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Today’s Sports Stat-August 18, 2017

Here’s a trio of baseball stats for today:

  • Brewers’ fans may notice a couple of familiar names atop the American League RBI list. Nelson Cruz and Khris Davis are 1-2 in RBIs in the A.L.; both made their MLB debuts as Brewers. Cruz, who is now with the Seattle Mariners, leads the A.L. in ribbies with 96. He made his debut with the Brewers in 2005 playing eight games and going one-for-five. He was traded in 2006 to Texas along with Carlos Lee for Francisco Cordero, Kevin Mench, Laynce Nix and a minor leaguer. Davis, who is with Oakland, has 86 RBIs this season. He made his MLB debut with the Brewers in 2013. He had 60 HRs and 160 RBIs for the Brew Crew in three seasons before his trade to Oakland in 2016 for a pair of minor leaguers.
  • It appears that Houston second baseman Jose Altuve will win his third A.L. batting crown this year. He is hitting .362 this season, 42 points higher than his closest competitor. If he wins the A.L. batting title this season, he would become the 12th player to win three or more batting titles in the A.L. The others: Wade Boggs, George Brett, Miguel Cabrera, Rod Carew, Ty Cobb, Harry Heilmann, Nap Lajoie, Joe Mauer, Tony Oliva, Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski. Of the 11 players listed above, all are in the Hall of Fame except active players Cabrera and Mauer, and Oliva. It’s interesting to note that the last player other than Altuve and Cabrera to win the A.L. batting title was Josh Hamilton in 2010.
  • The Brewers had the day off yesterday and begin a road trip out west to take on three N.L. West opponents (Colorado, San Francisco and Los Angeles). The Brewers are 8-4 this season in games following a day off… that’s the good news. As the road team against N.L. West opponents, the Brew Crew is 4-3 this season. In the past two seasons the Brewers were 5-11 in 2016 and 6-10 in 2015 as visitors versus N.L. West teams… the not-so-good news for this upcoming road trip.


Today’s Sports Stat-August 15, 2017

A lot has been noted this season about the Brewers scoring a lot of runs in the first inning (it happened again on Sunday when they tallied three runs in the first inning). Let’s take a look a few individual stats for Brewers players in the first inning.

A look at the Brewers players stats in the first inning shows that Robin Yount has the team record for most career first-inning hits (578), Ryan Braun holds the team mark for most career first-inning home runs (69) and RBIs (211) and Paul Molitor holds the team record for most first-inning stolen bases (119).

I was a little surprised, however, when I discovered that a current player (not Ryan Braun) holds the team-best batting average in the first inning. For all Milwaukee players who have at least 100 plate appearances in the first inning, right-fielder Domingo Santana has the best first-inning batting average at .368 (I guess Counsell needs to make sure that Santana is batting either 1-2 or 3 in the Brewers batting order).

Here are the six Brewers players who have a .320 or better first-inning career batting average with the club (again, minimum of 100 plate appearances in the first inning to qualify for the list).

Domingo Santana .368
Bill Spiers .358
Jeff Cirillo .333
Dave Nilsson .325
Sixton Lezcano .320
Scooter Gennett .320

With all due respect to the great Hank Aaron, the worst career first-inning batting average for the Brewers (minimum of 100 plate appearances in the first inning) is Aaron’s .184.




Today’s Sports Stat-August 13, 2017

Brewers’ first baseman Eric Thames slugged his team-leading 27th home run last night in the team’s 6-5 win over Cincinnati.

When you look at Thames’ numbers for this season, one stat seems to jump out… although he has 27 HRs and leads the team, he only has 51 RBI (third on the team behind Shaw and Santana).

It will be interesting to note if Thames gets 30 HRs this season and if his RBI totals stay low. Of all the Brewers players who have hit 30 or more homers in a season, the fewest number of RBI was 82 by Tommy Harper in 1970 (he had 31 HRs and 82 RBI that season). Two other Brew Crew members had only 83 RBI with 30+ homers: Corey Hart in 2012 had 30 HRs and 83 RBI; Prince Fielder in 2010 had 32 home runs and 83 ribbies.

At the MLB level, there have been eight players in history to have 30 or more home runs in a season with less than 70 RBI. Last season a pair of players (Curtis Granderson of the Mets and Jedd Gyorko of the Reds) each had 30 HRs and only 59 RBIs. That is the fewest number of RBI’s of a player who slugged 30 or more home runs in a season.


Today’s Sports Stat-August 12, 2017

You would think that scoring 10 runs in a game would surely equate to a victory in the major leagues. Just ask the Brewers… that’s not always the case.

The Brewers scored 10 runs last night but were defeated by the Cincinnati Reds 11-10. It was the first time since April 21, 2015 that the Brew crew lost a game when they scored 10 runs; they lost to the same Reds on that day 16-10.

Since 1969, the Brewers franchise has lost 33 games when they scored 10 or more runs. They have won 471 games with 10+ runs, meaning they have a winning percentage of .935 when they tally 10 or more runs in a contest.

The Brewers’ loss last night was the 11th time this season that a team lost when scoring 10 runs (the Angels are the only team to have lost two games this way in 2017). The record for most games lost when scoring 10 or more runs in a season is five, held by Seattle and Colorado in 1999. In fact, the MLB season with the most games lost by a team when they scored 10+ runs in a game is 41 in 1999.

Since 2013, MLB teams that score 10 or more runs in a game are 1432-45 (a .970 winning percentage).




Today’s Sports Stat-August 9, 2017

The Brewers last night gave up five home runs to the Minnesota Twins. It was the third time this season that the Brew Crew pitching staff has surrendered five or more HRs to an opponent (June 17 vs. San Diego and July 27 vs. Washington).

The Milwaukee pitching staff has given up five or more home runs in a game 47 times in franchise history. The team is 4-43 (.085 winning percentage) in those games.

There have been 42 games this season where a pitching staff has given up five or more home runs in a contest. The Mets and Orioles pitching staffs top the list with four such games this season. MLB teams are 3-39 in these games. Astros pitchers have surrendered five or more HRs in two games this season, but they have won both of those games.