eight seasons (1991, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1983, 1982, 1979 and 1973). Three Brewers finished in the Top 10 in 1982… in addition to Yount and Cooper finishing second and fifth respectively, Molitor finished 10th that season.

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