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Today’s Sports Stat: January 30, 2018

Imagine being an NBA player and you look at your stat sheet after the game and discover that you missed every shot from the field (to be honest, you probably already know that). Maybe you went 0-for-5, or worse yet, maybe 0-for-9. Pretty embarrassing, huh?

Well, how about if the stat sheet showed you went 0-for-13 from the field in a game? That recently happened to Phoenix rookie Josh Jackson; he went 0-for-13 in a game on January 28 versus the Houston Rockets.

According to research on pro basketball-reference.com, Tim Hardaway holds the NBA record for most shots taken without a made field goal. Hardaway on December 27, 1991 went 0-for-17 as a member of the Golden State Warriors in a game versus Minnesota. He was 0-for-15 on two-point shots and then went 0-for-two on three-point attempts. The only saving grace for Hardaway that game was that he made both of his free throw attempts.

Three other players went 0-for-15 in an NBA game: Bob Love on March 12, 1976 with the Chicago Bulls; Rodney McCray on November 9, 1988 with Sacramento; and Ray Williams on December 28, 1981 with the New Jersey Nets.

Fourteen different NBA players have played in two or more games where they attempted 10 or more shots and did not make any of them. Antawn Jamison leads this group by doing it in three different games. The thirteen players who went 0-for-10 or worse in two games are: Rafer Alston, Derek Anderson, Junior Bridgeman, Quinten Dailey, Antonio Daniels, Antonio Davis, Devean George, Vernon Maxwell, Andre Miller, Paul Pierce, Quentin Richardson, Doc Rivers and Jason Terry.

In case you Bucks fans were wondering, Junior Bridgeman holds the team record for most shots attempted in a game without a made shot; he went 0-for-14 on January 24, 1984 in a game versus the Washington Bullets.


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NBA’s prolific scorers: Who passed?


Antawn Jamison

Antawn Jamison

Back in December, Antawn Jamison of the Los Angeles Clippers scored his 20,000th point in the NBA, becoming the 40th player to do so in league history.

Jamison, a two-time All-Star, has fashioned a nice 16-year career in the NBA playing for six different teams. He has averaged 15 points per game in 12 of his 16 seasons.

One thing you notice about Jamison’s career, however, is that his assist totals are not as significant as his point totals. In fact, Jamison’s career assists per-game average is 1.6 per game. Of the 40 players who have scored 20,000 or more career points in the NBA, Jamison ranks 38th in that category. Only Moses Malone and Robert Parrish have a lower career assists per-game average of those 40 players.

At the other end of the list is Oscar Robertson. The “Big O” averaged 9.5 assists per game in his career while scoring 27,610 points in a 14-year career.

Following is a look at the 40 players who have scored 20,000 or more career points in an NBA career and their career assists per-game average.

Oscar Robertson 9.5

LeBron James 6.9; Gary Payton 6.7; Jerry West 6.7; Larry Bird 6.3; Allen Iverson 6.2

Clyde Drexler 5.6; Michael Jordan 5.3

Kobe Bryant 4.8; John Havlicek 4.8; Wilt Chamberlain 4.4; Elgin Baylor 4.3; Hal Greer 4.0

Charles Barkley 3.9; Kevin Garnett 3.8; Paul Pierce 3.7; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 3.6; Vince Carter 3.6; Alex English 3.6; Karl Malone 3.6; Mitch Richmond 3.5; Ray Allen 3.4; Carmelo Anthony 3.1; Tim Duncan 3.1; Adrian Dantley 3.0; Reggie Miller 3.0; Bob Pettit 3.0

George Gervin 2.6; Dirk Nowitzki 2.6; Hakeem Olajuwon 2.5; Shaquille O’Neal 2.5; David Robinson 2.5; Dominique Wilkins 2.5; Walt Bellamy 2.4; Tom Chambers 2.1

Patrick Ewing 1.9; Elvin Hayes 1.8; Antawn Jamison 1.6; Robert Parrish 1.4; Moses Malone 1.3

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