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Last time each MLB team was in the LCS


The American League Championship Series (ALCS) and National League Championship Series (NLCS) are set with the Kansas City Royals facing the Toronto Blue Jays in the ALCS and the Chicago Cubs taking on the New York Mets in the NLCS. The Royals are the only team of the four that played in the LCS last season; they won the ALCS and then lost to the San Francisco Giants in the 2014 World Series.

For the Blue Jays, this is their first trip to the ALCS since 1993 when they eventually won the second of their two championships. The Cubs are making their first NLCS since 2003, while the Mets last NLCS came in 2006.

While it has been 23 years since Toronto played in the ALCS, it is not the longest drought for a team playing in an LCS. The Washington Nationals franchise has not played in an LCS since 1981 when the team played in Montreal. While every team currently in the American League has been in an LCS this century, there are four teams in the National League that have not played in an LCS since 2000.

Here’s a look at the last time each MLB franchise played in an LCS.

American League
2001: Seattle
2002: Minnesota
2005: Chicago White Sox, Houston (when team was in the National League)
2006: Oakland
2007: Cleveland
2008: Tampa Bay
2009: L.A. Angels
2011: Texas
2012: N.Y. Yankees
2013: Boston, Detroit
2014: Baltimore
2015: Kansas City, Toronto

National League
1981: Washington (last made the NLCS as Montreal Expos)
1992: Pittsburgh
1995: Cincinnati
1998: San Diego
2001: Atlanta
2003: Miami
2007: Arizona, Colorado
2010: Philadelphia
2011: Milwaukee
2013: L.A. Dodgers
2014: San Francisco, St. Louis
2015: Chicago Cubs, N.Y. Mets

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Cards, Red Sox fortunate their LCS didn’t go to a deciding 7th game


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Boston and St. Louis will begin play in the 2013 World Series on Wednesday. For the Cardinals, this will be their fourth World Series appearance since 2000; the Red Sox are playing in their third World Series this century.

Both teams won their respective LCS by winning the sixth game in the series. It was probably a good thing those LCS series didn’t go to a deciding seventh game… since 1985 when MLB went to a seven-game series in the league championship series, the Cardinals and Red Sox have lost the most LCS or World Series seventh games.

The Cards have lost four Game Sevens since 1985: the 1985 World Series, 1987 World Series, 1996 NLCS and 2012 NLCS. The Red Sox have lost three Game Sevens since ’85: 1986 World Series, 2003 ALCS and 2008 ALCS.

There have been 23 Game Sevens played in the World Series, ALCS and NLCS since 1985. Following are the teams that have lost one or more Game Sevens since that year.

Game seven losses, team, series
4: St. Louis (1985 World Series, 1987 World Series, 1996 NLCS and 2012 NLCS)

3: Boston (1986 World Series, 2003 ALCS and 2008 ALCS)

2: Cleveland (1997 World Series, 2007 ALCS)
2: New York Mets (1988 NLCS, 2006 NLCS)
2: New York Yankees (2001 World Series, 2004 ALCS)
2: Pittsburgh (1991 NLCS, 1992 NLCS)
2: San Francisco (1987 NLCS, 2002 World Series)

1: Atlanta (1991 World Series)
1: Chicago Cubs (2003 NLCS)
1: Houston (2004 NLCS)
1: Los Angeles Angels (1986 ALCS)
1: Texas (2011 World Series)
1: Toronto (1985 ALCS)

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Don’t sweep the League Championship Series… you’ll lose the World Series!

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2006 American League Championship Series Game ...

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The National League and American League championship series begin this weekend as the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals face off tonight in Game One of the NLCS while the Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox begin the ALCS on Saturday.

Since 1985 Major League Baseball has had a playoff format where the ALCS and NLCS are each a seven-game series with the winner advancing to the World Series. Based on the last 27 ALCS and NLCS, the series going six games seems to be the most likely scenario. Of the 54 league championship series played since 1985, 18 went six games, 16 went the full seven games, 14 went five games, and there was a four-game sweep six times.

Here’s a look at how many games the ALCS and NLCS went since 1985.

American League Championship Series
Four Games: 4 times
Five Games: 8 times
Six Games: 9 times
Seven Games: 6 times

National League Championship Series
Four Games: 2 times
Five Games: 6 times
Six Games: 9 times
Seven Games: 10 times

Here’s a couple notes of interest:

* Eight American League teams made it to the World Series since 1985 after winning the ALCS in six games. Those teams won seven of the eight World Series.

* Of the six teams that swept their opponent in the ALCS or NLCS in four games, only one won a World Series. The only World Series win after a four-game sweep in an LCS? The Atlanta Braves swept the St. Louis Cardinals 4-0 in the 1995 NLCS and then won the World Series over the Cleveland Indians.

* Four times since 1985 the World Series has featured one team that swept their opponent in the league championship series versus a team that had to go seven games to make the World Series. In each of those four World Series, the team that won their LCS in seven games defeated the team that swept their foes in their LCS. Those four World Series:

1988: Oakland (4-0 sweep in ALCS) vs. L.A. Dodgers (seven-game NLCS win)… Dodgers won World Series
2006: Detroit (4-0 sweep in ALCS) vs. St. Louis (seven-game NLCS win)… Cardinals won World Series
2007: Colorado (4-0 sweep in NLCS) vs. Boston (seven-game ALCS win)… Red Sox won World Series
2012: Detroit (4-0 sweep in ALCS) vs. San Francisco (seven-game NLCS win)… Giants won World Series

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