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Most games played with no World Series appearance

Rafael Palmeiro in mid swing, Spring Training ...

Rafael Palmeiro...via Wikipedia

Rafael Palmeiro is one of only four major league players in history to have more than 500 career home runs and 3,000 career hits. But Palmeiro’s suspension after the 2005 season for steroid use has severely hampered his Hall of Fame quest. In fact, in his first year of eligibility last year he garnered only 11% of the vote.

But another disappointment in Palmeiro’s career is that he tops the list of players who played the most games in the majors, 2,831, without an appearance in the World Series. His 20-year MLB career began with the Cubs and included two stints each with Texas and Baltimore. He did, however, in three seasons play in the post season, but his teams never advanced to the Fall Classic.

Here’s a look at the ten players who played the most career games without a World Series appearance.

Player                                                Most games played without World Series appearance

Rafael Palmeiro                                                                                2,831

Ken Griffey, Jr.                                                                                 2,671

Andre Dawson                                                                                  2,627

Ernie Banks                                                                                       2,528

Julio Franco                                                                                      2,527

Billy Williams                                                                                   2, 488

Rod Carew                                                                                         2,469

Luke Appling                                                                                    2,422

Mickey Vernon                                                                                 2,409

Buddy Bell                                                                                         2,405

Note: Palmeiro, Griffey, Dawson, Franco, Williams and Carew all played in post-season games but their teams lost before the World Series. Banks leads the list of players who never played in a post-season game. Following Banks are Appling, Vernon, Bell and another Cub, Ron Santo (2,243).

Looking at active players, Bobby Abreu tops the list of active players with the most games played without a World Series appearance with 2,179. Adam Dunn tops the list of active players with the most games played who have never even played in a post season game with 1,514. (Through games of June 25)