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Today’s Sports Stat: November 17, 2017

Washington pitcher Max Scherzer won the National League Cy Young Award for the second consecutive season. He becomes the ninth pitcher in MLB history to win that award in back-to-back seasons.

The other eight pitchers: Sandy Koufax (1965-1966), Jim Palmer (1975-1976), Roger Clemens (1986-1987; 1997-1998), Greg Maddux (1992-1995), Randy Johnson (1999-2002), Pedro Martinez (1999-2000), Tim Lincecum (2008-2009), Clayton Kershaw (2013-2014), Max Scherzer (2016-17).

Scherzer also became the 10th starting pitcher to win a Cy Young Award with 16 or fewer regular season wins. Fernando Valenzuela (1981) and Felix Hernandez (2010) each won Cy Young awards with 13 wins, the fewest wins for a starting pitcher to win the honor.

The 10 starting pitchers that won the Cy Young with 16 or fewer wins: Fernando Valenzuela (13 win in 1981), Rick Sutcliffe (16-1984), David Cone (16-1994), Greg Maddux (16-1996), Brandon Webb (16-2006), Tim Lincecum (15-2009), Zack Greinke (16-2009), Felix Hernandez (13-2010), Clayton Kershaw (16-2013), Max Scherzer (16-2017).

Scherzer also became the 10th pitcher in MLB history to win the Cy Young Award three times. Roger Clemens tops this category as a seven-time honoree. The 10 players to win three or more Cy Youngs: Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Steve Carlton, Greg Maddux, Sandy Koufax, Pedro Martinez, Jim Palmer, Tom Seaver, Clayton Kershaw and Scherzer. Of the 10 listed, seven are in the Hall of Fame… Scherzer and Kershaw are still active; Clemens has not been voted in to the Hall.


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Pitchers with no-hitter and one-hitter in the same season

Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer

Back on June 14 Washington’s Max Scherzer tossed a one-hitter versus the Brewers. In his next start six days later, Scherzer did it one better by pitching a no-hitter against the Pirates. In tossing a one-hitter and a no-hitter in the same season, Scherzer became the 24th pitcher in the last 75 years to do so.

Here’s a rundown of those 24 pitchers in the last 75 years with both a no-hitter and one-hitter in the same season.

2015: Max Scherzer, Washington
2012: Matt Cain, San Francisco
2001: Hideo Nomo, Boston
1998: Tom Browning, Cincinnati
1997: Kevin Brown, Florida
1990: Nolan Ryan, Texas
1977: Dennis Eckersley, Cleveland
1974: Nolan Ryan, California
1973: Jim Bibby, Texas
1973: Nolan Ryan, California (two no-hitters and one one-hitter)
1970: Vida Blue, Oakland
1969: Jim Maloney, Cincinnati
1968: Gaylord Perry, San Francisco
1967: Dean Chance, Minnesota (two no-hitters and one one-hitter)
1965: Jim Maloney, Cincinnati
1965: Sandy Koufax, Los Angeles Dodgers
1964: Jim Bunning, Philadelphia
1959: Sam Jones, San Francisco
1952: Virgil Trucks, Detroit (two no-hitters, one one-hitter)
1948: Rex Barney, Brooklyn
1946: Bob Feller, Cleveland (one no-hitter, two one-hitters)
1944: Jim Tobin, Boston Braves (two no-hitters, one one-hitter)
1941: Lon Warnecke, St. Louis
1940: Bob Feller, Cleveland

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Max Scherzer notches first one-hitter of the season


Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer tossed a one-hitter yesterday against the Brewers striking out 16. It was the first one-hitter of this 2015 season and the first of Scherzer’s career.

Scherzer became the 604th MLB pitcher since 1914 to throw a complete game one-hitter. It was the first one-hitter since the Cubs’ Jake Arrieta had a one-hitter versus the Reds last year on September 16. There were six one-hitters in the majors last year.

Since 1914 there have 185 pitchers who have thrown multiple one-hitters in their career, Topping the list are a pair of Hall of Famers, Bob Feller and Nolan Ryan. Both had 12 one-hitters in their careers. Ryan also had seven no-hitters, while Feller had three no-hitters.

Here’s a look at the pitchers who had four or more one-hitters in their career.

12: Bob Feller, Nolan Ryan

6: Steve Carlton, Bobo Newson (Note: Carlton and Newson both did not have a no-hitter in their careers, giving them the most one-hitters in a career without a no-hitter)

5: Bert Blyleven, Phil Douglas, Jim Maloney, Jim Palmer, Tom Seaver, Dave Steib, Don Sutton

4: Pete Alexander, Vida Blue, Mike Cuellar, Woodie Fryman, Randy Johnson, Walter Johnson, Sam McDowell, Guy Milton, Mike Mussina, Billy Pierce, Ken Raffensberger, Steve Rogers, Anibal Sanchez, Virgil Trucks, Bob Turley, Hippo Vaughn, Lon Warnecke, Rick Wise, Whit Wyatt.

* Thirty-six pitchers have lost a game where they pitched a complete game one-hitter. The last was Detroit’s David Price on August 14, 2014. Price surrendered one hit and an unearned run in the Tigers’ loss to Tampa Bay.

* There have been seven post-season one-hitters. The last one was Roger Clemens on October 14, 2000.

* The last pitcher to pitch a complete game one-hitter in a World series contest was Jim Lonborg on October 5, 1967.

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‘Six Stats’ you may not know about this year’s Cy Young Award winners

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Congratulations to Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer for winning this year’s Cy Young awards. For Kershaw, it was his second Cy Young honor in three years, while this was Scherzer’s first. Kershaw becomes the 16th pitcher in major league history to win two or more Cy Young awards in his career.

Here’s six stats you might not know about these pitchers and their honors.

1. Of the 16 pitchers who have won multiple Cy Young awards, Kershaw became the fifth pitcher to win his second award before his 25th birthday (he is also the first left-hander to accomplish this feat). The others: Roger Clemens, Tim Lincecum, Denny McLain and Bret Saberhagen.

2. Kershaw became the third pitcher to win multiple Cy Young honors before he had pitched in 200 games in his career. Clemens had 105 games under his belt when he won his second Cy Young in 1987, and Tim Lincecum had only pitched in 90 major league games when he won his second Cy Young Award. Kershaw has pitched in 184 games in his career.

3. Scherzer, who had a 21-3 record, this season became only the third pitcher in MLB history to win 20 or more games and not have a complete game. Scherzer joins Roger Clemens (he had 20 wins with the Yankees in 2001 and no complete games) and Mike Mussina (he won 20 games in 2008 with the Yankees without a complete game).

4. Kershaw had a record of 16-9 in 2013. He became the sixth starting pitcher to win the Cy Young with less than 17 victories (does not include pitchers who won the awards in strike-shortened 1981 and 1994 seasons). The six starting pitchers to win the Cy Young with less than 17 wins in that season:
1984: Rick Sutcliffe, 16-1
2006: Brandon Webb, 16-8
2009: Tim Lincecum, 15-7
2009: Zack Greinke, 16-8
2010: Felix Hernandez, 13-12
2013: Clayton Kershaw, 16-9

5. Kershaw became the 20th pitcher in the history of the Cy Young Award to win the award with an ERA under 2.00. Kershaw now holds the 11th best ERA of all Cy Young Award winners. The ten pitchers in front of Kershaw: Rollie Fingers (1981) 1.02, Bob Gibson (1968) 1.12, Eric Gagne (2003) 1.20, Dwight Gooden 91985) 1.53, Greg Maddux (1994) 1.56, Greg Maddux (1995) 1.63, Dean Chance (1964) 1.65, Sandy Koufax (1966) 1.73, Ron Guidry (1978) 1.74, Pedro Martinez (2000) 1.74.

6. Scherzer became the sixth pitcher in MLB history to win 20 or more games with three or fewer losses. The six pitchers:
1951: Preacher Roe, Brooklyn, 22-3
1978: Ron Guidry, NY Yankees, 25-3
1988: David Cone, NY Mets, 20-3
2001: Roger Clemens, NY Yankees, 20-3
2008: Cliff Lee, Philadelphia, 22-3
2013: Max Scherzer, Detroit, 21-3

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