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The Mike McCarthy playoff era: 10 stats you probably didn’t know!

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Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy took over head coaching duties for the team in 2006 and has compiled an impressive 74-38 regular season record. In addition, McCarthy has led the Packers to the playoffs in five of his seven seasons where the team has won six playoff games and lost three (through January 5, 2013).

Let’s take a look at the Mike McCarthy playoff era; those nine playoff games the Packers have currently played (they play playoff game number 10 in the McCarthy era tonight against the San Francisco 49ers).

1. With McCarthy as head coach, the Packers are 5-0 in playoff games played in an odd-numbered year. The team is 1-3 in playoff games played in an even-numbered year

2. The Packers are 2-2 in home playoff games in the McCarthy era and 1-0 at neutral sites (Super Bowl). McCarthy’s teams have a 3-1 record in road playoff games.

3. During McCarthy’s tenure, the Pack has won each of the three Saturday playoff games they played; they are 3-3 in Sunday playoff contests.

4. The Packers have scored 20 or more points in each of the nine playoff games under McCarthy’s leadership. The team is 6-1 in games when they scored 21 or more points in a playoff game since 2006 (the only loss was the 51-45 defeat at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals).

5. When Green Bay allowed 21 or fewer points in a playoff game under McCarthy, the team is a perfect 5-0.

6. The Packers had the lead at halftime in each of the last six playoff games they won.

7. Green Bay has scored first in only three of the nine playoff games under McCarthy.

8. The Pack averaged 119 yards per game on the ground in their six McCarthy era playoff wins, only 88 yards rushing per game in the three losses.

9. The Packers had nine turnovers in their three playoff losses since 2006. In their six playoff wins since 2006, they had only seven turnovers. The defense had 15 takeaways in those six wins; they had only three takeaways in the three losses.

10. The Green Bay defense had 16 sacks in their six playoff wins under McCarthy; in the three losses they had only four sacks. The Packers QB was sacked nine times in their three defeats; they allowed 12 sacks in the six wins.

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SIX STATS you might not know about… Winning 13 or more games in the NFL regular season

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Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy. Ph...

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy has led the Pack to a 13-0 start... Image via Wikipedia

1. The 2011 Green Bay Packers became the 62nd team to win 13 or more games in an NFL regular season since 1960. Of the previous 61, one team won 16 games (New England, 2007), four won 15 games (San Francisco, 1984; Chicago, 1985; Minnesota, 1998; and Pittsburgh, 2004), 20 teams won 14 games, and 36 teams won 13 games.

2. The last year that no NFL team won 13 or more games in the regular season was in 2002. Prior to that, no teams won 13 or more in 1993.

3. Thirty-two of the 61 teams that won 13 or more regular season games went on to play in the Super Bowl that season. Eighteen of those teams won the Super Bowl. The last team to win 13 or more regular season games and win the Super Bowl that same year was New Orleans in 2009. Prior to that it was the 2004 New England Patriots.

4. There have been six Super Bowls where the match-up was between two teams that had both won 13 or more games in the regular season: 2004-New England/Philadelphia; 1999-St. Louis/Tennessee; 1998-Denver/Atlanta; 1991-Washington/Buffalo; 1990-New York Giants/Buffalo; 1984-San Francisco/Miami.

5. Of the 25 teams that have won 14 or more games in a regular season, 10 won the Super Bowl… six lost in the Super Bowl… three lost in the Conference Championship game… six lost in the Divisional Playoff game.

6. The most teams to win 13 or more regular season games in a season is four, accomplished twice: 2007 (New England, Indianapolis, Dallas and Green Bay) and 1999 (Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee and St. Louis). As we enter the last three weeks of this season, six teams still have a chance to win 13 games this season… New England, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Houston, New Orleans and San Francisco. Each of these teams is currently 10-3 and would have to win their final three games to finish the season 13-3 to join the Packers with 13 or more regular season wins.

The Packers after the bye week

Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy. Ph...

Packers coach Mike McCarthy... Image via Wikipedia

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The undefeated Green Bay Packers had a bye last week and get back into the action this Sunday with a game against the San Diego Chargers. So how well have previous Packers teams done the week after a bye? Here’s a look at some of the stats…

* The Pack is 13-9 after the bye week since 1990. They have, however, won eight of their last 10 after the week off. Of the last three Packers coaches, Mike McCarthy has the best record after the bye; his team’s have won four and lost only one. Mike Sherman was 4-2; Mike Holmgren‘s Packers were 3-5 the week after the bye.

* Eleven of the 22 games were decided by seven points or less. They played in three overtime contests, winning one and losing two.

* The Packers have a 7-1 record in games at home after the bye week; they are 6-8 in games away after the bye week. This week’s game is in San Diego.

* This year’s bye came on Week 8. In the past years, the Packers are 4-2 after a bye on Week 8. Other records after bye weeks: Week 3 bye, 0-1; Week 4 bye, 1-0; Week 5 bye, 1-1; Week 6 bye, 1-3; Week 7 bye, 4-2; Week 9 bye, 1-0; Week 10 bye, 1-0.

* Green Bay holds an advantage in turnovers in games after the bye week. The Packers have committed 32 turnovers to the opponents 42. In the 10 games after the bye week in which the Packers had fewer turnovers than their opponents, they won nine and lost one.

* The Packesr played 14 of their 22 games after the bye week versus division opponents. They had a 9-5 record. They are 4-3 against AFC opponents.

* Aaron Rodgers is 2-1 after the bye week as the Packers starting quarterback. He completed 67% of his passes in those three games after the bye, averaging over 324 yards passing per game, and throwing for seven TDs and only one interception. He had a passer rating over 100 in two of the three games. In 17 games after the bye week with the Packers, Brett Favre was 10-7. He completed 61.6% of his passes, averaging 230.5 yards passing per game. He threw for 27 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He had a 100 or higher passer rating in seven of the 17 games.