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Selection Sunday: The 2012 NCAA men’s basketball tourney is here!

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By the end of the day, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament brackets will be complete and one of the most exciting events in sports will take center stage. Here’s a couple of stats to whet your appetite for March Madness.

Current streak of most consecutive appearances in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament (through 2011 tourney)

School, active consecutive appearances

Kansas                    22

Duke                       16

Michigan State        14

Wisconsin               13

Texas                      13

Gonzaga                 13

Pittsburgh               10

Note: The all-time record for most consecutive apppearances in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is 27, set by North Carolina from 1975-2001. Arizona is the only other school to have more consecutive appearances than Kansas’ current streak. Arizona made an appearance in the tourney 25 consecutive years from 1985 to 2009.


Most NCAA men’s basketball tournament wins in this century (2000-2011)

Wins in tourney from 2000-2011, School(s)

31: Duke

30: Kansas

29: North Carolina, Michigan State

26: Connecticut

23: Florida

21: Kentucky, UCLA

20: Arizona

18: Texas, Wisconsin

17: Maryland

16: Butler, Syracuse, Illinois

15: Pittsburgh

14: Memphis

13: Xavier, Gonzaga, Oklahoma

12: West Virginia, Louisville, Viilanova, Ohio State

11: Oklahoma State, Purdue

10: Tennessee


Schools with most tournaments of “one-and-out” (lost first game in NCAA tourney) in the last 10 years (2002-2011)

Years, Schools

6: Utah State

5: Brigham Young, Pennsylvania, Winthrop

4: Belmont, East Tennessee State, Marquette, Michigan State, Northern Iowa

Note: Eight schools have been “one-and-out” in each of the last two tournaments… Georgetown, Louisville, UNLV, Oakland, UC-Santa Barbara, Utah State (has been “one-and-out” in each of the last three tourneys), Vanderbilt and Wofford