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Milwaukee Brewers home runs… by the alphabet


Ryan Braun passed Robin Yount last season for the most career home runs with the Brewers. Braun now holds the team record with 255 career HRs with the Brewers; Yount had 251.

Keeping on the topic of home runs, do you think you could answer which Brewers player has the most career home runs based on the first letter of the last name? Only one letter of the alphabet is not represented among Brewers players… you guessed it, X.

How many of these would you have gotten right?

A: Hank Aaron, 22
B: Ryan Braun, 255
C: Cecil Cooper, 201
D: Rob Deer, 137
E: Johnny Estrada, 10
F: Prince Fielder, 230
G: Carlos Gomez, 87
H: Corey Hart, 154
I: Travis Ishikawa, 4
J: Geoff Jenkins, 212
K: George Kottaras, 17
L: Sixto Lezcano, 102
M: Paul Molitor, 160
N: Dave Nilsson, 105
O: Ben Oglivie, 176
P: Darrell Porter, 54
Q: Jamie Quirk, 3
R: Aramis Ramirez, 65
S: Richie Sexson, 133
T: Gorman Thomas, 208
U: Tim Unroe, 2
V: Greg Vaughn, 169
W: Rickie Weeks, 148
X: (None)
Y: Robin Yount, 251
Z: Gregg Zaun, 2

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Brewers sever ties with another one-year slugger

Adam Lind

Adam Lind


For the second time in two years the Milwaukee Brewers have said good-bye to a player who had 20 or more home runs after just one season with the club.

With the trade of Adam Lind to Seattle, the Brewers traded his 20 home runs in 2015 to the Mariners for three teenage prospects. Lind spent one year with the team. In 2014 the Brewers signed Mark Reynolds to a free agent contract. He went on to hit 22 home runs in his only season with the Brewers; he signed a free agent contract with the division-rival Cardinals for 2015.

In the Brewers history there have been 11 players who played only one season with the Brewers and had 12 or more home runs in that lone season with the club. Leading the way for the franchise was Don Mincher who hit 25 home runs for the Seattle Pilots (the precursor to the Brewers) in 1969. That off season the Pilots/now Brewers traded Mincher to the Oakland A’s.

Here’s a look at the players who played only one season for the franchise yet hit 12 or more home runs in that season.

Player, HR’s, only season with team (games played that season)
Don Mincher, 25, 1969 (140)
Mark Reynolds, 22, 2014 (130)
Dave Parker, 21, 1990 (157)
Adam Lind, 20, 2015 (149)
Matt Stairs, 16, 2002 (107)
John Vander Wal, 14, 2003 (117)
Devon White, 14, 2001 (126)
Juan Francisco, 13, 2013 (89) *
Kevin Reimer, 13, 1993 (125)
Corey Koskie, 12, 2006 (76)
Joe Oliver, 12, 1995 (97)

  • Most home runs in Brewers history with fewer than 100 games played for the team in a career.

In addition, eight players played multiple seasons with the Brewers but had less than 162 games played and hit 12 or more home runs for the club. Those players:

Joey Meyer, 18 HRs in 1988-89 (156 games)
Wayne Comer, 15 HRs in 1969-70 (160 games)
Phil Roof, 14 HRs in 1970-71 (151 games)
Gerardo Parra, 12 HRs in 2014-15 (146 games)
Junior Spivey, 12 HRs in 2004-05 (108 games)
Bobby Hughes, 12 HRs in 1998-99 (133 games)
Paul Householder, 12 HRs in 1985-86 (121 games)
Ted Savage, 12 HRs in 1970-71 (128 games)

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