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Today’s Sports Stat: December 16, 2017

With their overtime win over the Cleveland Browns last weekend, the Green Bay Packers won their third OT time of the year. In doing so, they broke the team record for most OT wins in a season, two, which they accomplished in 1983 and 2000. In addition, they became the 11th team in NFL history to win three overtime games in one season. The 2011 Arizona Cardinals hold the league record for most OT wins in a season with four.

Here are the teams that have won three or more overtime games in an NFL campaign.

1994: Detroit
1995: Kansas City
1997: Pittsburgh
2001: San Francisco
2002: San Diego
2003: Carolina
2010: Washington
2011: Arizona (4 wins), Denver
2015: Denver
2017: Green Bay

Of the 1o teams that won three OT games in a season prior to 2017, only one, the 2010 Redskins, finished the season under .500; they were 6-10 that year. The other nine teams either finished at .500 (8-8) or above .500.



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Today’s Sports Stat: December 15, 2017

With Aaron Rodgers getting the clearance to play this week and Packers fans giddy with anticipation for what could happen over the next three weeks (and beyond) , how about an ARod stat to get everyone excited for Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers…

Not only are the Packers’ faithful glad to have Aaron back at QB, but there is also optimism that Rodgers may have another weapon at his disposal that didn’t seem present prior to his injury: A solid running game. A pair of rookie running backs, Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams, has given the team a new level of excitement with their play in Rodgers’ absence. Just think, Aaron Rodgers with a solid running attack… things could get interesting.

Let’s add a few numbers to this speculation. A QB with a 100.0 Passer Rating and a running game that totals 100 or more yards in a game are just two stats that seem to indicate success in those two aspects of the offense.

Since 2008, when Rodgers became the Packers starting QB:

  • The Packers are 67-12 (.848 winning percentage) in regular season games when Rodgers has a Passer Rating of 100 or above.
  • The Packers are 67-20-1 (.767) in games where the offense has 100 or more yards rushing in a contest.
  • There have been 49 games since ’08 when the Packers Passer Rating has been above 100.0 and the team rushed for 100 or more yards in the same contest. The Pack is 46-3 (.939) in those games.
  • If we look at 110 or more yards rushing in a game and a Passer Rating of 110 or higher in the same game, Green Bay is 31-0 since 2008 and the team is 71-1 when they reach these two stat milestones in a game since 1970.
  • Green Bay is 52-5 in regular season games when Rodgers has a Passer Rating of 110 or higher in that game.

You can imagine how explosive the Green Bay offense could be if Rodgers is playing at his usual high level and the running game, with Jones and Williams, eat up a chunk of yards.

For the record, a team having a Passer Rating of 100 or above and gaining 100 or more yards rushing in the same game is a pretty lethal weapon. NFL teams that reach these two stat numbers in a contest are 687-92-3 (.880 winning percentage) since 2010. In fact, every NFL teams except one, the Browns, has won 70% or higher of their games since 2010 when they gain 100 or more yards on the ground and have a QB Passer Rating above 100 in the same game.

Keep an eye on these two stats this Sunday. It could be a telling factor in whether or not the Packers will charge towards (and into) the playoffs this season.



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Today’s Sports Stat: December 13, 2017

Back in 2002, the NFL adopted a structure whereby there were four four-team divisions in each league (AFC and NFC). The playoff format established that same year was the four division winners in each league and two Wild Card teams in each league would advance to the 12-team NFL playoffs. That system has been in place every year since.

Going back to 2002, there has been six times when three teams from one division made it to the playoffs in the same season. The last time was in 2014 when three teams from the AFC North (Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Baltimore) each made the playoffs that campaign.

This year, three teams from the NFC South are hoping to repeat what last happened in ‘14. The New Orleans Saints (9-4), Carolina Panthers (9-4) and the Atlanta Falcons (8-5), each from the NFC South, could all make the playoffs this season. At this point, the Saints hold the NFC South lead, the Panthers have the first Wild Card, and although they are tied with Seattle at 8-5, the Falcons currently have the tie-breaker in the second Wild Card spot.

Here are the six times when three teams from one division made the playoffs since 2002.

2006: NFC East (Philadelphia, Dallas, N.Y. Giants)
2007: NFC East (Dallas, N.Y. Giants, Washington)
2007: AFC South (Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee)
2011: AFC North (Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati)
2013: AFC West (Denver, Kansas City, San Diego)
2014: AFC North (Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore)

Only one of the above teams went on to win the Super Bowl… the 2007 Giants. The 2013 Broncos also made it to the Super Bowl, but lost. Fifteen of the above 18 teams either lost in a Wild Card game or in a division playoff game. The 2011 Ravens were the only other team to make it to a conference championship game in that season.


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Today’s Sports Stat: December 12, 2017

The NFL had a pair of high-scoring games last weekend; Pittsburgh defeated Baltimore, 39-38, and the Eagles got past the Rams, 43-35. It was the fourth and fifth games this season where both teams scored 35 or more points in the contest.

The last game played where both teams scored 40 or more points in an NFL regular season contest was December 18, 2016 when the Saints defeated the Cardinals, 48-41. Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, there have been 25 NFL regular season games where both teams scored 40 or more points.

Of those 25 games, the Cincinnati Bengals and Green Bay Packers have each played in five of those games, tied for most in the league. San Diego with four and the Lions, Seahawks and Redskins with three follow the Bengals and Packers. Green Bay and San Diego top the list with most games won when both teams score 40 points (since 1970) with three each; the Bengals with four top the list with most losses.

Eight current teams have never played in a regular season game where both teams scored 40 or more points: Carolina, Houston, Indianapolis, New England, Raiders, Rams, San Francisco, Tampa Bay.

Although the Colts have not played in a regular season game where both teams topped the 40-point mark, they did play in one of the two playoff games since 1970 that had both teams tally 40. In 2009, Arizona defeated Green Bay, 51-45, in a playoff contest, while in 2013, the Colts topped Kansas City 45-44 in a post-season game.



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Packerstats 2017: Game #13, 27-21 OT win over Cleveland

Here are some of the numbers that helped define the Packers 27-21 win over the Cleveland Browns on December 10.

  • Of the seven wins this season for the Packers, only two have come against teams that are currently above .500 (Seattle, 8-5, and Dallas, 7-6). The combined win-loss record today of the teams the Pack has beaten this season is 32-59 (.352). The combined record of the six teams that have beaten the Packers this season is 52-26 (.667). All six are currently above .500. Would’ve been kind of embarrassing if the teams that had beaten the Packers this year included the Browns at 1-12, huh?
  • The last time the Packers lost to a team in the regular season that ended the year with fewer than four wins was in 2009. In Week #9 that year, the Packers lost to the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Bucs ended the year 3-13; the Pack ended the season 11-5.
  • Green Bay had three drives of 11 or more plays in the game… they scored TDs on two of them; on one, they turned the ball over on downs. For the season, the Packers have had 26 drives of 10 plays or more, scoring 10 TDs and nine FGs, a 73% scoring rate on those 10-play or longer drives. The Packers have had 111 drives of less than 10 plays, scoring 24 TDs and four FGs, a 25.2% scoring rate on drives of less than 10 plays.
  • Green Bay was behind 14-7 at halftime in the game. They are now 10-11 in road games since 2010 when they are behind by seven points or more at halftime.
  • The Packers were behind by 14 points (21-7) entering the fourth quarter. Since 1970, the Packers were 0-63 in games where they had a 14-point or larger deficit going into the fourth quarter in a road game. It was actually the first time the Packers won a game on the road after being behind by 14 or more points going into the fourth quarter since 1957, a string of 77 games.
  • Rookie running back Jamaal Williams scored a pair of TDs for the second game this season. He became only the third Green Bay rookie to score two or more TDs in multiple games for the Pack. The others: Gerry Ellis in 1980 and Travis Williams in 1967.
  • This was the third overtime win for the Packers this season, most in franchise history. They won two OT games in 2000 and 1983.
  • Green Bay scored 14 points in fourth quarter. Since 1970, they are now 20-14 in games on the road when they score 14 or more points in the fourth quarter. Since 2006, however, the start of the Mike McCarthy era, they are 11-3 when they score 14+points in the fourth quarter on the road.
  • Not only did the Packers score 14 points in the fourth quarter, but they held the Browns scoreless in the fourth. The Packers are now 6-3 in road games when they score 14 or more points and hold the opposition scoreless in the fourth quarter.
  • QB Brett Hundley was 35-for-46 with three TD passes and a 76.1% pass completion rate for the game. Only three Green Bay QBs have had a game with three or more TD passes and a completion rate of 75% or higher. The two: Aaron Rodgers (he did it twice) and Brett Favre (he did it once).
  • Hundley’s 46 pass attempts made him the seventh Packers QB in team history to attempt 45 or more passes in a game. Favre tops the list with 26 games with 45 or more pass attempts, followed by Rodgers with 12. They are followed by Don Majkowski (4), Randy Wright (3), Lynn Dickey (2), Bart Starr (1) and Hundley.
  • Davonte Adams had two TD receptions and 10 catches for the game. He becomes only the second Packer in history to have two TD pass receptions and 10 or more catches in the same game in multiple contests. The other is Sterling Sharpe (he did it in 1989 and 1993). Adams did it last season and this year. Four others players did it once: Jordy Nelson, Javon Walker, Antonio Freeman and Max McGee.
  • Adams now has five career games with two or more TD receptions. Jordy Nelson tops the team list with 15 career games with two or more TD receptions.
  • The Packers did not commit a turnover in the game and are now 19-5 since 2010 in road games when they do not have a turnover.