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90 wins in back-to-back seasons


The Chicago Cubs last night got their 90th win of the season, becoming the first team to reach that number in 2016. For the Cubs, it was also the first time the franchise has won 90 games in back-to-back seasons since 1930.

Three franchises, Colorado, Miami and San Diego, have never won 90 games in back-to-back seasons. Of the other 27 MLB teams, it looks like the Kansas City Royals will now replace the Cubs as the franchise with the longest drought to having 90-win seasons in consecutive years. The Royals have not won 90 in back-to-back years since 1978 (Note: There is a slim chance the Royals will erase that this year… more on that in a minute).

Following are the longest droughts for MLB teams to win 90 games in back-to-back seasons. (Year listed is the last season they won 90 games in back-to-back seasons.)

Never: Colorado, Miami, San Diego

1978: Kansas City

1979: Milwaukee

1980: Washington (as the Montreal Expos)

1983: Baltimore

1992: Pittsburgh

1993: Toronto

1999: Houston

2000: New York Mets

2001: Cleveland

2002: Arizona

2003: Seattle

2004: Minnesota, San Francisco

2006: Chicago White Sox

2009: Boston, Los Angeles Angels

2011: Philadelphia

2012: New York Yankees

2013: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Oakland, Tampa Bay, Texas

2014: Detroit

2015: Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis

2016: Chicago Cubs

Seven teams last year won 90 or more games: the Cubs, Royals, Dodgers, Mets, Pirates, Cardinals and Blue Jays. As noted above, the Cubs have already reached 90 wins this season for a back-to-back 90-win campaign. Of the other six teams, it doesn’t look like all will repeat this season. Pittsburgh will have to g0 21-1 to reach 90 wins this year… Kansas City will have to go 18-4… St. Louis will need to go 16-6… the New York Mets will have to go 15-6… Toronto will have to go 13-9… and the los Angeles Dodgers will have to go 11-11 to reach 90 wins.