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Is Michael Redd the best pure shooter in Bucks history?

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Michael Redd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night former Milwaukee Bucks guard Michael Redd officially announced his retirement from the NBA. Redd spent 11 years in Milwaukee during his 12-year career (he spent one year in Phoenix) and averaged 19 points per game in the league.

Redd currently ranks fourth on the Bucks all-time scoring list with 11,554 points behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Glenn Robinson and Sidney Moncrief, and he is one of five Bucks to play 19,000 or more minutes in a Bucks uniform.

So here’s the question: Where does Redd rank as one of the greatest Bucks of all-time? Also, considering that Redd was known primarily as a shooter, where should he be ranked among the best pure shooters in Bucks history?

Let’s throw some numbers out to help this discussion. Based on Bucks players who played 200 or more games with the franchise, Redd is one of six Bucks players who had a career field goal percentage above 44%, a career three-point shooting percentage above 35% and a career free throw shooting percentage above 80% (these numbers are only while playing with the Bucks). The six players:

Player, Career FG Pct, 3-PT Pct., FT Pct
Ray Allen: .450/.406/.879
Craig Hodges: .478/.404/856
Michael Redd: .449/.383/.840
Jack Sikma: .447/.352/.884
Mo Williams: .450/.364/.853
Brian Winters: .478/.363/.843

Your choice as the best pure shooter in Bucks history?

Finally, although Redd was known primarily as a shooter, he is one of only six players in Bucks history to accumulate 2,000 rebounds, 1,000 assists and 10,000 points in his Bucks career. The six:

Player, Rebounds, Assists, Points
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 7161/2008/14211
Bob Dandridge: 4497/1956/11478
Marques Johnson: 3923/1934/10980
Sidney Moncrief: 3447/2689/11594
Michael Redd: 2334/1305/11554
Glenn Robinson: 3519/1609/12010

So, where does Redd rank on your list of all-time Bucks?

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SIX STATS you might not know about… the Knicks’ Steve Novak

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The Knicks Steve Novak... Image via Wikipedia

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In the “Lin-sanity” that is Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks recent resurgence, lost to some has been the play of another bench player, Steve Novak. The Milwaukee native and Marquette grad has provided much-needed offense off the bench for the Knicks, especially from three-point range. Here’s a few stats on Novak’s play in the past few weeks. (Stats are through games of February 29.)

1. Novak’s 8.0 points per game this year is the highest in his career. His previous high was in 2008-9 when he averaged 6.9 points per game with the Los Angeles Clippers.

2. For his NBA career, Novak has attempted 863 shots, 626 of them from three-point range. (72.5% of his shot attempts). This season, Novak has taken 107 shots, 86 of them from behind the arc (over 80% of his shots).

3. Novak has played in 24 of the Knicks 36 games this season. In the first 12 games Novak played, the Knicks were 4-8. In the past 12 games he played, the Knicks are 9-3. In those first 12 games, he did not score in double figure in any game. In the past 12 contests, he has scored in double figures in eight of the 12 games. In his previous 12 games he scored a total of 41 points, shooting 44.4% from the arc. In his last 12 games, Novak is averaging 12.7 points per game and is shooting just under 47% from three-point range.

4. In the first 12 games he played in the 2011-12 season, Novak’s longest playing time in a game was just over 19 minutes. In the last 12 games, Novak has played more than 16 minutes in each game, with a high of 29 1/2 minutes in one contest.

5. In his NBA career, Novak has a shooting percentage of .472 from three-point range in games his teams won. In games his teams lost, Novak has a shooting percentage of .396.

6. His NBA career stats show that Novak really starts to find his range from three-point land the longer he plays in a game. If he plays 0-9 minutes, his three-point pct is .356; if he plays 10-19 minutes in a game, his three-point pct is .415; if he plays 20-29 minutes, his three-point pct is .470; and if he plays 30-39 minutes, his three-point pct is .500.

Brewers end “division leader on September 1” drought

Milwaukee Brewers

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Prior to the beginning of the 2011 MLB season, six teams had never led their division on September 1 since 1994 when baseball went to three divisions in each league. The six: Toronto, Kansas City, Florida, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Colorado. The Milwaukee Brewers, however, will wake up tomorrow, September 1, and find themselves in the unfamiliar leader slot in the NL Central with one month remaining in the 2011 season.

In the 102 races since 1994 (17 years times six divisions), 82 (80.4%) of the teams that led their division on the morning of September 1 went on to win the division that year. Ironically, last year three teams that had the division lead the morning of September 1 did not win the title, the first time three September 1 leaders failed to win the division in a season since that first year of six divisions.

(WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG FOR A TRIVIA QUESTION: Can you name the three teams that led their division on September 1 last season but did not win the title? Answer at the end of the blog.)

Here’s a look at how far division leaders were ahead of their closest pursuer on September 1 and if they won the division that year. Based on the numbers below we see that of the 56 teams that had a lead of five or more games on September 1, 55 of those won the title that year. The only blemish was in 1995 when the California Angels had a 7.5 game lead in the AL West on September 1  but lost out to the Seattle Mariners for the AL West crown.

Sept. 1 leader games ahead in standings                                 Times                       Titles

0.5, 1 or 1.5 games ahead                                                                             16                                 10

2 or 2.5 games ahead                                                                                     9                                   2

3 or 3.5 games ahead                                                                                    10                                  6

4 or 4.5 games ahead                                                                                    10                                  8

5 or 5.5 games ahead                                                                                    10                                 10

6 or 6.5 games ahead                                                                                     8                                   8

7 or 7.5 games ahead                                                                                    11                                  10

8 or 8.5 games ahead                                                                                     6                                   6

9 or 9.5 games ahead                                                                                     0                                   0

10 or more games ahead                                                                              21                                 21

(Note: In one division race, 2007 NL West, two teams (Arizona and San Diego) were tied for the lead on Sept. 1. Arizona won the division.)

TRIVIA ANSWER: The three teams that had division leads last year on September 1 but did not win the title were the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres.

Did you know: Of the 30 teams that had a division lead of three games or less on September 1 since 1994, 16 did not win the division that season.