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Packerstats 2017: Game #13, 27-21 OT win over Cleveland

Here are some of the numbers that helped define the Packers 27-21 win over the Cleveland Browns on December 10.

  • Of the seven wins this season for the Packers, only two have come against teams that are currently above .500 (Seattle, 8-5, and Dallas, 7-6). The combined win-loss record today of the teams the Pack has beaten this season is 32-59 (.352). The combined record of the six teams that have beaten the Packers this season is 52-26 (.667). All six are currently above .500. Would’ve been kind of embarrassing if the teams that had beaten the Packers this year included the Browns at 1-12, huh?
  • The last time the Packers lost to a team in the regular season that ended the year with fewer than four wins was in 2009. In Week #9 that year, the Packers lost to the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Bucs ended the year 3-13; the Pack ended the season 11-5.
  • Green Bay had three drives of 11 or more plays in the game… they scored TDs on two of them; on one, they turned the ball over on downs. For the season, the Packers have had 26 drives of 10 plays or more, scoring 10 TDs and nine FGs, a 73% scoring rate on those 10-play or longer drives. The Packers have had 111 drives of less than 10 plays, scoring 24 TDs and four FGs, a 25.2% scoring rate on drives of less than 10 plays.
  • Green Bay was behind 14-7 at halftime in the game. They are now 10-11 in road games since 2010 when they are behind by seven points or more at halftime.
  • The Packers were behind by 14 points (21-7) entering the fourth quarter. Since 1970, the Packers were 0-63 in games where they had a 14-point or larger deficit going into the fourth quarter in a road game. It was actually the first time the Packers won a game on the road after being behind by 14 or more points going into the fourth quarter since 1957, a string of 77 games.
  • Rookie running back Jamaal Williams scored a pair of TDs for the second game this season. He became only the third Green Bay rookie to score two or more TDs in multiple games for the Pack. The others: Gerry Ellis in 1980 and Travis Williams in 1967.
  • This was the third overtime win for the Packers this season, most in franchise history. They won two OT games in 2000 and 1983.
  • Green Bay scored 14 points in fourth quarter. Since 1970, they are now 20-14 in games on the road when they score 14 or more points in the fourth quarter. Since 2006, however, the start of the Mike McCarthy era, they are 11-3 when they score 14+points in the fourth quarter on the road.
  • Not only did the Packers score 14 points in the fourth quarter, but they held the Browns scoreless in the fourth. The Packers are now 6-3 in road games when they score 14 or more points and hold the opposition scoreless in the fourth quarter.
  • QB Brett Hundley was 35-for-46 with three TD passes and a 76.1% pass completion rate for the game. Only three Green Bay QBs have had a game with three or more TD passes and a completion rate of 75% or higher. The two: Aaron Rodgers (he did it twice) and Brett Favre (he did it once).
  • Hundley’s 46 pass attempts made him the seventh Packers QB in team history to attempt 45 or more passes in a game. Favre tops the list with 26 games with 45 or more pass attempts, followed by Rodgers with 12. They are followed by Don Majkowski (4), Randy Wright (3), Lynn Dickey (2), Bart Starr (1) and Hundley.
  • Davonte Adams had two TD receptions and 10 catches for the game. He becomes only the second Packer in history to have two TD pass receptions and 10 or more catches in the same game in multiple contests. The other is Sterling Sharpe (he did it in 1989 and 1993). Adams did it last season and this year. Four others players did it once: Jordy Nelson, Javon Walker, Antonio Freeman and Max McGee.
  • Adams now has five career games with two or more TD receptions. Jordy Nelson tops the team list with 15 career games with two or more TD receptions.
  • The Packers did not commit a turnover in the game and are now 19-5 since 2010 in road games when they do not have a turnover.

Packerstats 2017: Game 5, 35-31 win over Dallas

Here are some of the numbers that helped define the Packers 35-31 win over the Dallas Cowboys on October 8.

  • The Packers have now won six of their last eight games vs NFC East teams. They have also won five of their last six regular season games against the Cowboys.
  • The Pack won the coin toss and has won four of their last five games when they win the coin toss. They are 44-20-1 (.685) since 2010 in games when they won the coin toss.
  • The Cowboys scored first in the game, but the Packers have now won three of their last four games when the opposition scores first in the game. Green Bay is 1-5 in the last six away games when the opponents score first.
  • Although Mason Crosby missed a pair of extra points, the Packers are now 7-1 in games when Crosby misses an extra point. It was the first time Crosby missed two extra point attempts in a contest.
  • Green Bay was behind 7-6 at the end of the first quarter. They are now 10-11 since 2010 in games when they trail at the end of the first quarter.
  • The Packers allowed 21 points to the Cowboys in the first half. Green Bay is now 7-24 (.226) in games when they allow the opponents to score 20 or more points in the first half and 3-17 (.150) in those games played on the road.
  • The Pack trailed 21-12 at halftime. They are now 5-10 since 2010 in games where they are behind by nine points or more at halftime.
  • Green Bay did hold Dallas scoreless in the third quarter. The team has now won 21 of their last 24 games when they hold the opposition scoreless in the third quarter.
  • The Packers trailed 21-15 going into the fourth quarter. Since 2000, the team is now 6-56-1 (.103) when they trail by six points or more going into the fourth quarter. They have trailed by six or more points going into the fourth quarter in three of their first five games this season.
  • Rookie running back Aaron Jones rushed for 125 yards in the game. It was the 28th game in Packers history where a rookie rushed for 100 or more yards (16 different rookies have achieved this 100-yards rushing milestone for the Pack). His 125 yards rushing by a rookie in a game is the eighth most in Packers history.
  • The Packers returned an interception for a TD for the first time since December 20, 2015. It was the 13th game since 2010 that the Packers returned an interception for a TD. The Pack is 13-0 in those games.
  • This was Aaron Rodgers’ 41st career regular season game where he threw three or more TD passes with no interceptions in a game. That ranks fourth all-time. Drew Brees is third with 42 such games; Peyton Manning is second with 51, and Tom Brady tops the list with 53 games.
  • Davante Adams had two TDs for the fourth time in his career… the Packers are 4-0 in those games. The team is 14-2 in games when Adams has one or more TDs.
  • Ezekiel Elliott ran for 116 yards in the game for the Cowboys. There have been 34 times since 2010 that an opposing runner has rushed for 100 yards in a game (regular season or playoffs) versus the Pack. Green Bay is 17-16-1 in those games. Of the last five opposing runners to rush for 100 yards versus the Pack, Elliott has done it three times.
  • Green Bay allowed the Cowboys to score 31 points in the game. Since 2010, Green Bay is now 8-19 (.296) in games when they allow 30 or more points. New England has the best record when they allow 30 or more points in a game, .368 (7-12). Green Bay is tied with Atlanta for the second-best record when they allow 30 points (the Falcons are also 8-19, .296). The Patriots, Packers and Falcons are the only three NFL teams to have records above .250 since 2010 in games when they allow 30 or more points to an opponent.

Packers Number Crunches: Week 5 game versus the Giants


Here are some of the numbers that helped define the Packers 23-16 win over the New York Giants on October 9.

  • The Packers have been a pretty “average” team when it came to night games over the past few years. Prior to yesterday’s win over the Giants, the Packers were 36-25 since 2000 in games that started after 6pm. They had lost four of their last five, and were 9-9 in their last 18 and 5-5 in their last 10 night games.
  • Green Bay’s first drive of the game was a 16-play drive that took 8 minutes and 42 seconds. It was the team’s second drive of 16 plays or more on the season, and they now have the third and fourth longest drives based on time in the NFL this year (they had a drive versus Jacksonville in Game One that took 9:14). Arizona has the longest drive based on time this season at 9:20.
  • The Pack scored first in the game and has now won five of their last six when they get on the scoreboard first in a contest. They are 46-13-1 since 2010, and are 14-2 when they scored first in their last 16 games at Lambeau Field.
  • Aaron Rodgers had two interceptions in the game; the Packers are now 7-6 in games where Rodgers has multiple picks.
  • Green Bay led 17-6 at halftime. They have now won 16 straight when they have a lead of 10 points or more at half and have won 32 straight at home when they lead at halftime by 10 or more.
  • Eddie Lacy had 81 yards on 11 carries in the game for a 7.4 yards per carry average. In games where Lacy had at least 10 carries, this 7.4 is the second highest of his career in a game. His highest average was 8.1 in a game versus the Vikings in 2014 when he had 105 yards on 13 carries, a per-carry average of 8.1 yards.
  • The Packers had an eight-point lead going into the fourth quarter. They have now won 22 straight when they take a lead of seven points or more into the last quarter. In games at Lambeau, the Packers last lost a game when they took a seven-point lead into the fourth quarter on October 12, 2003 against the Kansas City Chiefs. They lost that game 40-34 in overtime after taking a seven-point lead into the fourth quarter.
  • This was the first regular season game of Rodgers’ career where the Packers won in a game when he had two interceptions and a completion rate under 60%. They were previously 0-4 in those games. The Packers did win a playoff game against the Bears when Rodgers had two interceptions and a completion percentage of 56.7%.
  • Mason Crosby had three field goals in the game for the 34th time in his Packers career. The team is 28-6 when Crosby connects on three or more field goals in a game.
  • Receiver Randall Cobb went over the 100-yard mark in receiving (108 yards to be exact) on nine receptions. Green Bay is 10-2 when Cobb has a 100-yard receiving game.
  • Rodgers was not sacked in the contest in the 45 pass attempts he made. It was the eighth time since 1970 that the Packers did not give up a sack when they attempted 45 or more passes in a game. Most pass attempts in a game with no sacks by the Packers is 59 in 1986.
  • All four of the games this season have been decided by seven points or less (the Packers are 3-1). Last season the Packers played in five games that were decided by seven points or less… they were 2-3 in those games.
  • Green Bay won the time of possession battle with 36:38 to only 23:22 for the Giants. The Packers have won 12 of their last 13 when they have 36 or more minutes TOP in a non-overtime game.
  • The Packers gained 147 yards rushing in the game and allowed the Giants only 43 yards on the ground. In the history of the franchise, the Pack is 30-0 when they gain over 140 yards rushing and allow the opposition less than 50 yards.