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99 Stats Until Kickoff (#34) Greg Jennings became fifth ‘400-50’ receiver for the Pack

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From May 30 and every day until September 5… the start of the 2013 NFL season… Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ will publish “99 Stats Until Kickoff” a daily dose of NFL stats that will get you ready for the 2013 NFL season.)

Former Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings has decided to travel west and become a Minnesota Viking, but it is noteworthy to mention that his last reception in the New Orleans‘ game on September 30 was a milestone for Number 85 while in a Packers jersey.

In the second quarter of that game, Jennings caught a nine-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers. It was the 50th receiving TD of Jennings’ career with the Pack and his 401st reception as a Packer. He not only became the fifth Packer to amass 400 receptions and 50 TD catches with the franchise, but he also became the 58th player in NFL history to have 400 catches and 50 receptions with one NFL franchise.

All total, 94 players are members of the 400 catches-50 TD receptions club.

Following are the five members of the Packers 400-50 Club.

Packers receivers with 400 catches and 50 touchdowns

Donald Driver: 738 receptions, 60 TDs

Sterling Sharpe: 595 receptions, 65 TDs

Don Hutson: 488 receptions, 99 TDs

Antonio Freeman: 431 receptions, 57 TDs

Greg Jennings: 425 receptions, 53 TDs

With Jennings becoming the fifth Packers player to join the 400-50 Club, the Packers now have the most members of any NFL team. Green Bay was tied with the Washington Redskins with four 400-50 members. Following are the number of players that have collected 400 receptions and 50 TD receptions with each NFL franchise.

5: Green Bay

4: Washington

3: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Miami, Minnesota, Oakland, San Diego

2: Arizona, Carolina, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, New England, New Orleans, New York Jets, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, St. Louis

1: Buffalo, Houston, Jacksonville, New York Giants, Philadelphia, Seattle, Tennessee

0: Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Tampa Bay

Three more players joined the 400-50 Club this past season. In Detroit, Calvin Johnson joined the club and now has 488 catches and 54 TDs; in Atlanta, Roddy White now has 622 receptions and 52 TD receptions with the Falcons; in New Orleans, Marques Colston joined the club in 2012 with his career total of 532 catches and 58 pass receptions for TD.

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Packers lead the NFL ‘weapons’ race in 2011

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If you’ve watched any Packers games on TV this season you’ve probably heard more than one announcer mention that Aaron Rodgers has many offensive weapons at his disposal. Well, let’s quantify that statement with a stat.

The Packers lead the NFL this season with 12 players who have scored one or more touchdowns via run or pass reception. Here’s a look at how many “offensive weapons” each team has had cross the goaline in the 2011 NFL season:

12 players: Green Bay

11 players: Miami, Pittsburgh

10 players: Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Oakland, San Francisco, Washington

9 players: Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Diego, Tennessee

8 players: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Minnesota, New York Giants, New York Jets, Seattle

7 players: Baltimore, Carolina, Dallas, New England, Tampa Bay

6 players: Arizona, Indianapolis

5 players: Jacksonville

4 players: St. Louis

Let’s take it one step further. The Packers also lead the league with the most players with five or more offensive TDs this season, 5 (Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, John Kuhn, Jermichael Finley and James Jones). Here are the teams that have three or more players with five or more offensive TDs this season.

5 players with five or more offensive TDs: Green Bay

4 players with five or more offensive TDs: Buffalo, New England

3 players with five or more offensive TDs: Cincinnati, Dallas, New Orleans, New York Giants

Note: For Packers fans, the 12 players who have scored a touchdown via run or pass reception and the five players with five or more offensive TDs are not team records. The 1987 Pack had 14 players score one or more TDs via run or pass reception; the 1984 team had six players who scored five or more offensive touchdowns.

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NFL ‘Big Game’ players ready for some football!

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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a biweekly blog published every Wednesday and Sunday with a bonus “SIX STATS…” posting every Friday.

The 2011 NFL regular season begins tomorrow night with a match-up between the past two Super Bowl champions… the Packers and the Saints.

As the season kicks off, each team is looking to their “big game” players to lead the way to success. It seems as though we have an unofficial definition of “big game” for quarterbacks, running backs and receivers in the NFL:  For QBs it’s a 300-yard passing game; for running backs and receivers it’s a game with 100 or more yards in a game.

Who have been the top “big game” players in the NFL over the past three seasons? Here’s a look at those players who have had at least 10 “big games” over the past three seasons. In addition, their team’s record in those games is also listed.

Quarterbacks (300-yard passing games/W-L in those games)

Drew Brees                       24          18-6

Peyton Manning              20          16-4

Matt Schaub                     20          10-10

Tony Romo                       16           11-5

Philip Rivers                     16           10-6

Aaron Rodgers                 14            7-7

Jay Cutler                          12            5-7

Tom Brady                        11            9-2

Ben Roethlisberger         11            8-3

Running Backs (100-yard rushing games/W-L in those games)

Chris Johnson                  24           17-7

Michael Turner                19           17-2

Adrian Peterson               18           13-5

Steven Jackson                15            4-11

Thomas Jones                  14            8-6

Maurice Jones-Drew      14           11-3

Cedric Benson                  12           10-2

Frank Gore                        12           8-4

Deangelo Williams          12           8-4

Jamaal Charles                10            6-4

WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG FOR A TRIVIA QUESTION. Four different Green Bay Packers players had a “big game” in the playoffs last season. Aaron Rodgers had two games with 300 or more yards passing (366 vs. the Falcons and 304 yards passing in the Super Bowl). Greg Jennings also had two “big games”… 101 yards receiving against Atlanta and 130 yards vs. the Bears. Can you name the other two Green Bay players who had 100 or more yards in a playoff game last year? Answer at end of blog.

Receivers (100-yard receiving games/W-L in those games)

Andre Johnson                20          12-8

Roddy White                    16           10-6

Greg Jennings                  15            9-6

Larry Fitzgerald               13            6-7

Hines Ward                      13           10-3

Reggie Wayne                  13           10-3

Calvin Johnson                12            3-9

Miles Austin                     11             5-6

Desean Jackson               11            9-2

Wes Welker                      11             9-2

Vincent Jackson              10            9-1

Brandon Marshall           10            3-7

Steve Smith                       10           7-3

TRIVIA ANSWER: Running back James Starks had 123 yards rushing against the Eagles in the Wild Card game; Jordy Nelson had 140 yards receiving in the Super Bowl.