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Teams with most losses to win NCAA basketball championship

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National Association of Basketball Coaches NCA...

National Association of Basketball Coaches NCAA Championship Trophy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tomorrow night’s NCAA men’s Division I basketball title game is all set with Kentucky (37-2) facing off against Kansas (32-6).

Should Kansas win, they would become the 16th team in tournament history to win the title with six or more losses in the season. Kentucky, on the other hand, with a win would become the first team with two or fewer losses to win the championship since UConn in 1999 (UConn was 34-2 that season).

Here’s a look at the schools that have won the men’s title with five or more losses.

Losses in title season, school, title year

11: Kansas (1988)

10: North Carolina State (1983), Villanova (1985)

9: Indiana (1981), Arizona (1997), Connecticut (2011)

7: Marquette (1977), Louisville (1986), Michigan (1989), Duke (1991), Michigan State (2000)

6: Kentucky (1958), Michigan State (1979), Connecticut (2004), Florida (2006)

5: Oregon (1939), CCNY (1950), UNLV (1990), Syracuse (2003), Florida (2007), Duke (2010)

Did you know? From 1939-76 (38 years), only three teams with five or more losses won the NCAA men’s basketball championship. From 1977 until last year (35 years), 17 different schools with five or more losses won the title. The average number of losses of the 73 previous men’s champions was 3.7.


Schools with a men’s and women’s Final Four team in the same year

Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published multiple times monthly focusing on stats that go beyond the numbers.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA...

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 80-65 loss by the Kentucky women to UConn in the regional final Tuesday night means that we will not have Final Four teams from the same school in both the men’s and women’s tournament.

This year three different schools had their men’s and women’s teams in both Sweet Sixteens: Baylor, Kansas and Kentucky.

Following are the nine times when both the men’s and women’s basketball teams made it to the Final Four in the same season.

Year, school with both men’s and women’s basketball team making the Final Four

1983: Georgia

1999: Duke (both teams played in the championship game)

2002: Oklahoma

2003: Texas

2004: Connecticut (both teams won the championship)

2005: Michigan State

2006: LSU

2009: Connecticut

2011: Connecticut

SIX STATS you might not know about… Final Four teams (the seed history)

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Past history in the NCAA men’s Final Four is pointing to a Kentucky national championship. Here’s a look at some stats from the past 33 tournaments (in 1979 the NCAA went to seeding all the teams) and how team seeds have performed in the past.

1. A number one seed has won the NCAA men’s championship 20 times in the last 33 years. Since 1992 (the last 20 years) a #1 seed has won the tourney 14 times.

2. Kentucky is the only #1 seed in this year’s tournament. In the 11 times when there was only one #1 seed in the Final Four, that number one seed won the championship six times. This is the 31st time in the last 34 years of the tournament that at least one #1 seed has been in the Final Four.

3. This is the fifth time since 1979 that two #2 seeds are in the Final Four (1979, 1994, 1995, 2004). In the four previous times when two #2 seeds made the Final Four, one of those #2 seeds won the title (Michigan State in 1979 and Connecticut in 2004). Six #2 seeds have won the title since 1979, the last being Connecticut in 2004.

4. Louisville is the 12th #4 seed to make it to the Final Four since 1979. Only one #4 seed has ever won the championship: Arizona in 1997.

5. The lowest seeded team of the Final Four teams has won the tournament five times (Indiana as a #3 seed in 1981; North Carolina State as a #6 seed in 1983; Villanova as a #8 seed in 1985; Kansas as a #6 seed in 1988; and Arizona as a #4 seed in 1997).

6. This is only the second time since 1979 that two #2 seeds will face off in a Final Four semi-final game. This is the sixth time that a #1 seed will face a #4 seed in a Final Four semi-final. The #1 seed has won four of those five games.