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NFL QBs: Success with a 100.0+ Passer Rating

Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears warming up bef...

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Now that the NFL has officially kicked off the 2011 season with the first week of pre-season games, let’s look at a few numbers of interest.

It goes without saying that a quarterback who has a good game will have a positive affect on his team’s success. One of the ways to gauge a QB’s success in a game is the Passer Rating. If we establish a rating of 100 or better as a QB who has had a real good game, how well have some of the teams of the game’s best signal-callers (past and present) done in these games? First, let’s look at some of today’s quarterbacks. (Minimum of 15 regular season games with a Passer Rating of 100 or more)

Active Quarterback                                  W-L           Pct.

Jay Cutler                                                           21-0          1.000

Matt Ryan                                                          16-0          1.000

Tom Brady                                                         60-3           .952

Donovan McNabb                                            43-4           .915

Ben Roethlisberger                                          38-4           .905

Joe Flacco                                                           17-2           .895

Peyton Manning                                                73-9          .890

Drew Brees                                                        44-9           .830

Tony Romo                                                        28-6           .824

David Garrard                                                   22-6           .786

Matt Hasselbeck                                               29-8           .784

Aaron Rodgers                                                  20-7           .741

Matt Schaub                                                       17-7           .708

Michael Vick                                                      17-7            .708

Matt Cassel                                                        12-5            .706

Eli Manning                                                       19-8           .704

Jason Campbell                                                11-5            .688

WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG FOR A TRIVIA QUESTION: What is considered a “perfect passer rating?” 150, 158.3, 140, or 145.5? Answer at end of blog.

How do these active QBs above compare to some of the NFL’s best? Here’s how some of the retired QB’s fared in regular season games when they had a 100 or higher Passer Rating in a game (the list includes those QBs who passed for 250 or more TDs in their career)

Retired Quarterbacks                               W-L          Pct.

Johnny Unitas                                                    37-0          1.000

Drew Bledsoe                                                      38-2           .950

Brett Favre                                                          99-9            .917

Joe Montana                                                       64-6           .914

Warren Moon                                                     40-4           .909

John Elway                                                         54-10          .844

Dan Fouts                                                            35-7            .833

Fran Tarkenton                                                  62-15          .805

Dave Krieg                                                          46-12          .793

Dan Marino                                                        53-14           .791

Sonny Jurgensen                                               31-13-3       .691

Vinny Testaverde                                              32-17           .653

TRIVIA ANSWER: A perfect passer rating is considered to be 158.3.

Did you know? Only three quarterbacks have passed for three or more “perfect games” in their career… Peyton Manning (4), Ben Roethlisberger (3) and Kurt Warner (3)