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Today’s Sports Stat: June 10, 2018

Even though they have only won two Gold Glove awards since 1982 (Robin Yount was honored in 1982 and Carlos Gomez was selected in 2013), that doesn’t mean the Milwaukee Brewers have not had players who were stellar defensively… and worthy of an award.

In fact, there have been several players who have gone the whole season without an error. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that player should have won the Gold Glove that year, it does indicate that several Brewers players had a “perfect” season with the glove in those seasons.

Here’s a look at the Brewers players who went the whole season without an error (minimum of 300 innings played in the field that season to qualify for this list).

Ryan Braun, OF, 2008, 1,310.1 errorless innings
Gorman Thomas, OF, 1978, 1,173 errorless innings
Geoff Jenkins, OF, 2003, 1,088.1 errorless innings
Darryl Hamilton, OF, 1992, 1,056 errorless innings
Devon White, OF, 2001, 784 errorless innings
Logan Schafer, OF, 2013, 663 errorless innings
Nyler Morgan, OF, 2012, 587.1 errorless innings
Carlos Gomez, OF, 2011, 569 errorless innings
Steve Brye, OF, 1977, 555.1 errorless innings
Mike Felder, OF, 1986, 348 errorless innings
Mike Hegan, 1B, 1971, 319.2 errorless innings
Joe Kmak, C, 1993, 316.1 errorless innings
Jim Colburn, P, 1973, 314.1 errorless innings
Bill Schroeder, C-1B, 1988, 300 errorless innings


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Can Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura reach rare, historic numbers in 2013?

Jean Segura - #9

(Photo credit: Steve Paluch)

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Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura are enjoying breakout seasons with the Brewers. But is it possible that one (or both) of these players could reach numbers that have only been seen a handful of times in baseball history?

Gomez and Segura are currently tied for the National League (and MLB) lead in triples with eight. Both are already in double-figures with home runs, Gomez with 12, Segura with 10. Is it possible that one (or both of them) will end the season with 20-plus triples and 20-plus home runs?

As it stands right now, both players are on a pace to reach 19 triples for the season. Gomez is on a 29-homer pace for the year, while Segura is on a pace to hit 24 four-baggers. Looking back in baseball history, there have only been seven players since the beginning of the national pastime who have hit 20 or more home runs and 20 or more triples in the same season. The last to do so? Curtis Granderson (Detroit) and Jimmy Rollins (Phillies) both accomplished this rare feat in 2007.

Here’s a look at the seven players who had 20-plus HRs and 20-plus triples in a season.

Year: Player (team), triples/HRs

2007: Curtis Granderson (Detroit) 23/23

2007: Jimmy Rollins (Philadelphia) 20/30

1979: George Brett (Kansas City) 20/23

1957: Willie Mays (N.Y. Giants) 20/35

1941: Jeff Heath (Cleveland) 20/24

1928: Jim Bottomley (St/ Louis) 20/31

1911: Frank Schulte (Chicago Cubs) 21/21

Getting back to Gomez and Segura, there is not much history for these players to indicate whether or not the possibility of being a 20-20 (triple-HR) player will become a reality. Gomez has already reached his career-high in triples with eight; his career-high in home runs was last year when he hit 19. For Segura, this is his first full season in the majors after 45 games in the bigs last year.

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