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Most career HRs and pitching wins without an All-Star Game appearance

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This year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be played tonight at Citi Field in New York City. The MLB All-Star Game represents the best of baseball in 2013.

In the history of the All-Star Game, we’ve seen players with solid careers and those who have started a season quickly and then had a career that faded. But having the tag “All-Star” next to their name was something that could never be taken away from that player.

What about those players who had solid careers but never made it to the MLB All-Star Game? Here’s a look at two stats that will help us put a name on some of those players. First, here’s a look at those pitchers who had 150 or more career wins but never made it to the All-Star Game.

Pitcher, wins (last season)
Mike Torrez, 185 (1984)
Danny Darwin, 171 (1998)
Bob Forsch, 168 (1989)
Paul Splittorff, 166 (1984)
Bill Gullickson, 162 (1994)
Rudy May, 152 (1983)
Tom Candiotti, 151 (1999)

One active pitcher, A.J. Burnett, is quickly approaching this list. The Pirates right-hander is 4-6 this season and has 141 career wins. He has never been selected to an All-Star Game.

For batters, let’s take a look at home runs. Here’s a list of the players who have hit 250 or more career home runs who never played in an All-Star Game.

Player, career home runs, (last season)
Tim Salmon, 2999 (2006)
Pat Burrell, 292 (2011)
Eric Karros, 284 (2004)
Matt Stairs, 265 (2011)
Eric Chavez, 255 (active)
Kirk Gibson, 255 (1995)
Todd Zeile, 253 (2004)

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All-Star Game: Which team’s pitching staffs have performed best, worst?

Texas Rangers logo

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Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published daily that focuses on stats that go beyond the numbers.

Texas Rangers skipper Ron Washington, who will be managing the American League in Tuesday night’s All-Star Game, has eight of his Texas players as members of the A.L. squad. When it comes time to make pitching changes, however, he may want to think twice before inserting one of his three hurlers on the squad, Matt Harrison, Joe Nathan or Yu Darvish.

The Rangers have the worst ERA of pitchers who have thrown in the All-Star Game since 2000. Rangers hurlers have given up five earned runs in 2.2 innings of work for a 16.88 ERA. The A.L. lost last year’s game, 5-1, and Texas pitcher C.J. Wilson was credited with the loss after giving up three earned runs in an inning of work.

Considering that the Tampa Bay staff has a 0.00 in five innings of work since 2000, Washington may want to call upon the Ray’s David Price or Fernando Rodney for a little work on Tuesday.

On the National League side, the Colorado Rockies have the best ERA at 0.00 in nine innings of work. The Washington Nationals have the worst ERA at 9.00, but it should be noted that the only two N.L. victories since 2000 have been won by pitchers from the Nationals… Tyler Clippard last year, and Matt Capps in 2010. Both pitchers worked only one-third of an inning in their victories.

Following are the ERAs of each team’s pitching staffs in the All-Star Game since 2000.

National League, ERA (innings pitched)

Colorado 0.00 (7)

Pittsburgh 0.00 (1.1)

Milwaukee 0.96 (9.1)

Arizona 1.59 (11.1)

San Francisco 2.45 (7.1)

St. Louis 2.57 (7)

Philadelphia 2.70 (10)

Atlanta 3.24 (8.1)

Chicago 3.86 (7)

Cincinnati 4.50 (4)

L.A. Dodgers 5.14 (14)

Miami 7.20 (5)

N.Y. Mets 8.31 (4.1)

Houston 8.53 (6.1)

San Diego 8.64 (8.1)

Washington 9.00 (2)

American League, ERA (innings pitched)

Tampa Bay 0.00 (5)

Kansas City 0.00 (2.2)

Boston 0.82 (11)

N.Y. Yankees 1.17 (15.1)

Minnesota 2.00 (9)

L.A. Angels 2.16 (8.1)

Detroit 2.57 (7)

Chicago 2.61 (10.1)

Baltimore 3.00 (3)

Oakland 3.75 (12)

Seattle 6.08 (13.1)

Toronto 6.10 (10.1)

Cleveland 7.20 (5)

Texas 16.88 (2.2)

The Yankees have had the most appearances by their pitchers in the All-Star Game since 2000 with 16. The Dodgers pitching staff has made 14 appearances, most in the N.L. Following are the number of All-Star Game appearances by each team’s pitchers since 2000.

16: N.Y. Yankees

14: L.A. Dodgers

13: Seattle

11: Oakland

10: San Diego, Minnesota, L.A. Angels

9: Atlanta, Milwaukee, Arizona, Boston

8: Philadelphia, Toronto, Chicago White Sox

7: Houston

6: Chicago Cubs, St. Louis, San Francisco, Detroit

5: N.Y. Mets, Cleveland

4: Washington, Cincinnati, Colorado, Tampa Bay

3: Miami, Baltimore, Texas

2: Pittsburgh, Kansas City

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MLB All-Star Game: The Hall of Fame connection

Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published daily that focuses on stats that go beyond the numbers.

Derek Jeter bats against the Orioles on 4-19-08.

Derek Jeter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter was one of the 60 players named to the respective American League and National League all-star teams yesterday. For Jeter, a likely first-year Hall of Famer when he becomes eligible, it will be his 13th All-Star Game.

The All-Star Game was first played in 1933. In taking a look at the Hall of Famers who played in All-Star Games, there are some interesting facts that pop out.

First, Bert Blyleven was inducted into the Hall of Fame last year on his 14th attempt. Blyleven had a 22-year career in the majors with 287 wins, over 3,700 strikeouts, and a career ERA of 3.31. He was an American League all-star in only two seasons, 1973 and 1985. He became the Hall of Famer with the fewest All-Star Games. (He was credited with the loss in that ’73 contest.)

Another surprise was that Milwaukee’s Robin Yount, inducted into the Hall in 1999 in his first year on the ballot, played in only three All-Star Games, 1980, 1982 and 1983. He was a starter in two of the three games. Another interesting fact is that Yount won the 1989 A.L. MVP without making the all-star team that year.

Following are the Hall of Famers who had the fewest All-Star games on their resume.

All-Star Games, Players

2: Bert Blyleven

3: Ferguson Jenkins, Robin Yount

4: Don Sutton

5: Richie Ashburn, Phil Niekro, Gaylord Perry, Phil Rizzuto, Hoyt Wilhelm

Hank Aaron tops the list with 21 All-Star Games. There are 16 players who had 10 or more All-Star Games but are not in baseball’s Hall of Fame. For some of these players, the jury is still out on whether they will ever be enshrined in Cooperstown.

All-Star Games, Players

17: Pete Rose

14: Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Ivan Rodriguez

13: Ken Griffey, Derek Jeter

12: Mark McGwire. Mike Piazza, Manny Ramirez, Mariano Rivera

11: Roger Clemens, Bill Freehan

10: Steve Garvey, Tom Glavine, Randy Johnson, Ichiro Suzuki

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Bo knows All-Star Game hits… the Royals don’t!

Airman 1st Class Joseph Bowling (not pictured)...
Bo Jackson… Image via Wikipedia

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One of the most memorable moments in MLB All-Star Game history was on July 11, 1989 when Kansas City Royals outfielder Bo Jackson made a great defensive play in the top of the first inning saving two runs and then homered to lead off the bottom of that same inning. Jackson was later selected the game’s MVP and cemented his legend as one of sports’ greatest two-sport athletes.

But that game in 1989 was also notable for another reason, although not necessarily a positive note for Royals’ fans. In the bottom of the fourth, Jackson collected his second hit of the game, a single to center. What makes that hit noteworthy is that’s the last hit a member of the Royals has collected in an all-star game, a current streak of 21 seasons where Royals hitters has gone hitless in the all-star game.

In the National League, the Milwaukee Brewers have had a similar batting drought. Since 2000, Brewers batters have only one hit in 24 all-star game at-bats, an anemic .042 batting average. Prince Fielder doubled in the 2009 game for their only hit since 2000.

Topping the list is Arizona with a .375 average; Yankee’s batters have the most hits, 20, since 2000.

Listed below are the batting averages of all MLB team hitters in all-star games since 2000.

 A.L. team, hits/at-bats, average     N.L. team, hits/at-bats, average

Chicago White Sox, 8-22, .364                 Arizona, 6-16, .375

Boston, 16-48, .333                                     N.Y. Mets, 13-39, .333

Toronto, 6-19, .316                                      St. Louis, 14-43, .326

Texas, 16-55, .291                                        Atlanta, 11-36, .306

N.Y Yankees, 20-69, .290                          L.A. Dodgers, 5-17, .294

Detroit, 7-25, .280                                       Chicago Cubs, 7-26, .269

Tampa Bay, 6-24, .250                               Houston, 6-23, .261

Baltimore, 4-17, .235                                   Philadelphia, 8-34, .235

Cleveland, 5-22, .227                                   Washington, 4-18, .222

Seattle, 9-41, .220                                        San Francisco, 4-20, .200

L.A. Angels, 6-31, .194                                Cincinnati, 3-15, .200

Minnesota, 5-26, .192                                 San Diego, 2-10, .200

Oakland, 1-7, .143                                        Florida, 6-36, .167

Kansas City, 0-7, .000                                Colorado, 4-25, .160

*****************                                        Pittsburgh, 2-17, .118

*****************                                       Milwaukee, 1-24, .042

Major Leaguers with All-Star Game success but no Hall of Fame

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Pete Rose...Image via Wikipedia

This year’s MLB All-Star Game will be played July 12. Over the years, this game has showcased some of the all-time greats in the game, including many Hall of Famers.

But in taking a look at those players who have been members of the AL or NL all-star teams in the most seasons, there are several players who have not been voted into the baseball Hall of Fame. In some cases, controversy may keep a few of these players out of the Hall for a long time. In other cases, many all-star game appearances does not seem to warrant a place in the Hall. As you look at the following lists, ask yourself, which of these players deserve Hall of Fame selection?

Following are those players not currently in the baseball Hall of Fame who have had the most seasons on an all-star team roster. (Active players listed in a separate list below.)

Player, last season                                                     All-Star Game seasons

Pete Rose, 1986                                                                                       17

Barry Bonds, 2007                                                                                 14

Ken Griffey, 2010                                                                                   13

Barry Larkin, 2004                                                                                12

Mark McGwire, 2001                                                                             12

Mike Piazza, 2007                                                                                  12

Roger Clemens, 2007                                                                            11

Bill Freehan, 1976                                                                                  11

Steve Garvey, 1987                                                                                10

Tom Glavine, 2008                                                                               10

Randy Johnson, 2009                                                                          10

(Seven players were on nine all-star team rosters: Elston Howard (1968), Davey Concepcion (1988), Fred Lynn (1990), Frank McCormick (1948), Ron Santo (1974), Gary Sheffield (2009) and Joe Torre (1977).

Active players with most All-Star Game seasons: Ivan Rodriquez (14), Alex Rodriquez (13), *Manny Ramirez (12), Derek Jeter (11), Mariano Rivera (11), Ichiro Suzuki (10).

* Ramirez was active at the beginning of the 2011 season