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Today’s Sportstat: January 12, 2019

The Milwaukee Brewers in 2018 had three relief pitchers with 12 or more saves: Corey Knebel (16), Jeremy Jeffress (15) and Josh Hader (12). The 2018 Houston Astros also had three relievers with 12 or more saves, the second time they have achieved this milestone in the last three seasons.

The Brewers and Astros became the sixth and seventh teams in MLB history to have three relief pitchers with 12 or more saves in the same season. Here is a look at those seven teams.

1992 White Sox (Hernandez, Radinsky, Thigpen)

2000 Braves (Ligtenberg, Remlinger, Rocker)

2005 Diamondbacks (Bruney, Lyon, Valverde)

2015 Mariners (Rodney, Smith, Wilhelmsen)

2016 Astros (Giles, Gregerson, Harris)

2018 Astros (Giles, Osuna, Rondon)

2018 Brewers (Knebel, Jeffress, Hader)

For the Brewers, it was the eighth time in their history that they had two or more relievers finish the season with 12 or more saves in the same season. Following are those eight seasons.

1972: Frank Linzy (12), Ken Sanders (17)

1986: Mark Clear (16), Dan Plesac (14)

1987: Dan Plesac (23), Chuck Crim (12)

1998: Bob Wickman (25), Doug Jones (12)

2000: Bob Wickman (16), Curtis Leskanic (12)

2003: Mike DeJean (18), Dan Kolb (21)

2006: Derrick Turnbow (24), Francisco Cordero (16)

2016: Jeremy Jeffress (27), Tyler Thornburg (13)

2018: Corey Knebel (16), Jeremy Jeffress (15), Josh Hader (12)


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Today’s Sports Stat: July 26, 2018

Both Jeremy Jeffress and Josh Hader have had great seasons up to this point and were both All-Stars this season.

Through games of July 25, Jeffress has a 1.31 ERA in 48 innings pitched over 47 games. Hader has an ERA of 1.43 in 33 games and 50.1 innings pitched.

Neither will qualify for the ERA title in the league since that honor is based on 162 innings pitched for the season. But both have a chance to put their names on the list of Brewers pitchers who have compiled some of the lowest ERAs in a season.

If we base the lowest ERAs for the Brewers in a season on pitching 50 or more innings, Hader already has the second-lowest ERA in team history (of course, the season is not over). Here are the Brewers pitchers with the lowest ERA in a season with a minimum of 50 innings pitched. (Hader is not listed because the 2018 season is not over.)

Lowest ERA in a season (min 50 innings pitched)

1.04-Rollie Fingers, 1981 (78 innings pitched)
1.65-C.C. Sabathia, 2008 (130.2 innings pitched)
1.65-Paul Mirabella, 1988 (60 innings pitched)
1.66-Jerry Bell, 1972 (70.2 innings pitched)
1.74-Derrick Turnbow, 2005 (67.1 innings pitched)

If we change the criteria to games pitched instead of innings pitched, both Jeffress and Hader have a chance to climb near the top of this category. Here are the Brewers pitchers with the lowest ERA in a season with a minimum of 50 games pitched. (Jeffress and Hader are again not listed on because the season is not over.)

Lowest ERA in a season (min 50 games pitched)

1.74-Derrick Turnbow, 2005 (69 games pitched)
1.78-Corey Knebel, 2017 (76 games pitched)
1.89-Chad Fox, 2001 (65 games pitched)
1.90-Tom Murphy, 1974 (70 games pitched)
1.91-Ken Sanders, 1971 (83 games pitched)

For the record, the Brewers single-season record for lowest ERA in a season (minimum off 162 innings pitched) is held by Mike Caldwell… he had a 2.36 ERA for the Brewers in 1978. The second-best ERA is Teddy Higuera’s 2.45 ERA in 1988.


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