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Today’s Sportstat: April 11, 2019

Losing seasons in baseball since 2000

Sometimes losing can become a habit. Case in point: The team with the worst record in baseball through games of April 10 is the Kansas City Royals. They have a 2-9 record, a .182 winning percentage. Since 2000, the Royals have had 14 losing seasons (below .500 winning percentage); that is tied (with the Baltimore Orioles) for the most in the American League. That’s 14 losing seasons over the past 19 years… not a very impressive run, is it?

Over in the National League, we have a similar story. Miami and Colorado are both 3-9, a .250 winning percentage, tied for worst record in the National League in 2019. Over the past 19 seasons (since 2000), the Rockies have had 13 losing seasons; the Marlins have had 14 losing seasons in the last 19 years.

Leading the N.L. with the most losing seasons since 2000 are the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates. They each have had 15 losing seasons since 2000, not only most in the National League, but tied for the most in the majors since the start of the century.

The Reds’ record through games of April 10 this season? They are 3-8, a .273 winning percentage… one of seven MLB teams that have a winning percentage under .300 to this point in the season. The Pirates are off to a good start this season with a 6-4 record.

Here’s a look at the number of losing seasons (under .500) that each MLB team has had since 2000.


14-Kansas City
14-San Diego


12-Tampa Bay


11-New York Mets


9-Chicago Cubs
9-Chicago White Sox


7-Los Angeles Angels
7-San Francisco



2-Los Angeles Dodgers


0-New York Yankees

As you notice above, the Yankees have not had a losing record in any season this century. The last losing season they had was in 1992 when they went 76-86; that was the last year of four straight seasons with a losing record before their current streak of 26 winning seasons.

The Cards only losing season since 2000 was in 2007.


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Pirates finally get a post-season win

Venezuelan Summer Pirates

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The Pittsburgh Pirates finally scratched a 21-year itch when they defeated the Cincinnati Reds, 6-2, in the National League Wild Card game on Tuesday night. It was the Pirates first post-season win since 1992.

Of the eight remaining teams in the MLB playoffs, the Atlanta Braves have the longest drought of not winning a post-season contest. The Braves last won a playoff game in 2005. In the American League, the Boston Red Sox have not won a post-season game since 2008, the longest wait of the four teams remaining in the A.L.

The Kansas City Royals still hold the current longest wait for a post-season win. The Royals, who won 86 games this season, the most since they won 92 in 1989, have not won a post-season game since 1985. They won the World Series that season. In the N.L., the Cubs and Marlins are tied for the longest post-season win wait; both have not had a playoff win since 2003.

One note of interest: Of the five teams that have not won a post-season game in the last 10 years (Royals, Blue Jays, Mariners, Cubs and Marlins) three of those teams, Kansas City, Toronto and Miami, last won a post-season game in the year they won the World Series.

Following is the last season each MLB team won a post-season game (includes Pittsburgh and Tama Bay’s wins in the Wild Card contests)

American League
Kansas City… 1985
Toronto… 1993
Seattle… 2001
Minnesota… 2004
Houston… 2005
Cleveland… 2007
Boston… 2008
Chicago White Sox… 2008
L.A. Angels… 2009
Texas… 2011
Baltimore… 2012
Detroit… 2012
N.Y. Yankees… 2012
Oakland… 2012
Tampa Bay… 2013

National League
Chicago Cubs… 2003
Miami… 2003
Atlanta… 2005
N.Y. Mets… 2006
San Diego… 2006
Colorado… 2009
L.A. Dodgers… 2009
Arizona… 2011
Milwaukee… 2011
Philadelphia… 2011
Cincinnati… 2012
St. Louis… 2012
San Francisco… 2012
Washington… 2012
Pittsburgh… 2013

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Cards, Pirates and Reds all reach 90-win mark

Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published with a focus on stats that go beyond the numbers.

Busch Memorial Stadium, Thursday night, Septem...

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For the sixth time in the last 20 years, three teams from the same division will win 90 or more games. This year the Cardinals, Pirates and Reds, all playing in the National League Central Division, each won 90-plus (through games of 9/27/13, Cardinals had won 95, the Pirates had won 92 and the Reds had won 90). Major League Baseball went to a three-division format in each league in 1994.

This is the third consecutive year that three teams from the same division have won 90 or more games. Here’s a look at the five previous times this has happened:

A.L. East, 2012: Yankees (95), Orioles, 93, Rays (90)

A.L. East 2011: Yankees (97), Rays (91), Red Sox (90)

A.L. Central, 2006: Twins (96), Tigers (95), White Sox (90)

N.L. West, 2002: Diamondbacks (98), Giants (95), Dodgers (92)

A.L. West, 2002: A’s (103), Angels (99), Mariners (93)

With three teams in the N.L. Central winning 90 games this season, the N.L. East Division is the only division that has not had three teams win 90-plus in the same year since the three-division format began in ’94.

One final note: Of the five previous times when three teams in a division won 90-plus games, none of those teams that won the most games of the three 90-win teams made it to the World Series that year. Ironically, three of the teams that had the second most wins of the 90-win trio made it to the World Series (2002 Angels, 2002 Giants and 2006 Tigers). Could that be good news for the Pirates this season?

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The ’30-30 Club’ opens the door for Ryan Braun

Baseball player Ryan Braun. © Rubenstein, phot...

Ryan Braun... Image via Wikipedia

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With a pair of home runs on September 16, Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun became the latest member of the 30-30 club (30 home runs and 30 stolen bases in one season). The Dodgers Matt Kemp became a 30-30 club member earlier in the season and currently sits with 34 home runs and 40 steals for the season. Three other players have an outside chance at joining the club this year, but have a lot of work to do in the final week: Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury with 28 HRs and 37 steals; Texas’ Ian Kinsler with 29 homers and 25 steals; and the Yankees’ Curtis Granderson with 41 four-baggers and 24 swipes.

Braun’s membership this year in to the 30-30 Club comes after the Brewers had gone over 40 years since Tommy Harper’s 30-30 year in 1970 (he had 31 home runs and 38 stolen bases that year). Following are the last seasons a team had a player in the 30-30 Club:

Never had a 30-30 Club player: Arizona, Boston, Chicago White Sox, Detroit, Kansas City, Minnesota, San Diego, St. Louis, Tampa Bay.

1922: Baltimore

1970: Milwaukee (prior to Braun’s this year)

1977: LA Angels

1988: Oakland

1991: Atlanta

1992: Pittsburgh

1995: Chicago Cubs

1997: Colorado, San Francisco

1998: Seattle

1999: Houston, LA Dodgers (prior to Kemp’s this year)

2001: Toronto

2003: NY Yankees

2006: Washington

2007: Cincinnati, NY Mets, Philadelphia

2008: Cleveland, Florida

2009: Texas

(Note: Two players, Carlos Beltran in 2004 and Bobby Bonds in 1978, had a 30-30 season but played for two teams that year; Beltran played with the Royals and Houston; Bonds with the White Sox and Rangers.)

WE INTERRUPT HIS BLOG FOR A TRIVIA QUESTION: What player had 30-30 seasons with three different teams? Answer at end of blog.

Did you know? Barry Bonds and his dad, Bobby, top the list for most 30-30 seasons, each with five. Alfonso Soriano has four 30-30 seasons, and Howard Johnson had three. Seven players… Willie Mays, Bobby Abreu, Vladimir Guerrero, Raul Mondesi, Jeff Bagwell, Sammy Sosa and Ron Gant… had two 30-30 seasons.

Did you know?-Part Two. Only twice in major league history have teammates had 30-30 seasons the same year: Colorado’s Dante Bichette and Ellis Burks (1996) and the Mets’ Howard Johnson and Daryl Strawberry (1987).

Did you know?-Part Three. The last 40-40 player was in 2006 when Soriano had 46 home runs and 41 steals with the Washington Nationals.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Soriano had 30-30 seasons with Washington, Texas and the New York Yankees.

Gold Glove teammates

The Gold Glove Award given to Eric Chavez for ...

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Seventeen different major league teams haved placed four teammates on the league Gold Glove squad in a season. The last teams to accomplish this feat were the 2003 Seattle Mariners, who placed first baseman John Olerud, 2B Bret Boone and outfielders Mike Cameron and Ichiro Suzuki on the ’03 Gold Glove team, and the 2003 Cardinals, who placed catcher Mike Matheny, 3B Scott Rolen, shortstop Edgar Renteria and outfielder Jim Edmonds on the NL Gold Glove squad.

The Cincinnati Reds accomplished this feat four straight years (1974-77) when Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Davey Concepcion and Cesar Geronimo each won Gold Gloves in those four seasons. The Baltimore Orioles with Bobby Grich, Mark Belanger, Brooks Robinson and Paul Blair won Gold Gloves each season from 1973-75.

Following are the teams that had four Gold Glove award-winning teammates in one season.

Season     Team

2003           Seattle, St. Louis

2002           St. Louis

1993            San Francisco

1981            Philadelphia

1979            Philadelphia

1978            Philadelphia

1977             Cincinnati

1976             Cincinnati

1975            Cincinnati, Baltimore

1974            Cincinnati, Baltimore

1973             Baltimore

1971              Baltimore

1970             Baltimore

1963             St. Louis