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Blue Jays have second double-digit win streak in MLB in 2013

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Tampa Bay defeated the Toronto Blue Jays last night 4-1, ending the Blue Jays 11-game winning streak. The 11-game streak tied the franchise record.

It was also the second double-digit winning streak of the 2013 season. Earlier this year the Atlanta Braves ran off 10 straight wins.

For some MLB teams, a win streak of 10 or more games has been a rarity. For the Miami Marlins franchise, they have never had a win streak of 10 or more games in their history. Two teams, Kansas City and Baltimore, both have not had a winning streak of 10 or more games this century. The Royals last had a double-digit win streak in 1994 when they won 14 straight. The Orioles last won 10-plus in 1999 when they had a 13-game wining streak.

Following are the last years that each MLB team had a winning streak of 10 or more games (the number in parenthesis is the number of games won in a row that season)

Year, team (win streak)

Never: Miami

1994: Kansas City (14)

1999: Baltimore (13)

2001: Chicago Cubs (12); St. Louis (11)

2002: Anaheim (10); Seattle (10)

2003: Arizona (12); Milwaukee (10)

2004: Houston (12); Pittsburgh (10); San Francisco (10); Tampa Bay (12)

2005: Washington (10)

2006: L.A. Dodgers (11); Oakland (10)

2008: Cleveland (10); Minnesota (10); N.Y. Mets (10)

2009: Boston (11); San Diego (10)

2010: Chicago White Sox (11); Colorado (10); Philadelphia (11)

2011: Detroit (12); Texas (12)

2012: Cincinnati (10); N.Y. Yankees (10)

2013: Atlanta (10); Toronto (11)

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Los Angeles Dodgers: MLB’s best record since August 1, 2011

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The Los Angeles Dodgers not only have the best record in the majors this season at 29-13 and a seven-game lead in the National League West, but when you add in the last two months of last season, they also have the best record in the majors since August 1, 2011. The Dodgers have won 63 of their last 96 games for a .656 winning percentage. The two-time A.L. World Series representative Texas Rangers have the second-best record (26-17) in the A.L. this season (behind Baltimore’s 27-16). They have the best record in the A.L. since August 1 last year with a 61-35 mark.

Eight teams last season played .600 or better ball the last two months of the season: In the A.L., it was Detroit (.704), Texas (.660) and Tampa Bay (.636). Each of those teams played in the postseason last year. This season Tampa Bay and Texas have winning records; the Tigers are a game under .500 at 20-21. In the N.L., five teams played the last two months of the season abover.600: Milwaukee (.679), Arizona (.648), Los Angeles (.630), Philadelphia (.618) and St. Louis (.611). All but Dodgers made the N.L. playoffs in 2011. Of these five teams, the Dodgers and Cardinals are the only two with a winning record this season.

Here’s a look at the records of each team since August 1, 2011 through May 21, 2012.

American League East: Tampa Bay 60-38 (612); Baltimore 54-46 (.540); New York 54-46 (.540); Toronto 50-47 (.515); Boston 45-53 (.459).

American League Central: Detroit 58-37 (.611); Cleveland 50-48 (.510); Chicago 48-50 (.490); Kansas City 42-53 (.442); Minnesota 27-68 (.284).

American League West: Texas 61-35 (.635); Oakland 47-50 (.485); Los Angeles 45-51 (.469); Seattle 42-57 (.424).

National League East: Washington 54-42 (.563); Philadelphia 55-43 (.561); Atlanta 52-44 (.542); New York 44-52 (.458); Miami 42-54 (.438).

National League Central: St. Louis 56-40 (.583); Milwaukee 53-42 (.558); Cincinnati 48-47 (.505); Chicago 43-53 (.448); Houston 40-56 (.417); Pittsburgh 38-60 (.388).

National League West: Los Angeles 63-33 (.656); Arizona 54-43 (.557); San Francisco 47-49 (.490); San Diego 40-56 (.417); Colorado 37-60 (.381).

In looking at the last 12 World Series champions (since 2000) 11 of the 12 played .500 or better from August 1 until the end of the season. The 2006 St. Louis Cardinals are the only champion since 2000 to play under .500 in their title season; they had a winning percentage of .439 (25-32) after August 1.

The 2004 Boston Red Sox had the best winning percentage after August 1 of the 12 teams. They were 42-18 (.700).

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2012 NFL schedule: How 2011 playoff teams impact the schedules?

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The 2012 National Football League schedule has been released and experts and fans alike are analyzing the games and dates. Here’s my evaluation of the schedules based on the number of last year’s playoff teams that each team plays on its 2012 schedule. Each NFL team plays 16 games against 13 different opponents. Denver, the New York Giants and Philadelphia each play seven 2011 playoff teams this season, most in the league.

First is a look at how many 2011 playoff teams are on each teams’ schedule. After that is a quick breakdown of how those games against last season’s playoff teams fit into the structure of each teams’2012 schedule.

Note: For those of you who have forgotten, here are the 2011 playoff teams: AFC-New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Houston and Denver; NFC-New York Giants, Green Bay, Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta and San Francisco.

Number of 2011 playoff teams on 2012 schedule, Teams

7: Denver, New York Giants, Philadelphia

6: Baltimore, Dallas, Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Washington

5: Arizona, Cleveland, Green Bay, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New Orleans, San Francisco, Tennessee

4: Atlanta, Carolina, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Miami, Minnesota, New England, New York Jets, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa Bay

3: Buffalo

Here’s  a snapshot look at each team and some interesting notes about their 2012 schedule and the 2011 playoff opponents on their ’12 schedule

Arizona-Play three straight games against 2011 playoff teams (San Francisco, Green Bay and Atlanta).

Atlanta-Only play two 2011 playoff teams in their first 11 games; they play New York Giants and Detroit in Weeks #15 and #16.

Baltimore-With two games apiece against division foes/fellow 2011 playoff teams Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, half of their 16 games in 2012 are against 2011 playoff teams.

Buffalo-Their last game against a 2011 playoff team is Week #11 against New England.

Carolina-Three of their first four games are against 2011 playoff teams.

Chicago-They face three 2011 playoff teams in a five-week span starting  22.

Cincinnati-Face off against Denver and the New York Giants at home the first two games in November after their bye week.

Cleveland-Half of their 16 games in 2012 are against 2011 playoff teams.

Dallas-Play Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and New Orleans in three consecutive weeks in December.

Denver-NFL schedulemakers are going to make Peyton Manning work early in the schedule: six of their first eight games are against 2011 playoff teams, including four of their first five.

Detroit-Play 2011 playoff teams Green Bay and Houston in five days in November.

Green Bay-Three away games against 2011 playoff teams in six weeks between Week #6 and Week #12.

Houston-Have Green Bay and Baltimore in back-to-back weeks in October.

Indianapolis-Four games in five weeks against 2011 playoff teams from Nov. 18 to Dec. 16.

Jacksonville-Face NFC Central teams Green Bay and Detroit in consecutive weeks (Week #8 and Week #9).

Kansas City-Brutal three-game stretch when they play Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Denver in three consecutive weeks.

Miami-Open december with back-to-back games against New England and San Francisco.

Minnesota-Two of their first four games are against 2011 playoff teams.

New England-Do not face a 2011 playoff team from Oct.14 to Dec. 2.

New Orleans-Play San Francisco, Atlanta and New York Giants  in three consecutive weeks.

New York Giants-In an eight-week stretch from Nov. 4 to Dec. 23, they play six 2011 playoff teams, Washington, and have a bye.

New York Jets-Four of their first seven games are against 2011 playoff teams. A rematch against division foe New England is the only 2011 playoff team they face over the last 10 weeks of the season.

Oakland-Six of their nine games from Sept. 23 to Nov. 25 are against 2011 playoff teams.

Philadelphia-The first half of their season is against six 2011 playoff teams.

Pittsburgh-Open against Denver and then don’t play a 2011 playoff team until Week #7.

St. Louis-Play Green Bay and New England prior to their bye and then face San Francisco after their bye.

San Diego-Play the three AFC Central playoff teams (Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati) in three straight weeks (Weeks #12, #13, #14).

San Francisco-Open the season against NFC Central playoff teams Green Bay and Detroit.

Seattle-Last three games in October are against 2011 playoff teams New England, San Francisco and Detroit.

Tampa Bay-Back-to-back games against 2011 playoff teams Atlanta and Denver in Weeks #12 and #13.

Tennessee-Four of their first six games are against 2011 playoff teams.

Washington-Five of their eight games the first half of the season are against 2011 playoff teams.


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