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Today’s Sports Stat: October 23, 2017

The Houston Astros punched their ticket to the 2017 World Series with a Game Seven win over the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series (ALCS). For the Yankees, it was their fifth deciding game playoff series loss (Game 5 of a five-game series or Game 7 of a seven-game series) since 2000.

The Yankees five deciding game playoff series losses is second to the Oakland A’s who’ve lost six deciding game losses this century.

There have been 40 playoff series since 2000 that have gone to a deciding fifth game or seventh game. Following are the number of deciding game series losses for each MLB team since 2000.

6: Oakland
5: New York Yankees
4: Cleveland
3: Atlanta, Washington
2: Boston, Houston, St. Louis, Texas
1: Arizona, Baltimore, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati, Kansas City, L.A. Dodgers, N.Y. Mets, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Tampa Bay