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Today’s Sportstat: August 5, 2019

Is Christian McCaffrey ready to become the NFL’s next 1,000-1,000 running back?

In a recent article, Carolina Panthers all-purpose running back Christian McCaffrey mentioned that a goal he has for the 2019 season is to become the next 1,000-1,000 running back… a running back that gains 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards via pass receptions.

McCaffrey, who is starting his third season in the NFL, came close last season: He had 1,098 rushing yards and 867 yards receiving. In the history of the NFL, only two running backs have accumulated 1,000 yards in both rushing and receiving in a season… San Francisco’s Roger Craig did it in 1985 and in 1999 Marshall Faulk became the second member of this exclusive club as a member of the St. Louis Rams

Here’s a look at the running backs who have reached 1,000-1,000 yards in both rushing and receiving in a season along with those who are members of the 900-900 and 800-800 yard clubs.

1,000-1,000 Club (Rushing yards-receiving yards)
Roger Craig, 1985, San Francisco, 1,050-1,016
Marshall Faulk, 1999, St. Louis, 1,381-1,048

900-900 Club
Marshall Faulk, 1998, Indianapolis, 1,319-908
Charlie Garner, 2002, Oakland, 962-941

800-800 Club
Marshall Faulk, 2000, St. Louis, 1,359-830
Steven Jackson, 2006, St. Louis, 1,528-806
Matt Forte, 2014, Chicago, 1,038-808
Le’Veon Bell, 2014, Pittsburgh, 1,361-854
David Johnson, 2016, Arizona, 1,239-879
Christian McCaffrey, 2018, 1,098-867

For Packers fans wondering how close a Green Bay running back came to joining any of the above clubs, there have been four different running backs who have gained 500 or more rushing yards and 500 or more receiving yards in the same season. Edgar Bennett and Ahman Green accomplished the feat twice.

Following are the 500-500 running backs for the Pack in their history.

Gerry Ellis, 1983, 696-603

Edgar Bennett, 1994, 623-546

Edgar Bennett, 1995, 1,067-648

Dorsey Levens, 1999, 1,034-573

Ahman Green, 2000, 1,175-559

Ahman Green, 2001, 1,387-594


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40 Packers Stats Until Opening Kickoff-August 25 (#16)

(From August 1 until the first regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks on September 10, we’ll give you a daily dose of Packers stats.)

If you are looking for the Packers to have a 100-yard rusher in their first game of the season versus the Seahawks, past history has shown that it is probably unlikely.

In the Packers first game of the year there have been only five games where a Green Bay player rushed for 100 or more yards. The last time it happened was September 10, 2006 when Ahman Green had 110 yards rushing versus the Chicago Bears in the Pack’s 26-0 loss. In fact, Green is one of only two Green Bay players to rush for 100 or more yards in the Packers first game of the season.

Here are the five times when a Packers player had 100 yards rushing in the team’s first game of the season.

2006-Ahman Green, 110 yards
2004-Ahman Green, 119 yards
2002-Ahman Green, 155 yards
2001-Ahman Green, 157 yards
1982-Eddie Lee Ivery, 109 yards

Looking at the Pack’s history, there have been only 25 times when a Packers player rushed for 75 or more yards in the opening game of the season. Eddie Lacy had 85 yards rushing in the 2015 season opener against the Bears, the last player to reach these numbers on opening day.

In 1964, a pair of Packers, Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung each rushed for over 75 yards in the opening contest. Taylor had 79 while Hornung had 77 in the team’s 23-10 over the Bears.

40 Packers Stats Until Kickoff-August 21 (#20)

(From August 1 until the first regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks on September 10, we’ll give you a daily dose of Packers stats.)

For the third consecutive season, the Packers had a player gain 300 or more yards rushing and 300 or more yards receiving in the same season. Ty Montgomery had 457 rushing yards and 348 receiving yards in 2016. James Starks reached 300-300 in 2015; Eddie Lacy did it in 2014.

Sixteen different Packers players have reached the 300-300 rushing/receiving stat in the club’s history, accomplishing it 30 times. Leading the way is Ahman Green who did it five times in his career with the Pack. Donny Anderson and Gerry Ellie each did it four times with the Packers, while Edgar Bennett did it in three seasons.

Bennett and Ellis are the only two Packers to have a 600-600 season (600 yards rushing and 600 yards receiving) for Green Bay. Ellis in 1983 had 696 yards rushing and 603 yards receiving; Bennett in 1995 rushed for 1067 yards and added 648 yards receiving to his stat line.

If we look at career numbers, the Packers have three players who reached the 2000-2000 stat in rushing yards and receiving yards in their career with Green Bay. They are:
Dorsey Levens, 3937 rushing yards, 2079 receiving yards
Ahman Green, 8322 rushing yards, 2726 receiving yards
Gerry Ellis, 3826 rushing yards, 2514 receiving yards.

‘Six Stats’ trivia: The Packers-Vikings series


(Photo credit: andykaufman)

The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings on Sunday will play for the 107th time. The Packers lead the series 56-49-1.

Here’s a quick six-question trivia quiz for Packers fans to see how well you know the series against the neighbors to the west. Answers appear at the end of the column.

1. Four Green Bay quarterbacks have thrown 20 or more TD passes in games versus the Vikings. Brett Favre leads the group with 54, followed by Aaron Rodgers with 26 and Bart Starr with 25. Who is the fourth Packers QB who has tossed 20-plus TD passes against the Vikings? (one point)

2. Twenty times in the Packers-Vikings rivalry a Packers running back has gained 100 or more yards in a game. Can you name the Packers running back who has the most games (four) with 100 or more yards rushing? (one point)

3. During their careers with the Packers, three receivers accumulated 1,000 or more receiving yards against Minnesota. Name the three receivers. (three points)

4. Which Green Bay player has the most TDs versus the Vikings? Ahman Green is second on the list with nine touchdowns against Minnesota. This player has 10 TDs. (one point)

5. In the history of this series, three Green Bay players have 10 or more sacks against the Vikings. Name these three players. (three points)

6. When was the last time the Vikings swept the two-game season series with the Packers? Name the season, and who was the Minnesota QB who accomplished this feat? (two points; one for the year, one for the QB)

1. Lynn Dickey is the fourth QB who had 20-plus TD passes against the Vikings. He had 21 in his career.

2. John Brockington had four games with 100 or more yards rushing for the Packers in games versus the Vikes, tops in that category.

3. The three Packers receivers who totaled 1,000 or more receiving yards in games against the Vikings were Donald Driver (1,296), Boyd Dowler (1,258) and James Lofton (1,184).

4. Current Minnesota Viking Greg Jennings had 10 TDs as a member of the Packers when they played the Vikings.

5. The three players with 10 or more sacks in Green Bay-Minnesota games were Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilla (11.5), Aaron Kampman (10.5) and Reggie White (10).

6. The last time the Vikings won both regular-season games against the Pack was in 2009. The quarterback was Brett Favre.

8-11: Expert… You know your Packers-Vikings history
5-7: Not bad, but there is room for improvement
2-4: You need to pay more attention when watching the game
0-1: You may be spending way too much time watching “The Kardashians”

How important is getting one running back 20-plus carries in a game for Packers?

Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published with a focus on stats that go beyond the numbers.

English: Ahman Green warming up for a preseaso...

Former Green Bay running back Ahman Green (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There has been a great deal of discussion about the Packers running game… not enough carries/attempts, running backs who aren’t “difference makers,” too much focus on the pass… ect., etc., ect!

Let’s take a look at one stat: Twenty or more carries by one running back in a game. This season the Packers have had five games where they have gotten one running back 20 or more carries. Those games:

* Sept. 13: Cedric Benson gets 20 carries for 81 yards against the Bears.
* Oct. 14: Alex Green gets 22 carries for 65 yards against Houston.
* Oct. 21: Alex Green gets 20 carries for 35 yards against the Rams.
* Oct. 28: Alex Green gets 22 carries for 54 yards against Jacksonville.
* Nov. 18: James Starks gets 25 carries for 74 yards against the Lions.

One interesting thing you’ll notice about these five games is that the Packers won each of those contests.

Let’s expand the look at this stat: Going back to 2000, the Packers have had one running back with 20 or more carries in a game 81 times. The team has compiled a 63-18 record in those games, a winning percentage of .778. For the record, Ahman Green tops the list during this timeframe with 46 games with 20-plus rushes, followed by Ryan Grant, 17 games, and Samkon Gado with five such games.

Since 2010, the Packers have only played six games with one runner getting 20 or more carries in a game. That’s six games out of 45 (from the 2010 season through the first 13 games of the 2012 season). You might think that six games would be the lowest of the 32 teams; you’d be wrong!

The New Orleans Saints have played only one game since the 2010 season where they have had a running back get 20 or more carries in a game. The Indianapolis Colts have only had two such games. Here’s a look at how many of the last 45 games each team has had a running back with 20 or more rushing attempts in a game.

Games with a running back with 20-plus rushing attempts (since 2010), teams

1: New Orleans
2: Indianapolis
3: Detroit
4: Carolina
6: Green Bay
7: Miami
9: Pittsburgh
10: Arizona, Dallas, New England
11: Buffalo, N.Y. Giants, Philadelphia
12: San Diego
13: Kansas City, N.Y. Jets
15: Chicago, Tampa Bay
16: Cleveland, San Francisco
17: Denver, Tennessee
18: Atlanta, Oakland
19: Minnesota, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington
20: Baltimore, Cincinnati
23: Jacksonville
25: Houston

One final note: Of the 429 times since 2010 that an NFL team has had a runner with 20 or more carries in a game, teams have won 310, lost 117 and tied two. That’s a winning percentage of .725.

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