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Today’s Sports Stat: April 3, 2018

Villanova’s win over Michigan for the 2018 NCAA men’s basketball tournament put them in some pretty impressive company. Since they also won the title in 2016, they became one of only a handful of teams to win two or more titles in a three-year span.

The last team to win back-to-back titles was Florida in 2006 and 2007. The last team to win a title and then win it again two years later was Kentucky in 1996 and 1998.

Here’s a look at the schools that won the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tourney in back-to-back years and those who won two in three years by winning one year and then winning again two years later.

Back-to-Back Titles
Oklahoma State, 1945, 1946
Kentucky, 1948, 1949
San Francisco, 1955, 1956
Cincinnati, 1961, 1962
UCLA, 1964, 1965
UCLA, 1967-73 (seven straight)
Duke, 1991, 1992
Florida, 2006, 2007

Title and then another title two years later
Kentucky, 1949, 1951
UCLA, 1965, 1967
UCLA, 1973, 1975
Kentucky, 1996, 1998
Villanova, 2016, 2018

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Today’s Sports Stat: March 19, 2018

How does your bracket look? The NCAA men’s tourney is set with the “Sweet 16.”

Included in the 16 teams remaining in the tourney are four teams who were seeded from #8 to #16. The four: #9 seeds Kansas State and Florida State, and #11 seeds Loyola-Illinois and Syracuse.

Will anyone of these four make it to the Final Four? Based on past history, there have been 11 teams seeded from #8-#16 that have made it to the Final Four since 1979 when the tournament went to the current seeded system.

Here’s a look at the teams seeded #8 through #16 that have made it to the Final Four since 1979.

1979: #9 seed Pennsylvania

1980: #8 seed UCLA

1985: #8 seed Villanova

2000: #8 seed North Carolina and #8 seed Wisconsin

2006: #11 seed George Mason

2011: # 8 seed Butler and #11 VCU

2013: #9 seed Wichita State

2014: #8 seed Kentucky

2016: #10 seed Syracuse


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Did You Know? Final Four Edition (Part 2)


Here’s a look at a few more stats/numbers you might not know about tonight’s Final Four title game.

Did you know…

… A Wisconsin victory will give Duke seven Final Four championship game losses, a record. The Blue Devils are currently tied with Kansas with six title game losses. Other teams with multiple Final Four championship game losses: 5-Michigan; 4-Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio State; 3-Georgetown; 2-Bradley, Butler, Dartmouth, Houston, Memphis, Oklahoma, Syracuse, UCLA.

… Seven title games have gone into overtime. The last was in 2008 when Kansas defeated Memphis.

… The Big Ten Conference has lost five straight Final Four championship games.

… Sixteen title games have been decided by three points or less. The last was in 2010 when Duke beat Butler 61-59. Three teams have lost multiple title games by three points or less, led by Kansas which has lost three such games. Duke and Georgetown both lost two championship games by three points or less.

… Teams that score 60 points in the championship game are 62-48 (.564 winning percentage). Teams that score 70 or more points in the game are 49-28 (.636 winning percentage). Teams that score 80 or more points in the championship game are 26-4 (.867 winning percentage).

… The ACC and the Big Ten have faced each other six times in the final game (tonight is the seventh time). The ACC has won five and only lost once. The only Big Ten Conference win over an ACC school in the final was in 1981 when Indiana beat North Carolina. The ACC has won the last five championship games over a Big Ten opponent.

… Wisconsin could become the first Big Ten school since Michigan State in 2000 to win the title and also win the title the same year they won a football bowl game. Michigan State won the Florida Citrus Bowl in 1999 and then won the NCAA men’s basketball title in 2000 (the 1999-2000 season). Louisville is the last school to win a football bowl game and men’s national basketball title in the same year (2011 football bowl game, 2012 basketball title).

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Did You Know? Final Four Edition


Here’s a look at a few stats you might not have known about the teams participating in today’s Final Four semi-final games.

Did you know?…

… This will be the 14th match-up of #1 seeds in the Final Four semi-finals since 1979 (when the NCAA went to the seeded format) and the first since 2008 when both semi-finals were games played between #1 seeds (the only year all four #1 seeds made the Final Four). Kentucky will be playing in their fifth #1 seed match-up in the Final Four semis, most of any school. They have won two and lost two of their previous games. The team that has won these #1 vs. #1 games in the semi-finals has only won the championship game five times (losing eight times).

… Wisconsin is one of nine schools to have their football team win 11 games in a season and their men’s basketball team win 30 games at least once since 2010. The others: Baylor, Louisville, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Utah State. Wisconsin is one of only three schools to have their football team win 11 games in a season and their men’s basketball team win 30 games both twice since 2010 (also Louisville and Ohio State). The Badgers, Louisville and Ohio State are the only schools to have their football team win 11 games and their men’s basketball team win 30 games in the same season. Ohio State did it in 2010 (their football team won 12 games in 2010; their men’s basketball team won 34 in 2010-11); Louisville did it in 2012 (their football team won 11 in 2012; their men’s basketball team won 35 in 2012-13); Wisconsin did it this year (their football team won 11 in 2014; their men’s basketball team has won 35 in 2014-15).

… In the 37 years since the NCAA went to a seeded format, 22 times there have been two schools from the same conference make the Final Four. This is the 22nd time with both Wisconsin and Michigan State from the Big Ten Conference making the Final Four. In the 21 times previous to this year, a school from that conference has won the championship nine times (1985-Georgetown, 1988-Kansas, 1989-Michigan, 1991-Duke, 1996-Kentucky, 2000-Michigan State, 2001-Duke, 2006-Florida, 2013-Louisville). Since 1979, the Big Ten has had two or more teams in the Final Four seven times (including this year), most of the conferences. The ACC is next with five years, followed by Big East (four times), SEC (three times), Big 12 (twice) and Big Eight (once). Michigan State and Wisconsin both made the Final Four from the Big Ten in 2000 with Michigan State winning the title that year.

… Michigan State and Duke have each lost five times in the Final Four semi-finals. Kentucky has lost three times and Wisconsin twice in the national semis. North Carolina tops the list with nine semi-final losses in the Final Four followed by Louisville with seven. Both Kansas and UCLA have lost five times in the Final Four semis.

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Badgers ‘Elite Eight’ history


For all you Badgers fans who can’t wait until 5:07pm tonight for the game against Arizona to start, here’s a few stats that you may find interesting…

* Wisconsin has won their first three games as a Number One seed in the tournament. In the years since the NCAA went to a seeded format for this tournament, the Badgers have been a #4, #5 and #6 seed most often, each three times since 1979. Here’s a quick look at the team’s win-loss record as each seed since 1979:
Number 1 Seed: 3-0 (through games of March 26, 2015)
Number 2 Seed: 5-2
Number 3 Seed: 2-1
Number 4 Seed: 5-3
Number 5 Seed: 2-3
Number 6 Seed: 3-3
Number 7 Seed: 0-1
Number 8 Seed: 5-2
Number 9 Seed: 1-2
Number 12 Seed: 1-1

* The Badgers have made the Final Four three times, 1941, 2000 and 2014. They won two of those Elite Eight games by one point (1941 and 2014) and the other by a four-point margin (2000).

* This is the first time the Badgers have faced a #2 Seed (Arizona) in their regional.

* This will be the fourth time the Badgers have faced Arizona in the tournament. In 2000, they defeated Arizona, then a #1 seed, in the second round. In 2006 Wisconsin, the #9 seed, lost to Arizona, the #8 seed, in the first round of the tourney. Last season these two teams faced off in the elite 8 game with the Badgers (the #2 seed) defeating Arizona (the #1 seed) 64-63 in overtime.

* The Badgers have played in five Elite Eight games, winning three and losing two. The two losses occurred in 1947 and 2005. In the three games they won to go to the Final Four, the Badgers held their opponents under 64 points.

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