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Kansas, Purdue & Wisconsin extend NCAA men’s bball tourney streaks with first round wins

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Prior to the start of this year’s NCAA Div. I men’s tournament, eight different schools had active streaks of consecutive years with at least one win in three or more NCAA tournaments. Leading the way was Pittsburgh with six straight years with at least one win in the tourney. Here’s a look at those eight schools and how their streaks were affected after first round play on Thursday and Friday.

Pittsburgh (six straight tournaments with one or more win): That streak ended when Pittsburgh failed to get a berth to this year’s tournament.

Kansas (five straight tournaments with one or more win): Extended their streak to six years with a 65-50 win over Detroit.

Purdue (five straight tournaments with one or more win): Extended their streak to six years with a three-point first round win over St.Mary‘s.

Wisconsin (five straight tournaments with one or more win): Made it six straight after a convincing 73-49 win over Montana on Thursday.

Duke (four straight tournaments with one or more win): Upset by #15 Lehigh in the first round on Friday to end their streak.

Syracuse (three straight tournaments with one or more win): Dodged the upset bullet with a first round victory against #16 NC-Asheville extending their streak to four straight years.

Washington (three straight tournaments with one or more win): Streak ended when they did not get invited to this year’s tournament.

Gonzaga (three straight tournaments with one or more win):  Extended their streak to four years with a first-round win over West Virginia.

Note: With victories in first round games, four schools have now won at least one game in three straight tournaments… Ohio State, Kentucky, Kansas State and Brigham Young.


NCAA men’s Division 1 basketball tourney seed matchups for the first round

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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published multiple times weekly that focuses on stats that go beyond the numbers.

The NCAA men’s Division I basketball tourney begins tomorrow with first round games on Thursday and Friday. Here’s a look at how the seed matchups have played out in the first round in the past 10 tournaments (2002-2011).

Seed matchups in the First Round, higher seed won-lost record

#1 vs. #16          40-0

#8 vs. #9            22-18

#5 vs. #12          24-16

#4 vs. #13          31-9

#6 vs. #11          25-15

#3 vs. #14          37-3

#7 vs. #10          25-15

#2 vs. #15          40-0

How many points does a team need to score to win an NFL playoff game?

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Looking at the 422 playoff games that have been played in the Super Bowl era (since 1966, and not including last night’s contests), here is a breakdown of win-loss records when teams scored a certain number of points.

Points                                                      Record

0-9 points                                                 3- 105  .028

10-19 points                                            62-196  .240

20-29 points                                         181-104   .635

30-39 points                                         128-16     .895

40-49 points                                           39-1       .975

50 points or more                                   9-0      1.000

Here’s a few more stats:

* The most frequent score in the playoffs has been 17 points, which has happened in 68 of the 422 playoff games since 1966. Next is 20 points, which has been scored by a team in 55 games.

* Teams that scored 25 or more points in a playoff game since 1966 have won 250 and lost 42 (a .856 winning percentage).

* Most points scored in a playoff game (since 1966) to lose a game is 45. Packers fans will remember that loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the first round of the 2009 playoffs.

* Teams were 65-301 (.178) when they scored under 20 points in a playoff game since ’66.

Yankees making 50th postseason appearance


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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a biweekly blog published every Wednesday and Friday with a bonus “SIX STATS…” posting every Friday.

Six of the eight teams that will play in the 2011 MLB postseason have been determined. The Wild Card berths are still up for grabs and we will have to wait until the final day of the season (and maybe longer!) to have a full compliment of playoff teams.

One thing is for certain… the New York Yankees are in the playoffs, a place they find themselves almost every year. In fact, the Yankees have played in 111 seasons since 1901 when the World Series began and they will be playing in their 50th postseason… a postseason appearance percentage of 45%. The surprise number two team in this stat are the Arizona Diamondbacks who have made the postseason in five of their 14 seasons (35.7%).

Here’s a look are what percentage of their franchise seasons each of the teams have played in the postseason since 1901.

Team                                                         Seasons in postseason         Total seasons             Pct

New York Yankees                                                50                                                  111                        45.0

Arizona                                                                     5                                                    14                         35.7

L.A. Dodgers                                                          26                                                  111                        23.4

Oakland                                                                  23                                                  111                        20.7

San Francisco                                                        23                                                  111                        20.7

Houston                                                                   9                                                    50                        18.0

L.A. Angels                                                              9                                                    51                         17.6

Kansas City                                                              7                                                    43                        16.3

Colorado                                                                   3                                                   19                         15.8

Chicago Cubs                                                         16                                                   111                        14.4

Toronto                                                                    5                                                    35                        14.3

New York Mets                                                       7                                                     50                       14.0

Philadelphia                                                          14                                                   111                        12.6

Pittsburgh                                                              14                                                   111                        12.6

Minnesota                                                              14                                                   111                        12.6

Detroit                                                                     13                                                   111                        11.7

Cincinnati                                                               13                                                   111                        11.7

San Diego                                                                5                                                     43                        11.6

Seattle                                                                      4                                                    35                         11.4

Florida                                                                      2                                                     19                        10.5

Baltimore                                                                11                                                   111                          9.9

Texas                                                                         5                                                    51                          9.8

Milwaukee                                                               4                                                    43                          9.3

Cleveland                                                                10                                                  111                          9.0

Chicago White Sox                                                 9                                                   111                          8.1

Washington                                                             1                                                    43                          2.3

The four teams fighting for the final two spots:

St. Louis                                                                  23                                                 110                        20.9

Atlanta                                                                    21                                                  110                        19.1

Boston                                                                    20                                                  110                        18.2

Tampa Bay                                                              2                                                    13                         15.4

WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG FOR A TRIVIA QUESTION. What team has the longest active streak of making the postseason? Answer at end of blog.

Here’s a question for you: Does the team that had the better regular season record have an advantage over its opponents in the postseason? In looking at the playoffs from 1995 to 2010, here’s what we found… In the League Division Series, the team with the better regular season record won 33 series, lost 28 series and three series were played by teams with the same regular season record. In the League Championship Series, the team with the better regular season record won 17 series, lost 13 series and two series were played by teams with the same regular season record. In the World Series, the team with the better regular season record won 7 series and lost 9 series.

TRIVIA ANSWER: The Philadelphia Phillies have the longest active playoff streak with five straight seasons in the postseason.