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Packerstats 2018: Game 14, 24-17 loss to Chicago


PACKERSTATS-Game #14-2018 season

Written and Compiled by Jerry Tapp

Here are some of the numbers that helped define the Packers 24-17 loss to the Chicago Bears on December 16.

  • Prior to last Sunday’s contest, the Packers had won five straight over the Bears in December games. Green Bay is 15-5 versus the Bears in December games since 1994.
  • Prior to the game against the Packers, the Bears had lost seven straight at home in December when the temperature was 45 degrees or higher. It was 45 degrees at game time.
  • Aaron Rodgers was sacked five times in the contest. Green Bay is now 3-16 since 2010 in games where the QB is sacked five or more times.
  • Chicago scored first in the game. Since 1940, the Bears are 24-51-1 (.322) against the Packers when they score first in the game.
  • The Pack did not score in the first quarter and have now lost eight of their last nine games when they do not score in the first quarter. Green Bay is 45-53 (.459) since 2000 in games when they do not score in the first quarter.
  • Green Bay’s Mason Crosby made three field goals in the game. That’s usually good news for the Pack; the team is now 32-8-1 (.793) in games when Crosby connects on three or more field goals in a game.
  • Green Bay was behind 14-3 at halftime. Since 2000, the Packers are 3-23 (.115) in road games when they are behind by 10 points or more at halftime.
  • Jamaal Williams has a rushing TD in the game, the only TD scored by the Packers. The team is only 2-4 in games where Williams scores a rushing TD.
  • The score was tied at 14-14 going into the fourth quarter. Green Bay has now lost five straight games on the road when the score is tied going into the fourth quarter.
  • The Pack had one turnover in the game, an interception by Aaron Rodgers. The team is 2-2-1 in games this season when they do not have a turnover; they are 3-6 in games where they had at least one turnover.
  • Rodgers had a Passer Rating of 68.9 in the game. Green Bay is 3-11 in games started by Rodgers where he had a Passer Rating below 70. It was the second worst Passer Rating Rodgers had in his career in a game against the Bears.
  • Chicago QB Mitch Trubisky had a Passer Rating of 120.4 in the game. It was the seventh highest Passer Rating for a Chicago Bears QB in a game against the Packers in history (minimum of 10 pass attempts). He was the first QB with a Passer Rating above 120 against Green Bay since Cade McNown had a Passer Rating of 123.5 against the Pack in a game on October 1, 2000.
  • Rodgers streak of no interceptions ended with 403 pass attempts. He now has two interceptions this season (with 23 TD passes). Tom Brady holds the NFL record for most TD passes in a season with only two interceptions with 28 (he did it in 2016). Second on the list is Nick Foles who had 27 TD passes and only two interceptions in 2013.
  • Davante Adams had eight receptions for 119 yards, his fifth 100-yard receiving game this season. Robert Brooks holds the team record with nine 100-yard receiving games in 1995. Adams, if he reaches the 100-yard mark in each of the final two games, could tie Jordy Nelson and Sterling Sharpe for second on the list; Nelson had seven 100-yard games in 2014, Sharpe had seven 100-yard games in 1992.
  • Scoring under 20 points in a game versus the Bears has not been a good omen for the Pack: since 1940, Green Bay is 17-63 (.213) in games against Bears when they tally less than 20 points.

Today’s Sports Stat: December 19, 2017

With their loss to Detroit on Saturday, December 16, the Bears saw their record this season drop to 4-10. It gave them their fourth straight season with double-digit losses, the longest current streak in the NFL.

The Jacksonville Jags had lost 10 or more games for six straight years, but at 10-4 this season, they have qualified for the playoffs and no longer hold the current streak for the most consecutive seasons with 10+ losses.

Here is the number of 10-loss seasons for each NFL team since 2000. As you might expect, the Cleveland Browns top this list with 14 10-loss seasons this century. Four teams, Denver, New England, New Orleans and Pittsburgh are at the other end, each with only one double-digit loss season this century.

14: Cleveland
10: Detroit, Jacksonville, Oakland
8: Arizona, Buffalo, San Francisco, Washington
7: Chicago, Houston, L.A. Rams, Tampa Bay
6: Dallas, Minnesota, New York Jets, Tennessee
5: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Kansas City, L.A. Chargers, Miami, New York Giants
4: Carolina
3: Baltimore, Indianapolis, Seattle
2: Green Bay, Philadelphia
1: Denver, New England, New Orleans, Pittsburgh



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Winning an overtime game on the road in the NFL

Buffalo Bills

(Photo credit: Scott Kinmartin)

Week 13 had two games go into overtime: The Vikings beat the Bears 23-20, and the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Buffalo Bills 34-31. For the Falcons, it was their first overtime win on the road since September 26, 2010.

Through games of December 1, there have been 13 overtime games in the NFL this season. One ended in a tie, and the home team has won nine of the other 12 OT contests.

In 2012, there 21 regular-season overtime games in the NFL. Of those 21, the home team won 11 of them. There was also an overtime game in the playoffs; that was won by the away team (Baltimore) as they knocked the Denver Broncos out of the playoffs on their home field on a Justin Tucker 47-yard field goal in double overtime.

One of the more interesting overtime games last season was on December 2. The Seattle Seahawks were on the road facing the Chicago Bears. The Seahawks won the game 23-17 in Chicago in overtime. It was the first victory in a five-game winning streak that propelled the Seahawks to an 11-win season and a spot in the playoffs.

But another reason that game was noteworthy was that it was the first overtime win on the road for the Seahawks in almost 10 years. Prior to that win in Chicago, the last time Seattle won an overtime game on the road was December 29, 2002 when they beat the Chargers 31-28 in an overtime game in San Diego.

The current longest drought for a road overtime win belongs to the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona has not won an overtime game on the road since December 2, 2001.

With that in mind, here is the last time each team won an overtime game on the road.

Last overtime game won on the road, team
12-2-2001: Arizona

10-23-2003: New England

1-10-2004: Carolina
10-10-2004: Minnesota
10-24-2004: Philadelphia

10-16-2005: Jacksonville
10-30-2005: Chicago
11-27-2005: St. Louis

12-10-2006: Tennessee

10-29-2007: Green Bay
11-18-2007: Cleveland
12-9-2007: San Diego

9-14-2008: San Francisco

10-17-2010: Miami
11-28-2010: Pittsburgh
12-26-2010: Washington

11-20-2011: Dallas
11-27-2011: Denver
12-24-2011: Oakland

1-22-2012: New York Giants
9-23-2012: Kansas City
9-23-2012: New York Jets
10-14-2012: Buffalo
10-14-2012: Detroit
10-28-2012: Indianapolis
11-18-2012: Tampa Bay
11-22-2012: Houston
12-23-2012: New Orleans

1-12-2013: Baltimore
9-29-2013: Seattle
10-13-2013: Cincinnati
12-1-2013: Atlanta

Of the three teams that have this season won OT games on the road, two of those road OT victories came at the expense of the Buffalo Bills (both Cincinnati and Atlanta beat Buffalo in OT on the Bills’ home field). The Bills became the 11th team since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 to have lost two overtime games at home in a season. Following are those teams:

Lost two overtime games at home in a season
2013: Buffalo
2003: Tampa Bay
2002: Minnesota, Oakland
1996: Washington
1993: New England
1987: New England
1983: Green Bay, Houston Oilers, Tampa Bay
1979: New England

99 Stats Until Kickoff (#86) Stop Factor Rankings reveal 2012 most effective defense in NFL

English: Script logo of the Chicago Bears

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From May 30 and every day until September 5… the start of the 2013 NFL season… Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ will publish “99 Stats Until Kickoff” a daily dose of NFL stats that will get you ready for the 2013 NFL season.)

Although the Chicago Bears did not make the playoffs despite a 10-6 record, their defense played at a high level in 2012. The defensive unit was third in the league in points allowed and fifth in yards allowed.

In a new defensive stat, however, the Bears finished the 2012 regular season as the top-ranked defense. In the Stop Factor rankings, the Bears defense stopped their opponents from scoring on almost 74 percent of their possessions. That number ranked first in the league ahead of the Seattle Seahawks who stopped their opponents’ offense from scoring on 72.4 percent of their possessions.

(The Stop Factor is based on the premise that it is the defense’s job to stop their opponents from scoring on each possession. To get a team’s STOP Factor, you divide the number of times a defense stops the offense from scoring – offensive unit TD or field goal – by the number of total possessions by the opposition.)

Following is each NFL teams’ Stop Factor for the 2012 regular season. Listed is how many times each team stopped the opponents from scoring, the number of possessions their opponents had, and the percentage of possessions that each team prevented the other team from scoring.

Team, Opponents’ scoreless possessions/opponents’ possessions, Stop Factor percentage

  1. Chicago 73.9 (139 stops in 188 possessions)
  2. Seattle 72.4 (118 stops in 163 possessions)
  3. Denver 71.3 (129 stops in 181 possessions)
  4. San Francisco 70.8 (119 stops in 168 possessions)
  5. Houston 70.5 (134 stops in 190 possessions)
  6. Arizona 70.3 (135 stops in 192 possessions)
  7. Cincinnati 69.1 (125 stops in 181 possessions)
  8. New England 67.6 (123 stops in 182 possessions)
  9. New York Jets 67.2 (121 stops in 180 possessions)
  10. Pittsburgh 67.1 (114 stops in 170 possessions)
  11. Cleveland 66.8 (123 stops in 184 possessions)
  12. San Diego 66.5 (115 stops in 173 possessions)
  13. Tampa Bay 65.9 (120 stops in 182 possessions)
  14. Atlanta 65.9 (110 stops in 167 possessions)
  15. Miami 65.7 (113 stops in 172 possessions)
  16. Green Bay 64.8 (114 stops in 176 possessions)
  17. Minnesota 64.0 (112 stops in 175 possessions)
  18. Baltimore 64.0 (119 stops in 186 possessions)
  19. St. Louis 63.2 (110 stops in 174 possessions)
  20. New York Giants 61.7 (100 stops in 162 possessions
  21. Washington 60.6 (106 stops in 175 possessions)
  22. Indianapolis 58.9 (99 stops in 168 possessions)
  23. Dallas 58.5 (96 stops in 164 possessions)
  24. Detroit 58.4 (104 stops in 178 possessions)
  25. Tennessee 58.3 (105 stops in 180 possessions)
  26. Buffalo 58.2 (99 stops in 170 possessions)
  27. New Orleans 58.0 (105 stops in 181 possessions)
  28. Philadelphia 57.7 (97 stops in 168 possessions)
  29. Carolina 57.4 (93 stops in 162 possessions)
  30. Jacksonville 56.8 (100 stops in 176 possessions)
  31. Kansas City 56.2 (91 stops in 162 possessions)
  32. Oakland 55.2 (95 stops in 172 possessions)

Average league Stop Factor: 64.0

“99 Stats Before Kickoff” (Stats you need to know before the start of the 2013 NFL season) is available from e-book publisher Smashwords. Go to www.smashwords.com to download a copy, including a pdf version which can be viewed on your home computer. Cost is $2.99.

99 Stats Until Kickoff: (#36) Brandon Marshall’s unique stat line from Nov. 25

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall (Photo credit: crhee8)

From May 30 and every day until September 5… the start of the 2013 NFL season… Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ will publish “99 Stats Until Kickoff” a daily dose of NFL stats that will get you ready for the 2013 NFL season.)

When receiver Brandon Marshall was traded from the Miami Dolphins to the Chicago Bears in March of 2012, the Bears and their fans hoped that Marshall would add a unique element that has been missing in their offense.

Marshall has certainly met the expectations of the Bears faithful and on November 25, 2012 he caught 12 passes for 92 yards in a game versus the Minnesota Vikings, passing the 1,000-yard mark in receiving for the sixth time in his career. Marshall also became the first Bears’ receiver to reach 1,000 yards in receiving since Marty Booker in 2002.

Marshall’s 12 catch-92 yards game against the Vikings that day was also a unique stat line that is rarely seen in the league. Marshall became the 35th player since 1966 (start of the Super Bowl era) to catch 12 or more passes in a game and finish with less than 100 yards receiving in the game. He became the third player with these numbers during the 2012 season; Oakland’s Darren McFadden on Sept. 10 had 13 catches for 86 yards and the Cowboys’ Dez Bryant had 13 receptions for 95 yards on Oct. 14.

It was also only the ninth time in those 35 instances that a player’s team won in a game where a player had 12-plus receptions and less than 100 receiving yards. Of these 35 times since 1966, four players accomplished this rare feat twice:

Larry Centers (Oct. 10, 2001 and Sept. 29, 1996). Centers did it with Buffalo and Arizona

Derrick Mason (Oct. 3, 2004 and Nov. 12, 2001). Mason did it both times with Tennessee

Lydell Mitchell (Nov. 28, 1976 and Dec. 15, 1974). Mitchell did it both times with Baltimore; both times against the Jets

Brian Westbrook (Nov. 4, 2007 and Nov. 19, 2006). Westbrook did it both times with the Eagles

Here’s a few other interesting tidbits about this unique stat:

* Westbrook and Marshall Faulk hold the NFL mark (since 1966) for most catches in a game with less than 100 yards receiving. Both Westbrook and Faulk had 14 catches in a game; Westbrook accomplished this on Nov. 4, 2007 with 14 catches and 90 yards, Faulk did it on Sept. 8, 2002 with 14 catches and 91 yards.

* Westbrook also holds the mark for fewest receiving yards in a game with 12 or more catches. On Nov. 19, 2006, Westbrook had 12 catches for only 46 yards in a game versus the Tennessee Titans.

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