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Today’s Sports Stat-July 19, 2017

The Dodgers Clayton Kershaw upped his record to 15-2 this season with a win over the White Sox last night.

With more than two months remaining in the season and probably 12-14 more starts to come, Kershaw is a good bet to win over 20 games this year. Whether he can keep his loss total at two is another story.

Kershaw is one of seven pitchers in MLB history who has won 20 games in a season with three or fewer losses. He went 21-3 in 2014.

The pitchers who won 20+ games in a season with three or fewer losses: Kershaw (21-2 in 2014), Max Scherzer (21-3 in 2013), Cliff Lee (22-3 in 2008), Roger Clemens (20-3 in 2001), David Cone (20-3 in 1988), Ron Guidry (25-3 in 1978) and Preacher Roe (22-3 in 1951).