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Today’s Sportstat: December 23, 2019


Most prolific left-handed scorers in Bucks history

Here’s a nice short stat for today…

Did you know that Michael Redd tops the Bucks all-time for most points by a left-handed shooter?

The left-handed sharp-shooter Redd accumulated 11,554 points in his career with the Bucks, one of 10 left-handed Bucks players who had 1,000 or more points with the team in their career.

A total of 31 left-handed players have scored a point for the Bucks since the team entered the NBA in the 1968-69 season.

Here’s a look at the 10 left-handed Bucks players who have the most career points for the team.

Michael Redd, 11,554
Brandon Jennings, 5,019
Bob Lanier, 3,760
Brad Lohaus, 2,352
Greg Monroe, 2,195
Toni Kukoc, 1,959
John Lucas, 1,496
Anthony Mason, 1,253
Elliot Perry, 1,173
Guy Rodgers, 1,037


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Is Michael Redd the best pure shooter in Bucks history?

English: Michael Redd playing with the Milwauk...

Michael Redd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night former Milwaukee Bucks guard Michael Redd officially announced his retirement from the NBA. Redd spent 11 years in Milwaukee during his 12-year career (he spent one year in Phoenix) and averaged 19 points per game in the league.

Redd currently ranks fourth on the Bucks all-time scoring list with 11,554 points behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Glenn Robinson and Sidney Moncrief, and he is one of five Bucks to play 19,000 or more minutes in a Bucks uniform.

So here’s the question: Where does Redd rank as one of the greatest Bucks of all-time? Also, considering that Redd was known primarily as a shooter, where should he be ranked among the best pure shooters in Bucks history?

Let’s throw some numbers out to help this discussion. Based on Bucks players who played 200 or more games with the franchise, Redd is one of six Bucks players who had a career field goal percentage above 44%, a career three-point shooting percentage above 35% and a career free throw shooting percentage above 80% (these numbers are only while playing with the Bucks). The six players:

Player, Career FG Pct, 3-PT Pct., FT Pct
Ray Allen: .450/.406/.879
Craig Hodges: .478/.404/856
Michael Redd: .449/.383/.840
Jack Sikma: .447/.352/.884
Mo Williams: .450/.364/.853
Brian Winters: .478/.363/.843

Your choice as the best pure shooter in Bucks history?

Finally, although Redd was known primarily as a shooter, he is one of only six players in Bucks history to accumulate 2,000 rebounds, 1,000 assists and 10,000 points in his Bucks career. The six:

Player, Rebounds, Assists, Points
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 7161/2008/14211
Bob Dandridge: 4497/1956/11478
Marques Johnson: 3923/1934/10980
Sidney Moncrief: 3447/2689/11594
Michael Redd: 2334/1305/11554
Glenn Robinson: 3519/1609/12010

So, where does Redd rank on your list of all-time Bucks?

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Milwaukee Bucks: Can second round pick Doron Lamb follow in Michael Redd’s footsteps?

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English: Michael Redd playing with the Milwauk...

Michael Redd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With their second round pick in the draft, the Bucks selected University of Kentucky shooting guard Doron Lamb. The Bucks have generally received favorable marks for their selection of the 6-foot-4 Lamb. In reading some of the comments about the pick, statements like “terrific outside shooter” and “serious scoring threat” have been used to describe Lamb.

For the Bucks, the question is, can Lamb become a solid contributor for the team in his rookie season? The team would most definitely like to see Lamb have the success that another second round shooting guard had with the Bucks in recent history… Michael Redd.

Redd was the 43rd overall pick (14th pick in the second round) in the 2000 draft who went on to score 11,554 in a Bucks uniform (fourth on the all-time scoring list). Of all the players drafted by the Bucks in the second round since 1989 (when the NBA went to a two-round draft), Redd has played the most games for the Bucks.

In addition to Redd, the Bucks have also gotten solid contributions from another pair of second-round draft choices, Ersan Ilyasova and Luc Mbah a Moute.

Following are the Bucks second-round draft picks since 1989 who played the most games in a Bucks uniform in their career.

Player, Draft Year, Games with Bucks (Career NBA games)

Michael Redd, 2000, 578 games (629)

Dan Gadzuric, 2002, 483 games (527)

Luc Mbah a Moute, 2008, 277 games (277)

Ersan Ilyasova, 2005, 267 games (267)

Steve Henson, 1990, 118 games (238)

Rafer Alston, 1998, 114 games (671)

Ramon Sessions, 2007, 96 games (323)

Frank Kornet, 1989, 89 games (89)

David Noel, 2006, 68 games (68)

Jon Leuer, 2011, 46 games (46)

Jodie Meeks, 2009, 41 games (200)

Jerald Honeycutt, 1997, 41 games (54)

In looking at all of the second round selections since 1989, there have been several players who have had solid careers in the NBA. Here’s a rundown of the second round players from each of the last 23 drafts (1989-2011) that have played in the most NBA games to date. (Noted is the year they were drafted in the second round, the team that drafted them, and NBA games played.)

1989: Clifford Robinson, 1,380

1990: Antonio Davis, Indiana, 903

1991: Randy Brown, Sacramento, 655

1992: P.J. Brown, New Jersey Nets, 1,089

1993: Nick Van Exel, Los Angeles Lakers, 880

1994: Howard Eisley, Minnesota, 786

1995: Eric Snow, Milwaukee, 846

1996: Malik Rose, Charlotte, 813

1997: Stephen Jackson, Phoenix, 794

1998: Rashard Lewis, Seattle, 934

1999: Manu Ginobli, San Antonio, 667

2000: Eddie House, Miami, 717

2001: Earl Watson, Seattle, 806

2002: Rasual Butler, Miami, 638

2003: Kyle Korver, New Jersey Nets, 664

2004: Chris Duhon, Chicago, 560

2005: Ryan Gomes, Boston, 482

2006: Paul Millsap, Utah, 462

2007: Glen Davis, Seattle, 338

2008: Mario Chalmers, Minnesota, 289

2009: DeJuan Blair, San Antonio, 227

2010: Landry Fields, New York Knicks, 148

2011: Shelvin Mack, Washington, 64

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