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Today’s Sports Stat: February 19, 2018

Last baseball season, Miami Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton and New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge each hit 50 home runs … Stanton had 59; Judge had 52. (These two are now teammates with Stanton’s trade to the Yankees in the off-season.) It was the first time since the 2007 season that two players hit 50 in a season; that year Alex Rodriguez had 54 and Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder had 50.

Stanton and Judge became the 44th and 45th players to hit 50 in a season. Of the 45 times it has happened in MLB history, there have been 29 different players who have reached the 50-HR milestone. Here are the nine players who have hit 50 or more home runs in multiple seasons:

4: Mark McGwire, Babe Ruth, Sammy Sosa

3: Alex Rodriguez

2: Jimmie Foxx, Ken Griffey, Jr., Ralph Kiner, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays.

Stanton and Judge will look to become only the sixth and seventh players to hit 50 HRs in consecutive seasons. The five players who have consecutive seasons with 50 homers: Rodriguez (2001 and 2002), Ruth (1920 and 1921, also 1927 and 1928), Griffey (1997 and 1998), McGwire (1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999) and Sosa (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001).


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Today’s Sports Stat-July 15, 2017


Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun slugged his sixth career grand slam home run last night in the Brewers 9-5 win over Philadelphia. Braun now holds the team record for most career grand slams.

The MLB record for most career grand slams is held by Alex Rodriguez with 25. He is followed on this list by Lou Gehrig (23) and Manny Ramirez (21).

The most grand slams in a season by one player is six, held jointly by Don Mattingly and Travis Hafner. Mattingly hit six grand slams in 1987; Hafner hit his half-dozen in 2006.




Is ARod ready to star in the remake of ‘Mr. 3000’?

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

In the movie “Mr. 3000,” actor/comedian Bernie Mac played a baseball player who retires after collecting his 3,000th hit. Years later, however, a clerical error notes that Mac’s character really ended his career three hits short of that milestone number. He then makes a comeback at age 47 hoping to collect the three hits he needs to reach 3,000.

It’s pretty unlikely that we’ll ever have a scenario like that of “Mr. 3000,” but there is an interesting case developing with Alex Rodriquez that may prove to have a little “Hollywood” script as the backdrop.

Rodriquez, who was suspended from baseball last year, is looking to make a “comeback” of sorts to play in 2015. His career totals show 2,939 hits and a career batting average of .299. Is it possible that one reason ARod wants to put on the uniform again is to reach the 3,000-hit mark and possibly end his career with a .300 batting average?

Looking at the career batting averages of past MLB players, we discover (via baseball-reference.com) that 15 players have a career batting average of .299 (minimum of 1,000 at bats to qualify). In fact, in addition to Rodriquez, three well-known stars in today’s game are sitting at .299 for their career: Colorado’s Troy Tulowitzki, Boston’s Dustin Pedroia and Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutcheon. All three seem to have many more years to play and get those averages over .300.

There have been, however, several other players who have long retired with a career batting averages sitting at .299. Chances are we won’t see them try to make a late-in-life comeback to push that average over .300, but you never know.

Here’s a look at the players whose career batting averages sit at .299. Also noted is their last season in baseball.

Troy Tulowitzki (2014)
Dustin Pedroia (2014)
Andrew McCutcheon (2014)
Alex Rodriquez (2013)
Kenny Lofton (2007)
Dante Bichette (2001)
Shane Mack (1998)
Bake McBride (1983)
Rico Carty (1979)
Carl Furillo (1960)
Frank McCormick (1948)
Frank Demaree (1944)
Sam West (1942)
Buck Jordan (1938)
Harry Rice (1933)

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When was the last time your MLB team had a player with 50-plus HRs?

English: Miguel Cabrera at Dodger Stadium.

Miguel Cabrera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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With 36 games left in the Orioles 2013 schedule, Baltimore first baseman Chris Davis looks like a shoo-in to hit 50 or more home runs this season. He would become the first Orioles player with 50-plus homers since Brady Anderson hit 50 in 1996.

There is an outside chance that Miguel Cabrera will reach the 50-HR mark. Cabrera has 40 round-trippers with 36 games left. If he could reach the 50-mark, he would become the first Tigers players to reach 50 home runs since Cecil Fielder hit 51 in 1990.

Looking at each of the current 30 MLB franchises, 11 of them have never had a player hit 50 or more HRs in a season. Here are those 11 teams; also listed is the player who holds the club record for home runs in a season.

Team (Franchise HR record)
Chicago White Sox (Albert Belle, 49 in 1998)
Colorado (Todd Helton, 49 in 2001; Larry Walker, 49 in 1997)
Houston (Jeff Bagwell, 47 in 2000)
Kansas City (Steve Balboni, 36 in 1985)
Los Angeles Angels (Troy Glaus, 47 in 2000)
Los Angeles Dodgers (Shawn Green, 49 in 2001)
Miami (Gary Sheffield, 42 in 1996)
Minnesota (Harmon Killebrew, 49 in 1969)
New York Mets (Carlos Beltran, 41 in 2006; Todd Hundley, 41 in 1996)
Tampa Bay (Carlos Pena, 46 in 2007)
Washington (Alfonso Soriano, 46 in 2006)

Of the remaining 19 teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates have had the longest wait for a 50-HR player. The Pirates last player to hit 50 or more homers in a season was in 1949 when Ralph Kiner slugged 54.

Here’s a look at the last time the other 19 teams had a player hit 50 or more HRs in a season.

Team (Player, HRs, season)
Pittsburgh (Ralph Kiner, 54 in 1949)
Cincinnati (George Foster, 52 in 1977)
Detroit (Cecil Fielder, 51 in 1990)
Baltimore (Brady Anderson, 50 in 1996)
Oakland (Mark McGwire, 52 in 1996)
Seattle (Ken Griffey, Jr., 56 in 1998)
San Diego (Greg Vaughn, 50 in 1998), 65 in 1999)
St. Louis (Mark McGwire
Arizona (Luis Gonzalez, 57 in 2001)
Chicago Cubs (Sammy Sosa, 64 in 2001)
San Francisco (Barry Bonds 73 in 2001)
Cleveland (Jim Thome, 52 in 2002)
Texas (Alex Rodriguez, 57 in 2002)
Atlanta (Andruw Jones, 51 in 2005)
Boston (David Ortiz, 54 in 2006)
Philadelphia (Ryan Howard, 58 in 2006)
New York Yankees (Alex Rodriguez, 54 in 2007)
Milwaukee (Prince Fielder, 50 in 2007)
Toronto (Jose Bautista, 54 in 2010)

Did you know? As you might expect, the Yankees have the most season with a player hitting 50 or more home runs with 8. The Cubs are next with five; the Giants have had four.

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