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Today’s Sports Stat: June 14, 2018

If you have been paying attention to the Brewers games this season, have you noticed something that has not happened very frequently in their games… the lack of triples, especially by the Brewers hitters.

For the record, the Brewers have hit only four triples in 68 games this season. They are on a pace to have only 10 for the season. The fewest three-baggers in a season for the franchise are 17 in 1998. The Brewers have the second-fewest triples in the majors this season; the Cardinals have only three this season.

Let’s take a look at a few triples stats; those involving players with the most hits in a season and in a career without a triple.

Most hits in a season without a triple
Derek Jeter, New York Yankees, 2012, 216
Magglio Ordonez, Detroit, 2007, 216
Miquel Tejada, Baltimore, 2006, 214
Mike Sweeney, Kansas City, 2000, 206
Miquel Cabrera, Detroit, 2012, 205
Miquel Tejada, Oakland, 2002, 204
Adrian Beltre, L.A. Dodgers, 2004, 200

Most hits in a career without a triple
Johnny Estrada, 2001-08, 576
Jason Phillips, 2001-07, 344
Ramon Castro, 1999-2011, 338

It’s interesting to note that current Brewers outfielder Domingo Santana currently ranks fourth on the above list for most career hits without a triple with 293. Santana also currently ranks first on the list of Brewers with the most hits without a triple at 283. He is followed by Carlos Lee with 275 and Larry Hisle with 219.

Most hits by a Brewers player in a season without a triple are 164 held by Carlos Lee in 2005. Most hits by a Brewer player in a season without a triple:

Carlos Lee, 2005, 164
Dave Nilsson, 1997, 154
Prince Fielder, 2010, 151
Larry Hisle, 1978, 151


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Today’s Sports Stat-August 15, 2017

A lot has been noted this season about the Brewers scoring a lot of runs in the first inning (it happened again on Sunday when they tallied three runs in the first inning). Let’s take a look a few individual stats for Brewers players in the first inning.

A look at the Brewers players stats in the first inning shows that Robin Yount has the team record for most career first-inning hits (578), Ryan Braun holds the team mark for most career first-inning home runs (69) and RBIs (211) and Paul Molitor holds the team record for most first-inning stolen bases (119).

I was a little surprised, however, when I discovered that a current player (not Ryan Braun) holds the team-best batting average in the first inning. For all Milwaukee players who have at least 100 plate appearances in the first inning, right-fielder Domingo Santana has the best first-inning batting average at .368 (I guess Counsell needs to make sure that Santana is batting either 1-2 or 3 in the Brewers batting order).

Here are the six Brewers players who have a .320 or better first-inning career batting average with the club (again, minimum of 100 plate appearances in the first inning to qualify for the list).

Domingo Santana .368
Bill Spiers .358
Jeff Cirillo .333
Dave Nilsson .325
Sixton Lezcano .320
Scooter Gennett .320

With all due respect to the great Hank Aaron, the worst career first-inning batting average for the Brewers (minimum of 100 plate appearances in the first inning) is Aaron’s .184.