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Today’s Sportstat: December 23, 2019


Most prolific left-handed scorers in Bucks history

Here’s a nice short stat for today…

Did you know that Michael Redd tops the Bucks all-time for most points by a left-handed shooter?

The left-handed sharp-shooter Redd accumulated 11,554 points in his career with the Bucks, one of 10 left-handed Bucks players who had 1,000 or more points with the team in their career.

A total of 31 left-handed players have scored a point for the Bucks since the team entered the NBA in the 1968-69 season.

Here’s a look at the 10 left-handed Bucks players who have the most career points for the team.

Michael Redd, 11,554
Brandon Jennings, 5,019
Bob Lanier, 3,760
Brad Lohaus, 2,352
Greg Monroe, 2,195
Toni Kukoc, 1,959
John Lucas, 1,496
Anthony Mason, 1,253
Elliot Perry, 1,173
Guy Rodgers, 1,037


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Today’s Sportstat: December 7, 2019

A big scoring night on your birthday in the NBA

Trivia question: Can you name the only NBA player to ever score 60 or more points in a regular season game on his birthday? (Answer in the article.)

Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo celebrated his 25th birthday last night with 27 points and the Bucks won their 14th straight game with a lopsided win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

Giannis became the fourth player this season in the league to score 25 or more points in a game on their birthday. The other three this season:

Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota, 36 points on 11-15-19
Eric Paschell, Golden State, 34 points on 11-4-19
Devin Booker, Phoenix, 31 points on 10-30-19

While Giannis tallied 27 on his 25th birthday, his effort on his birthday falls a little short of the most epic scoring nights on a birthday. Shaquille O’Neal holds the NBA record for most points in a regular season game on a birthday with 61. He accomplished this feat on March 6, 2000, his 28th birthday.

There have been six players who have scored 45 or more points in a regular season NBA game on their birthdays:

Shaquille O’Neal, 61 points on 3-6-2000
Dominique Wilkins, 53 points on 1-2-87
LeBron James, 48 points on 12-30-2009
Anthony Davis, 46 points on 3-11-2017
Michael Jordan, 46 points on 2-17-92
Neil Johnston, 45 points on 2-4-55

In case you were wondering, Kevin Garnett holds the mark for most points in a playoff game on a birthday with 32. He did it on his 28th birthday in a playoff game on May 19, 2004.

The most amazing scoring-on-your-birthday story in the playoffs belongs to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. KAJ had 31 points in a playoff game three times on his birthday… on his 24th, 25th and 31st birthdays.

Two others players tallied 30 or more points in a playoffs game on their birthdays: George Gervin did it twice with 31 points on April 27, 1982 and then with 30 points the following year in a playoff contest in 1983 on his birthday. Isiah Thomas had 30 points in a playoff game on his birthday, April 30, 1988.


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Today’s Sportstat: November 30, 2019

NBA rookies who average 15 or more points in a season

When NBA teams add rookies to their roster, they are hopeful these first-year players can make a contribution. A small number of rookies become starters in their first year, while others spend a great deal of time on the bench. Teams are pleasantly surprised when these rookies can contribute major minutes and points to the team.

Let’s set 15 points per game as a standard… last season the NBA saw four players average 15 or more points in their rookie season in the league: Lukas Doncic, Dallas (21.2 points per game), Trae Young, Atlanta (19.1), Collin Sexton, Cleveland (16.7) and Deandre Ayton, Phoenix (16.3).

This season, through games of November 29, there are five players who are averaging 15 or more points per game (PPG) in their first season in the league. Leading the way is Ja Morant of Memphis who is averaging 18.6 PPG for the Grizzlies. He is followed by Eric Paschall, Golden State (17.0), Kendrick Nunn, Miami (16.4), R.J. Barrett, New York Knicks (15.3) and Tyler Herro, Miami (15.1).

If the Knicks’ Barrett should end his first season with a PPG of 15 or more, it would be noteworthy… the Knicks have not had a rookie average 15 of more PPG since Patrick Ewing average 20.0 PPG for the Knicks in 1986, a run of more than 30 years since a rookie has tallied 15 or more PPG for the team.

Here is a look at the last time each NBA had a rookie average 15 or more points per game in a season (minimum of 40 games played to qualify). Note: The last rookie to average 15 or more PPG for a team prior to 2000 is listed in parenthesis.

1986: New York Knicks (Patrick Ewing)
1987: Indiana (Chuck Person)
1994: Orlando (Anfernee Hardaway)
1995: Detroit (Grant Hill)
1998: Brooklyn (Keith Van Horn); San Antonio (Tim Duncan)
1999: Boston (Paul Pierce); Toronto (Vince Carter)
2000: Houston
2004: Denver, Miami
2005: Charlotte
2006: New Orleans
2009: Memphis, Oklahoma City
2010: Golden State, Milwaukee, Sacramento
2011: Los Angeles Clippers, Washington
2013: Portland
2016: Minnesota
2018: Chicago, Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia, Utah
2019: Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Phoenix




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Today’s Sportstat: September 6, 2019

A few stats you may not know about new basketball HOF’s Sidney Moncrief and Jack Sikma

A pair of former NBA stars with ties to the Milwaukee Bucks, Sidney Moncrief and Jack Sikma, will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame tonight, September 6.

Moncrief spent 10 seasons in Milwaukee (1979-80 to 1988-89) while Sikma played in Milwaukee for five seasons (1986-87 to 1990-91) after nine years with Seattle.

Both Moncrief and Sikma had unique careers. Moncrief was a two-way threat as a stellar defensive player (twice winning the league’s defensive Player of the Year Award) who could also score. Sikma was that rare big man who could score, rebound and shoot (he led the league in free throw shooting one year… and he was probably the first big man who effectively ventured outside to the three-point line).

Here are a handful of stats you may not know about this pair.

  • Seven players had 10,000 points, 3,000 rebounds, 2,000 assists, 500 steals and 200 blocks in the 1980’s (1979-80 NBA regular season to 1988-89 season). Both Moncrief and Sikma are on this list. The others: Magic Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Julius Erving, Alex English and Larry Bird. Pretty good company, huh?
  • Moncrief tops the Bucks list for most wins in his playing career with the team with 447. Eight players have won 300 or more games with the Bucks in addition to Moncrief: Junior Bridgeman (394), Bob Dandridge (391), Jon McGlocklin (375), Paul Pressey (368), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (331), Brian Winters (32) and Marques Johnson (315).
  • The Bucks were one of the best NBA teams in the 80’s in addition to the Lakers, Celtics and 76ers. Moncrief was with the team that whole decade and ranks tenth on the list for most wins of all NBA players in the 1980s (1979-80 season through 1988-89 season). Michael Cooper leads this list with 571 wins. Following Cooper: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (567), Dennis Johnson (540), Robert Parrish (540), Larry Bird (536), Magic Johnson (529), Maurice Cheeks (505), Kevin McHale (501), Moses Malone (469) and Moncrief (447).
  • Moncrief is one of seven players to win a NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award in a season where he averaged 20 or more points (he did it twice; one of only four players to do so). He won the honor in 1982-83 and averaged 22.5 points per game, and won it in 1983-84 when he tallied 20.9 points per game. The other six players to win the league Defensive Player of the Year Award in a season where they averaged at least 20 or more points per game: Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson, Dwight Howard, Alonzo Mourning and Kawhi Leonard.
  • Sikma is one of only six players 6’10” or taller (Sikma was listed as 6’11”) to have a career free throw percentage of .840 or higher (minimum of 500 career free throw attempts). The list: Dirk Nowitzki (.879), Danilo Gallinari (.871), Ryan Anderson (.854), Jack Sikma (.849), Mike Gminski (.843) and Danny Ferry (.840).
  • Sikma is one of 25 players in league history who had 6,400 points and 3,700 rebounds in the league after age 30.
  • Sikma is one of only five players in league history to have over 10,000 career rebounds and make 200 or more career three-pointers. The five: Dirk Nowitzki (11,489-1,982), Charles Barkley (12,546-538), Shawn Marion (10101-791), Sikma (10,816-203) and Bill Laimbeer (10,400-202).
  • Sikma is one of 24 players in NBA history to have 1,000 career steals and 1,000 career blocked shots. If we add 10,000 career rebounds to that stat, he is one of only 14; if we add 10,000 career points to that stat, he is one of only 13 players is league history to have 1,000 career steals, 1,000 career blocked shots, 10,000 career rebounds and 10,000 career points.
  • Sikma was 203-for-618 in three-point attempts in his career (a three-point shooting percentage of .328). He was the first player 6’11” or taller to attempt 200 or more three-pointers in a season and the first player 6’11” or taller to attempt 100 or more three-pointers in three consecutive seasons. He is one of 23 players in league history 6’11” or taller to have a career three-point shooting percentage over .325 (minimum of 600 three-point attempts to qualify).


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Today’s Sportstat: July 22, 2019

Bucks off-season moves reveal more three-point bombs coming next season

Based on the moves the Milwaukee Bucks have made this off-season, it appears that not reaching the NBA Finals last season won’t stop them from staying the course with their style of play. Anyone thinking that missing out on an NBA title would force the team to adjust their offensive strategy can forget that thought.

Although the team lost a couple of three-point weapons in Malcolm Brogdon and Tony Snell, the signing of Wes Matthews Jr. and Kyle Korver shows the team is committed to having three-point shooters in the starting line-up and coming off the bench.

Last season the Bucks set a team record with five different players making 75 or more three-pointers during the season (Brook Lopez, Khris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe, Malcolm Brodgon and Tony Snell). That broke the record of four players with 75+ made three-pointers in a season (it happened four seasons, 2016-17, 2012-13, 2010-11 and 2002-03). In addition, the team last year had eight players who attempted 150 or more shots from beyond the arc, again a team record. The eight: Lopez, Middleton, Bledsoe, Brogdon, Snell, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Pat Connaughton and Ersan Ilyasova. Seven players attempted 150 or more three-pointers in 2016-17, the previous mark: Giannis, Brodgon, Snell, Matthew Delavedova, Jabari Parker, Mirza Teletovic and Jason terry.

Replacing Brogdon and Snell will be the aforementioned Matthews and Korver. Here is what they bring to the team from three-point range:

  • Matthews was 150-for-403 (37.2%) from beyond the arc last season. In his 10-year NBA career, Matthews has made 75 or more threes in nine of those seasons and he has attempted 150 or more threes in all 10 of his seasons. He has played 60 or more games in each of his 10 campaigns and he is a career .382 three-point shooter.
  • Korver is recognized as one of the league’s top long-distance shooters. He was 113-for-294 (38.4%) on threes last season. In his 16-year NBA career he has made 75 or more threes in 15 of those seasons and he has attempted 150 or more threes in 15 of his 16 campaigns. A durable competitor, Korver has played 65 or more games in all but one of his 16 NBA campaigns. He is a career .429 three-point shooter. An added benefit is that Korver played under current Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer in Atlanta; not only that, but in four NBA seasons Korver led the league with the highest three-point shooting percentage… three of those four seasons were in Atlanta playing for Budenholzer.

One downside of the Matthews and Korver signings is that both players are in their 30’s; Korver will be 38 next season and Matthews will be 33. Brogdon is still relatively young in NBA years and will be 26 when the next season begins.

Here’s another interesting stat about Matthews and Korver: Of all NBA players who have attempted 1,000 or more threes in a career, Korver ranks sixth all-time with his three-point career shooting percentage of .429. The five players ahead of Korver are Steve Kerr, Hubert Davis, Stephen Curry, Jason Kapono and Steve Novak. Matthews is in the Top 100 in this list tied for 88th. The only current Bucks player on the list is Khris Middleton who’s .388 career three-point shooting percentage is tied for 62nd on the list.

Bottom line… the Bucks have filled their roster with more three-point shooters for next season. Now imagine what will happen if Brook Lopez can teach his brother, Robin, a new Bucks signee, to step back and launch some threes.


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