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“SIX STATS” you might not know about… The next season after a Super Bowl win!

The Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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“SIX STATS…” is a bonus feature of Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ and is published every Friday

The Green Bay Packers began defense of their Super Bowl championship with a 42-34 win last night over the New Orleans Saints. So what do the Packers and their fans have to look forward to this season after a Super Bowl? Here’s a look at how the previous 44 Super Bowl champions did the season following their championship.

1.     Only six Super Bowl champs increased their win total the following season. Five teams had the same number of wins as their Super Bowl winning season; thus 75% of the Super Bowl champions had fewer wins the season after their Super Bowl win.

2.     Twenty-nine of the 44 Super Bowl champs (65.9%) won 10 or more games the next season.

3.     Thirty-one of the 44 champs (70.5%) made the playoffs the next season. Eight teams won back-to-back Super Bowls: Dallas (1992, 1993), Denver (1997, 1998), Green Bay (1966, 1967), Miami (1972, 1973), New England (2003, 2004), Pittsburgh (1974, 1975), Pittsburgh (1978, 1979), San Francisco (1988, 1989).

4.     Of those 31 teams that made the playoffs the season after their Super Bowl win, 21 (67.7%) won at least one playoff game.

5.     Twenty-four of the previous 44 Super Bowl champs won their division the next year. Nine finished second in their division; seven finished third; two finished fourth; two finished fifth.

6.     Prior to last night’s Packers-Saints game, the previous 44 Super Bowl champs were 30-13-1 in their first game of the next season after their Super Bowl win.