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Today’s Sports Stats-August 14, 2017

Miami’s Giancarlo Stanton hit home run #42 yesterday and now leads the majors in that stat this season.

Stanton is only the second Marlins player to ever hit 40 or more home runs in a season for the franchise (Gary Sheffield had 42 HRs for the Marlins in 1996).

There are now only two current MLB franchises that have not had two or more of its players hit 40 or more home runs in a season. The Kansas City Royals have never had one of its players hit 40 in a season (Steve Balboni holds the team record with 36 homers in 1986) and Tampa Bay has had only one player slug 40 in a season when Carlos Pena had 46 in 2007. The Atlanta Braves top the list with 11 different players who have hit 40 or more home runs in a season for the franchise.

Here are the number of players that have hit 40 or more home runs in a season for each of the 30 MLB franchises. (For the record, Babe Ruth holds the MLB record for most 40-HR seasons with 11.)

11: Braves
10: Red Sox, Yankees
9: Cubs, Blue Jays
8: Giants, Reds, Rockies
7: A’s, Dodgers, Indians, Orioles, White Sox
6: Brewers, Phillies, Rangers, Tigers
5: Cardinals
4: Mariners, Padres
3: Angels, Astros, Mets, Nationals, Twins
2: Diamondbacks, Marlins, Pirates
1: Rays
0: Royals




Today’s Sports Stat-June 25, 2017



The Miami Marlins won two games this past week where they collected three or fewer hits in the game… they defeated the Cubs on June 23, 2-0, where they had only three hits in that contest; on June 21 they won 2-1 over Washington with only two hits in the game.

Teams that had three or fewer hits in a game this season are 9-94 (a .087 winning percentage).

The MLB record for most wins in a season with three or fewer hits in a game is five, held by nine different teams. The last team to win five games in a season with three or fewer hits in a game was the St. Louis Cardinals in 2014.




Blue Jays have second double-digit win streak in MLB in 2013

Toronto Blue Jays logo (1997–2002)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Tampa Bay defeated the Toronto Blue Jays last night 4-1, ending the Blue Jays 11-game winning streak. The 11-game streak tied the franchise record.

It was also the second double-digit winning streak of the 2013 season. Earlier this year the Atlanta Braves ran off 10 straight wins.

For some MLB teams, a win streak of 10 or more games has been a rarity. For the Miami Marlins franchise, they have never had a win streak of 10 or more games in their history. Two teams, Kansas City and Baltimore, both have not had a winning streak of 10 or more games this century. The Royals last had a double-digit win streak in 1994 when they won 14 straight. The Orioles last won 10-plus in 1999 when they had a 13-game wining streak.

Following are the last years that each MLB team had a winning streak of 10 or more games (the number in parenthesis is the number of games won in a row that season)

Year, team (win streak)

Never: Miami

1994: Kansas City (14)

1999: Baltimore (13)

2001: Chicago Cubs (12); St. Louis (11)

2002: Anaheim (10); Seattle (10)

2003: Arizona (12); Milwaukee (10)

2004: Houston (12); Pittsburgh (10); San Francisco (10); Tampa Bay (12)

2005: Washington (10)

2006: L.A. Dodgers (11); Oakland (10)

2008: Cleveland (10); Minnesota (10); N.Y. Mets (10)

2009: Boston (11); San Diego (10)

2010: Chicago White Sox (11); Colorado (10); Philadelphia (11)

2011: Detroit (12); Texas (12)

2012: Cincinnati (10); N.Y. Yankees (10)

2013: Atlanta (10); Toronto (11)

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