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Today’s Sports Stat: October 10, 2017

Although the Minnesota Vikings-Chicago Bears Monday Night Football Game ended with a very typical 20-17 final score, the score at halftime was anything but typical.

With a safety and a field goal, the score at halftime was 3-2 in favor of the Vikings. It was only the eighth time in NFL history that there was a halftime score of 3-2.

The last time it happened was on October 12, 2008 when the Detroit Lions held a 3-2 lead over the Vikings.

The other games with a 3-2 halftime score were: 1947 (Rams-Packers), 1963 (Broncos-Raiders), 1967 (Bills-Broncos), 1974 (Chiefs-Dolphins), 1977 (Bucs-Vikings) and 1982 (Seahawks-Broncos).

It’s interesting to note that in all three 3-2 games at halftime that the Vikings played in, they won all three. In each of the three 3-2 at halftime games played by the Denver Broncos, they lost all three.