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Today’s Sports Stat: July 16, 2018

Brewers’ first baseman Jesus Aguilar will pull double-duty during the All-Star break as he will not only be one of five Brewers players on the National League squad, but he will also be a participant in the Home Run Derby.

Aguilar becomes the ninth Milwaukee Brewer to be in an All-Star Game Home Run Derby. The other eight: Ryan Braun, Jeromy Burnitz, Prince Fielder, Corey Hart, Carlos Lee, Richie Sexson, Greg Vaughn and Rickie Weeks.

Here are a handful of stats you may not know about Brewers players in the ASG Home Run Derby:

  • Vaughn was the first participant in 1996. The ASG Home Run Derby started in 1985.
  • Vaughn is the only Brewers participant in the event who did not hit a home run in the event. He had zero HRs in the only round he was a participant in ’85.
  • Fielder and Sexson are the only Brewers to have participated in more than one event; Fielder was in three (2007, 2009 and 2011) while Sexson was in two (2002 and 2003).
  • Fielder is the only Brewer to win the event. He did it in 2009.
  • Five different Brewers lost in the semi-finals in the event: Sexson in 2002, Lee in 2005, Braun in 2008, Hart in 2010 and Fielder in 2011.
  • Burnitz is the only other Brewer player to make it to the finals (other than Fielder in 2009) in the event. He lost to Ken Griffey Jr. in the finals in 1999.
  • Miller Park hosted the ASG and Home Run Derby in 2002. Jason Giambi won the event that year.
  • Adding up all the home runs hit by Brewers players in the Home Run Derby, it’s no surprise that Fielder has the most cumulative home runs with 35 in three years. He is followed by Lee with 15, Braun and Burnitz with 14, Hart with 13, Sexson with 11, weeks with three and Vaughn with zero.
  • Two Brewers, Burnitz in 1999 and Fielder in 2011, did not hit a home run in at least 10 games after the All-Star game after participating in the Home Run Derby that year. Burnitz did not hit a HR until the 15th game after the Home Run Derby; it took Fielder 13 games after the Home Run Derby in 2011 before he hit his first HR after the event.


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Today’s Sports Stat-July 2, 2017



The MLB All-Star Game will be held on Tuesday, July 11 with the Home Run Derby (HRD) scheduled for the previous night.

There have been 32 winners of the HRD since it began in 1985. Ken Griffey, Jr. holds the event record by winning the title three times. Six different teams have had one of their players win the HRD title three times: Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati, L.A. Angels, New York Yankees, Oakland and Seattle.

Eighteen of the 30 MLB teams have had at least one of their players win a HRD crown. The 12 teams that have not had one of their players win a HRD are: Atlanta, Cleveland, Colorado, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Diego, Tampa Bay, Toronto and Washington.




Can Cubs sluggers finally make a dent in MLB’s Home Run Derby?


After being shutout of Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby for over a decade, a pair of Chicago Cubs players will get the chance to launch a few balls in tonight’s kickoff to the MLB’s All-Star Game festivities.

Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant will represent the Cubs in the long-ball competition, the only team with two players in the event. The Cubs have not had a player in the Home Run Derby since Sammy Sosa in 2004. In fact, of the Home Run Derby events held since 2005, 26 of the 30 MLB teams have had at least one player represented. The four that did not: the aforementioned Cubs, San Francisco, Kansas City and Seattle. The Giants have not had a player in the HRD since 2004, while the Mariners have not had a player in the event since 2003. The longest drought belongs to the Royals; the last player they had in the HRD was in 1991 when Danny Tartabull was their rep in the contest.

Since 2005, Boston Red Sox players have hit the most HRs in the HRD with 105. The Phillies rank second with 87 HRD homers since 2005. Here’s a look at the number of Home Run Derby home runs hit by each of the 30 MLB franchises from 2005-2014 (the last 10 years of the event).

105: Boston
87: Philadelphia
80: Milwaukee
67: Detroit
63: Oakland
60: Toronto
58: Texas
53: Miami
46: St. Louis
41: N.Y. Yankees
40: Colorado
33: Minnesota
30: L.A. Angels
27: N.Y. Mets
24: Washington
22: Baltimore
17: Houston
10: Cincinnati, Pittsburgh
8: L.A. Dodgers, Tampa Bay
7: Chicago White Sox
6: Cleveland
5: Atlanta
2: San Diego
1: Arizona
0: Chicago Cubs, Kansas City, San Francisco, Seattle

Three teams have had five different players represent their team in the Home Run Derby in the last 10 years. The three teams are Colorado (Michael Cuddyer, Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Holiday, Justin Morneau, Troy Tulowitzki), Detroit (Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Brandon Inge, Magglio Ordonez, Ivan Rodriguez) and  Milwaukee (Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Corey Hart, Carlos Lee, Rickie Weeks).

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